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  1. Throw one of those baby trout on a hook and throw it in the susquehanna river. Wont be long before you get a ski lol. Also there are 2 different types of musky in NY. So you would need to get one in the great lakes to.
  2. Unless your a complete moron leach American, all you have to do is look at the Democrat ruled states and see that their policies are garbage. New york is broke, California is on the verge of collapse, The state of Washington burns every night. Texas, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, are next as alot of the leaches have fled the dying corpses of states they have already infected with their disease looking for fresh destruction. A good civil war might be good for clearing some of the vermin on both sides.
  3. These were made with remington and suppose to be drop in. I hope lol.
  4. Just said screw it and bought a stocky apachie thumbhole stock for it with the accublock. See how that works. Lol
  5. Straight out of the box. Have never been able to get a tight group with it. Good enough to kill deer with but a $700 gun should be able to hit close to 1 inch groups right out of the box imo. This things not even close lol. Just this yr while cleaning it i noticed a little play in the stock so i tightened the stock screw down and couldn't pull the bolt back after. Could be why it doesnt shoot well lol.
  6. The bolt for my stock won't tighten down snug without stopping the bolt from moving. Should i try a shorter bolt or a new stock to fix it or is there a bigger problem here.
  7. Or just dum luck lol 3 biggest deer I've ever killed were on yrs i didn't get out to put up cameras lol
  8. Any one else stop putting out cameras and shoot bigger deer now?
  9. Deleted my facebook page the other day. Not going to help them make money. Screw them. Use Mewee they aren't run by communists lol
  10. Then maybe the Marxists better back down. Because the silent majority isn't going to be silent anymore. Got my popcorn ready tor the inauguration, yhis is going to be good.
  11. All the rats on both side are scared now. They see how easily all their power and money could be stripped from them. Only thing we need now is all the Americans to work together and we could make this country truely great again. Unfortunately now both sides will ramp up the hate to keep us divided so they can make more money and get more power. Both partys are corrupt whole thing needs to be torn down before its to late.