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  1. Lucky118


    Messed up thing is someone got paid for it. A other story said it was given to a rack collector and then to basspro. So someone made money and im sure it wasnt the widow. How much does a record rack go for today.
  2. Lucky118


    Yeah just think about all the money he missed out on. Probably died poor with a record rack in his garage. Lol
  3. Pretty sure i get it every week then lol
  4. Work 3rd shift . Roads aren't to bad at the moment.
  5. Deer got so tired of the ridiculously long deer season it hung itself lol
  6. Not for long im going to buy every round of 270 i see when i see it lol. Not going through that again.
  7. Use to run beagles alot when i was a kid. Was alot of fun. But all those brush lots and fields are now woods. Haven't seen a woods bunny in yrs.
  8. Good luck! 13 deg right now with 20 mph winds. I haven't found a deer yet worth punishing myself that bad lol
  9. So far. 6 million deaths x infinity is alot of dead. Also some mutations will be worse than others like influenza. The spanish flu comes to mind. Im sure they have worked some way out to manipulate how many people they can kill. The mask mandate could be one. If to many people get sick masks go back on so they have time to bury all the bodies and not get people suspicious. Then masks off so more people get sick. They have to work it in cycles.
  10. Well they don't want to kill off everyone. Just the ones they consider useless, like the old, obese, the chronically ill. People that cost money to take care of. That way socialized medicine will be easier and cheaper to implement.
  11. Its a virus. It's never going to go away. It will just keep mutating for infinity like influenza. It was designed that way on purpose because influenza wasn't killing enough people off to control the population.
  12. I didn't know you could use vacation for other things besides deer hunting.
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