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  1. By real bow you mean a wooden long bow right? Not a mechanical wheeled compound with a trigger assisted release. Cause long bow hunters are the only real bow hunters.
  2. Bull. All bucks can get bigger racks if left to age. Where i hunt in PA, on gamelands, tons of hunters, with antler restrictions there are plenty of shooter bucks. I've all but stopped hunting NY stateland. Probably for the first time in my life, not get a NY bow license this yr and just concentrate on PA this fall its that good. Antler restrictions work.
  3. Wanting to be a politician is a mental disease. Normal good people don't apply for those jobs just the monsters. Lol
  4. Or have a talk with the kids about the trash and let them run in the woods. Hard enough fot kids to get out now and run the woods. I was spoiled i grew up in the 80s and we could go any where we wanted and very few people threw a fit. Mostly just the crotchety old shut ins bitched. Everyone complains kifs don't get outside enough but don't want them near their property. Doesnt make sense.
  5. I've owned a few " assault " rifles and found them good for spray and pray and thats about it lol. I'd rather have a good bolt gun with a great scope that shoots outside your opponent's weapons max range. And the best M.O.U.T weapon ever created was the good old shotgun. Clear a room in one or 2 rounds instead of 30 lol
  6. This yr walk the valleys places with sun.
  7. Growalot was good back then for food plot info
  8. Use to be a block button on here can't seem to find it anymore. Used it alot to lol
  9. There was some kind of scandal. I can't remember what happend. Something to do with some guy poaching deer or something.
  10. Anybody from the old Empire hunting days left on here. Use to be a good forum back then. Lot of whiners on here anymore lol.
  11. Couple nice ones
  12. The Republic is dead boys. Your going to see a fast move towards Democratic Socialism that can't be stopped. I saw this coming 20 years ago a refused to have children ever since. Feel sorry for those of you who do. They are never going to be free.
  13. Cedar river flow is loaded with deer. Well atleast deer tracks, rubs and scrapes. Could have just been the same buck running back and forth for miles lol
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