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  1. Can only keep one a day. But I don't keep them. They go back in to make more. To get a good rep of a fish that big would probably easy go 2 grand.
  2. Lol no that was 20,000 for 2 fish lol
  3. Just made 50 in my biggest. And first time I got 2 in a day
  4. I wish they rarely make it lol. Every bear I see around here has 3. Pains in the butt.
  5. I have one that comes after dark and eats the sunflower seeds off a stump in the back yrd.
  6. Use to kill the pike on silver spoons retrieved slowly.
  7. I've shot rabid coons and they don't stand still lol
  8. 109$ for 6? Think it's time to dump my bow. Getting out of control expensive.
  9. No my face isn't that fat. Just don't take a picture at this angle lol
  10. Little guy tried to eat a 8in musky spinner lol
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