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  1. If its pa state land. And its not far of a walk. You are wasting your time. You will have lots of company come first day.
  2. Was on the suckyhanna river musky fishing the other night. Only lasted about 5 min before i ran back to the car skeeters were coming out in literal clouds. Looked like i was in Canada.
  3. I wouldn't hunt it if its waterless. Might get dehydrated. Lol
  4. Need more not less abortions! Should be one on every street corner in big citys and poor countrys.
  5. Laminate said it was for heat sensitive print. Been sitting on it all day still looks good. Ill let you know if it doesn't lol.
  6. F'm should have left a long time ago. Only reason we were there is to have a base on China's front porch. Now that all the island nations are starting to come around we dont need it. Was nothing but a money pit for the rich and wealthy. Afghans and Americans and any one else who could get their greedy little hands in on the killing and carnage. If they were so worried about it they should have picked up arms and taken care of it. But the didn't. They dropped arms and ran to the airport. To many cowards already in country don't need anymore.
  7. I laminated it this time with heat sensitive type lamination.
  8. Dicks printed me a new one for free. They are having a heck of a time with it this yr. Paper is considerably thinner than last yr.
  9. Not funny! Lol. Even my tags have faded!
  10. It's gone Jack! New way for yhe DEC to make money?
  11. Haven't shot a doe in 15 yrs. Don't like to remove my bait. Lol
  12. 11/18 to 12/5 every yr lol
  13. Thats why if you can't walk and hr to Get to your stand i don't hunt it lol. Most law breakers aren't going to put in that much effort to get to places i hunt.
  14. Pretty sure it was ignored anyhow lol. Can usually run out of fingers and toes counting how many people ignored it first day lol
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