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  1. I love my marlin 444. No matter what the shot angle is or cover I can always anchor the deer. Works great on bears and moose too!
  2. 2017 = coyote 2018 = bobcat
  3. Four inches of fresh snow with a gentle breeze!
  4. No Dicks for me either. I'm gonna stick to the LGS from now on. The only way to stick it to NYS is to VOTE them out, if possible.
  5. I'd go to #3. Use the three ponds as a funnel, check for tracks and droppings in the area between the ponds.
  6. I agree with Culvercreek, pay it forward!
  7. My condolences to you and your family.
  8. We always drag them out, either in the ADKS or northern NH. But I'm getting older and don't have the strength anymore, thinking about those game carts. I could use it going in to carry my backpack and heavy coat.
  9. I've been wearing a Woolrich red and black checked "Pennsylvania Tuxedo" for thirty years. Wool is the best!
  10. Marlin lever in .444 is my favorite!
  11. Get the shot! You can't go wrong.