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  1. Last time out this season this morning. Heard one gobble. Getting the old silent treatment. Good luck.
  2. Congratulations on a nice bird. It's not easy.
  3. A little chilly scouting this morning but productive. Heard quite a bit of gobbling. Dug up some early leaks. Saw some birds. Checked trail camera. Excellent woods walk today.
  4. Mossberg 835 has been getting the job done. Nice gun to carry too.
  5. Just my 2 cents. It doesn't effect me. Already had 8 weekends plus Thanksgiving week of hunting. Our hunting gang has gotten 10 deer(north and south) so freezers at camp are full and I put a doe in my freezer. I've just had enough. Skiing every weekend now. Good luck to all.
  6. Hunted one more time this final weekend. Back to the bear spot. Birds were there but not interested. Had a nice walk in the green woods before the rain started. Was a good season. Now time to fish. See ya all next season.
  7. I still have 2nd. tag to fill. But it will be a combo weekend. One morning hunt. Other morning in the boat fishing. Good luck.
  8. No real preference. I work all week so I hunt every weekend. It's a short season. 8 days. This year 11 weekend days. But memorial day is fishing time.
  9. Two more bounds and he would've been at my foot. I stood up and yelled at him. Shot gun ready.
  10. Had a very interesting morning. Snuck into woods early. Looked around and said. That doesn't look like a turkey. Yup, it's a bear. 5 seconds later this bear ran straight at me. I can't post the video but these screens shots show how close he came before I stood up and scared him away. The morning hunt went well too.
  11. Mine is woodland camo. Old school for sure. I upgraded with some camo tape.
  12. I bought a used one 15 years ago and love it . Easy to handle, easy to carry. I shoot 3.5" #4 Winchester XR's. Mows them down. Noticeably lighter Thamn my semi auto.
  13. Venison, broccoli and wild leeks stir fry.
  14. Early Leeks. Tasty salad fixings tonight.
  15. Heard lots of gobbling from the Roost. Then lots of hen talk once on the ground. Excellent morning in the northern Catskills.
  16. Hunted all day didn't see a deer. At the brewer having a beer.
  17. My season has been exactly the same. I've had nothing in front of my gun. Will try one more time. Boat is calling.
  18. I feel for you. I did the same thing last weekend. One step to far.
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