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  1. Made it out Saturday. Went most of the morning without hearing anything. Around 8:30 was able to locate two birds and call them in over about 45 minutes. Paced the shot at 32 yards. 9" beard, 1" Spurs.
  2. We are doing deer steaks with mac n cheese.
  3. When its a buck i always try to let the little ones walk. I try to keep to 8 points or outside of its ears. When gun season starts i will take does. For does im just looking for a good sized body.
  4. i'll be taking out the 12ga mossberg pump with Remington expanders. Pretty excited for Saturday!
  5. I just use a decocking bolt. When im ready to get out of the stand i shoot it into the ground right in the path on plan on taking out of the woods. Pick it up on my way by. I've probably shot it a couple dozen times and its still in good shape. https://www.cabelas.com/product/Carbon-Express-reg-Crossbow-Release-Bolt/1608715.uts?slotId=1
  6. My dad ended up getting the buck from the pictures this morning. He's a very happy guy today!
  7. https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/68802.html It needs to be un-cocked. Its under "General Crossbow Regulations" This is assuming that your question applies to transporting the crossbow.
  8. It is working fine. There are times where it doesn't take the clearest of pictures. Also, in the area i have it there is a lot of brush and the range is probably too much. I get a lot of pictures of nothing. i think it is because it is sensing things in the thick stuff that the camera will never pick up. It might be better suited for food plots and fields. other than that the battery life and reception have worked well.
  9. Haha that name works great! Hopefully i can get my chance to make up for it!
  10. Skipped hunting Sunday afternoon to watch the Bills get blown out. This guy was in front of the stand right after the final whistle blew.
  11. I thought they "removed" most of the deer from Stiglemeier. I've been seeing a big one on broadway behind the driving range and mini golf course.
  12. Ill try to confirm that prediction Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  13. I have had a few new bucks show up now that the horns have turned hard. All around a food plot i put in this year.
  14. Out of my 370 i shoot carbon express mayhems with nocturnals and shwacker broad heads. So far so good, very accurate. Cant wait to pull it out again this year.