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  1. Went out yesterday with friend that wanted to go ,he got 2 pretty quick was very crunchy, saw lots in the walnuts but when 10 to 12 squirrels scatter it's hard to pick one to shoot at....lol
  2. Primer off in cool basement is recipe for moisture. Were you using pellets? I can only think pellets would let gas escape around them and sabot to push condom off end of barrel..
  3. Added one to camp.total Monday. Last day for me is tomorrow, neighbor up raid got one sunday.
  4. Live jn amish country and it àlready is....
  5. So they are curing the common cold??https://www.webmd.com/cold-and-flu/cold-guide/common_cold_causes
  6. I have to have my vacation in Nov 1st for next year so I'll be off 1st week of May and last 2 of Oct and 1st 2 weeks of November...
  7. Sounds like you have a good neighbor, found a buck on mine years ago muzzleloader season knew it had to be one of the neighbors a d tracked down the shooter and gave them the head. Was her best buck ever. Really helps neighborly relations . Would of looked good on his wall but really could he be proud of it when he knew you killed it ?? Imo did the right thing and I'm sure you respect him more than you did before
  8. Here is way I see it , the hunters that have been successful will also be the ones out hunting this late season. Fortunately the weather has been very mild and the herd isn't stressed. 10% of hunters are kill 90% of game. If they continue to do so one limited acreage yes this will impact herds. Unfortunately the dec doenst look at small properties they look at wmu.. 9f is over populated why?? Lack of access, wiĺ this hunt give more access nope.. so it will continue to be over populated. If instead they made a requirement to kill 2 or 3 doe to get a buck tag for these areas you would see the desired reduction of the herd in these areas.. the early muzzleloader had little effect in these areas as well as access is limited. Herd population is the goal that's it. If you take 12 doe off your property this year you probably won't have that many next year.. then we ca n hear the complaints of dec sucks ar managing deer . Just be abuse you have tags doenst mean you need to fill everyone. There are many write ups / articles on the stages of a Hunter, not ever hunter makes it to different stages. So are simply stuck in filling every tag they can get their hands on. Personally I had much going on thru bow and some of gun , freezer was full , took a buck in gun. Filled it again. Will I hunt the holiday hunt ? Absolutely but I will be doing it with friends and family enjoying the time afield with them.as some were deployed overseas and are home for the holiday. My traditional grouse hunt on the 1st may now be a deer hunt. It comes down to this manage your own hunting spot as best you can weather it is private or a public land, you don't need to fill every tag and you may need to move to or have alternative spots to go if you still need meat in your freezer, if the local herd population is down already, fortunately there are millions of acres available to move to on state and a new piece may simply be a knock on a door and a polite conversation away
  9. An icy pellet snow dusting on everything this am 23 degrees and a good breeze...should make drives fun.....
  10. A tuft of hair that matche did body hair tells me shot was back a bit, proper bullet for range would help, I've seen to many bad experiences with 243 to condone them as a great round including 5 rounds shot at 30 yards at a black bear that never penetrated the body cavity all rounds were recuved against ribs after going thru hide and 4 in of fat.. yea they were deer rounds.. all in all a larger caliber tend to give more forgiveness on a less than perfect shot
  11. Most likely , wrong bullet for such a close shot , back a bit and probably a clean pass through.
  12. No luck not a drop of blood to be found ,lot of fat on big doe and by the tuft of hair it was a little back. Problem with a close shot and small bullet , hole can plug a lot easier especially if it didn't expand. Shot was 30 yards. At least with a larger caliber the holes are bigger. 2nd deer lost to a .243 both for same reason lack of blood to trail 1st one was a nice buck dropped in tracks and when hunter was climbing down it got up and took off not a drop of blood ( the hunter was a national shooting sports champ on cover after magazine several times so I'm sure shot was good. Swamp and no blood makes poor tracking .
  13. For sure hole would be larger and not as easily plugged with fat, plus larger bullet at slower speed is more effective at that range ( number wise) just finished lunch and got dry cloths back out to look now
  14. Actually have that buck and another with opposite sides missing may of beat each other up in a fight
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