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  1. How many have you sold this year.think you'll still have some this fall
  2. So you pop them out and plant and reuse container. Do they come out of material easily
  3. Big flocks at my place but I had a huge beechnut crop which drew em in from everywhere
  4. Had no idea ts. Gly had surfactant. Been adding Dawn soap which acts as a dandy surfactant.
  5. You should have your own show. I follow your posts every season and often we parallel each other plots frost seed equip. Your list of to do.s make me tired just reading them but that's what land managers do. I'll let u know how that pull behind tiller does. Got burns to do before I put it to work. Frost seed done brush wars done. Logging and firewood done. 2 spots to trimmed and set but my new acreage just about set. This will be the 4th season and have taken 3 average bucks and 3 doe. 2 very nice bucks have evaded me but given me some nice pics to dream about.
  6. Damn sad to have this gun. Sweet 16. And not be able to shoot it. Proves you don't need gun control. Just ammo control
  7. Thanks guys. Maybe we'll work something out
  8. I'm low on the Hornady 12 ga. Too. But have 0 16ga slugs
  9. I'm in erie County by bills stadium. And have a camp in catt County. Mighty nice of you
  10. Of course they may shoot well. I've yet to fire slugs out of it
  11. Yea just the federal so far
  12. Looking for slugs for sweet 16. Any online places to get them shipped to me. Also need winchester deer season in 12 ga rifled for 870 and ithaca deer slayer
  13. The president of Ukraine on being evacuated for his own safety.." The fight is here.. I need ammunition..not a ride"
  14. How was that. You did the legwork and attorney did the rest. Is it a simple process
  15. I agree about the 1187.s my 1100 was used for deer. Has vent rib and rifled buck barrel. Trophy scope also. Can be seen page 4 hunting stuff for sale
  16. I have a 70.s 1100 12 ga that needs a home
  17. Biz..arre finish to that one. Kc 3 points in 2nd half. Huge stupid double coverage pik
  18. THE HALF MILE BUCK...last day archery at camp. Crossbow stand. 15 ft up. Watching 3 does for 15 minutes eating beech nuts. 20 minutes till end of bow. 3 more does trot under tree followed by grunting 7 point. He gets right in the mix and I sent the rage tipped bolt into his heart. He hops all 4.s off the ground straight up runs 50 yds stops looks back trots away. Bam last minute buck. Get down immediate blood in snow I follow 30 yds steady blood spots 10 inches to either side of tracks. All good right. Short 10 minute walk to camp. Get better flashlight. Back on tracks. 3 inch snow blood continues. No bending over needed. Buck beds 80 yds blood under heart. He's not there. 80 yds bed 2. Not there. Goes another 80 to cut corn. Crosses corn (200yd) I say we'll don't push he'sdead in golden rod. In morning I'll hunt opening day as long as I can hold out and get em. 2hrs later us three take up the trail. Steady blood into 4ft goldenrod. Bloody bed 10 yds. Another. 8 in total in a 50 ft circle. No buck. Blood trails heading towards ol man sullivans house.hes got 1/3 acre scrub between his house and rd. He comes out I give him the skinny tell him he's gotta be dead in that scrub.3 guys 2 shotguns and a pistol. Like we're gonna need that right. 30 yds in we find him buried in a willow tangle ALIVE. He's.looking for his escape route. He's 50 yds from sullivans porch. Hmm boy's I'm going to warn him we're gonna shoot. When I yell plug him with pistol. He's 10 yds from shooter. I'm on sullivans porch. Tell him he gets dog in house I yell GO bang this buck does his best superman leap hits the ground 15 ft later hauling the mail. Goes another 50 yds and folds. Blood sprays 5yds to either side making the snow look like a mass murder. You have to ask.. guess it wasn't a heart shot. Sure was pic to follow. Cut right through lower ventricle. I did trace of the track job on huntstand app after 20 hrs he made it over a half mile 10 beds. Super buck. Yes he got my gun tag
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