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  1. 3 bull moose poached = $100k fine and 9 months in jail, forfeited ATV and rifle in AK. I hope one day NYS grows a backbone and implements hefty fines like a lot of the western states when it comes to poached game, but i am sure they won’t....they should seize the vehicle as it was used in the crime. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. germs087

    First fly rod

    9’ 5wt will treat you well. Take a look at the new Orvis Clearwater offerings. They should be available in the next couple months. I own 3 recons, have broke them all and had them repaired for free. It is just a matter of time before you break the rod. They have a shop in Rochester which makes life easy. Reel doesn’t matter much until you get into lake run fish. Clearwater: Their recon rod is amazing for the price: You can score good deals off It is a 2 hand forum but guys sell all kinds of sticks. I’ve scored a couple brand new for 50% off retail. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. The Cohocton has some amazing Browns. There is quite a bit of special regulation water but most of the creek is wadable. Well worth wetting a line, don't be surprised if you pull out some large browns.
  4. Creeks running like a well stirred glass of chocolate milk.
  5. germs087


    $7 ozark koozie is where it's at. I think I have lost 2 or 3 yeti tumblers so obviously I am not responsible enough to have nice things.
  6. germs087


    Typical people. Rules apply to everyone but them. I reported a bunch of stands last year when scouting land down in Chautauqua county. I doubt the DEC did anything though...also reported one while in Letchworth with screw in steps but never made it back to see if it was still there. I don't even feel bad for telling. Rules are clearly started.
  7. germs087


    I was on Chautauqua creek yesterday and they was in good shape until about 2pm and it ended up blowing out from the run off. Went up to the Oak today and the conditions were great just no fish to be had.
  8. germs087


    I think he wanted a price on that rod...and if so if it worth some good coin. That said I think I would be too scared to actually fish that rod properly.
  9. germs087


    Never fails that WNY gets 8" of snow on Wednesday and now it is supposed to be 50 tomorrow. Going to hit the stream at first light and hope to get some time in before the creek blows out. Mother Nature has chose not to reward us 9-5ers too much this season but so it goes.
  10. germs087


    I am not fond of fishing in crowds but I need to get up to the salmon runs one of these years. Working a 9-5 makes finding seclusion on the stream tough.
  11. germs087


    Well today was a bust but no surprise there. Tried Walnut Creek as it is usually fishable when all the others are blown out but it got progressively worse during the 90 minutes or so I as there. Looks like the afternoon will be spent attempting to tie some flies.
  12. germs087


    Anyone pass the winter months by chasing steel? I just started last month but have found myself on the creek every weekend since. I have done quite of bit of inland trout but there is something about hearing the drag on the reel. I am typically on Chautauqua creek but have dabbled in all of them between Chaut and the Oak if anyone wants to head out.
  13. I've been doing the same thing , checking in living vicariously through the thread.
  14. I was looking at the same one, too funny. I was going to ask your thoughts. Just got a truck so I can finally scout with a light too. Used to dragging ass in a sedan so riding high is a new found glory, used to only seeing weeds.
  15. Have you used one? Worth the investment? I am usually a buy once cry once guy but not sure I want to sink that kind of cash into a light being I only got out a few times last year.