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  1. What's the link to the new site again
  2. Watched 6-8 does feed for the last 1/2hr about 200yds away. Fawns included. Tells me the rut hasn't started yet in 9r. If it has I would of thought the fawns would of been kicked aside and a buck would of been somewhere but no. Definitely a weird year this year
  3. Got a spiked bedded 80 yards from me. Live bait
  4. Sitting 8ft up in my new maverick 6 shooter. I like it. Never shot a deer from a blind b4. Hopefully tonight's a first
  5. I'm in at 9r. Beautiful morning views, bit dang it's warm
  6. Unfortunately came down with the flu yesterday. This sucks have never felt this bad. Even covid wasnt like this lol. Looks like I'm done for this weekend.
  7. I did the same a couple years ago. What a difference. I only use videos now
  8. Beautiful morning in 9m just wish the wind would let up.
  9. Bumped 2 does out from under my stand. First deer I've seen all season. Here's to hoping something else comes along
  10. Good wind for my stand. In til dark just wish it wasn't as windy. Sit #6 hopefully I'll see a deer tonight. Haven't seen 1 all year almost forgetting what I'm looking for
  11. We're in 9r. Trying out my new maverick six shooter blind. With the wind I figured let's try it
  12. My son was 3.5 when he went out last year. He loved and we even stayed 2 hours. I was shocked but glad. Enjoyed every moment of it
  13. Im in, not expecting much but it's nice to be out
  14. In at 9r first sit of the year. Only forget my face cover. Feels good to be out
  15. Not even close. Still need to shoot the bow, wash the clothes, pretty much everything lol it's been very busy lately
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