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  1. Thats a wrap on my season. Feeling blessed the freezer is full and 1 is at the taxidermy
  2. Agreed, I've only seen 2 does all rifle season. I'm blessed because I was able to tag both of them and got a dandy of a buck with the bow. But its definitely a weird year for deer sighting
  3. Team Hoyt


    Welcome and thank you for your service
  4. My 1 ladder stand was loose as well and that had a new strap on it. I thought it was odd as well
  5. Decided to sleep in this morning. Just got into the shack.
  6. Where did you purchase your redneck blind. I'm in the market of looking for 1 thanks.
  7. Pulled the plug at 10. Kicked 2 up while walking around. What a odd year seeing nothing and very little shooting around us
  8. Hunting with dad this morning in his shack. Its raining in 9r and I'm done getting cold or wet lol
  9. I've got pretty much all the savages in the axis models. Love them, never had any problems. My go too is a 30 06 or 308. Pretty cheap compared to some other brands but they hold up very well. Highly recommend savage
  10. Just in time for the holidays funny how that works. BS
  11. Just placed the heart in the brine. Directions say give it 10 days. Can't wait
  12. Good luck everyone, I'm sitting it out today to cut up my doe. Its supposed to rain and I'm not into get wet. Back at it tomorrow
  13. I think it was the full moon last night. There was no deer spotted and very few shots around us. Didn't seem like opening day
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