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  1. Had a small doe walk thru, then had a small buck with 2 on the left no right side antler at 5 yards.
  2. Shoot them up, we get a group together at the fire station a couple of times a year and hit up the local farms. Its a good time
  3. I've never had any ticks on deer. This year on my buck I had 2 that I noticed
  4. Already had a bear come in at 30 yards in the thick and couldn't get a shot
  5. This is the only thing that grew in my plots. All on logging roads. Its about 25yds long. Thats it. Very disappointing
  6. Team 4. 4 points. 2 on each side. Do I need anything?
  7. Not the biggest guy but he'll start to fill the freezer. Can't hunt to much this year so I couldn't be picky
  8. Agreed the more light from the moon, less to no deer travel in the morning
  9. Yeah I eliminated all the weeds with 41% glyphosate
  10. I lost all of my plots. Guessing no rain and didn't do a soil test. My fault 1st year doing plots so I'm learning. They started out looking good but now its gone
  11. I'm guessing its going to be solar powered, or you don't care about the generator noise? Awesome stand though