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  1. We have had to use this system in the past. Put some larger treble hooks on the plug and some split shot on the line in front of the plug and it will work better. We have retrieved large Canada Geese doing this. This year my son and I will be using the new system you see in the photo below and I'm looking forward to it. valoroutdoors.com
  2. Here's the latest update on Gunner. Did some more training with him in the marsh and pond and he is coming along very well. Today I introduced him to some larger river water where he had to make some longer retrieves and he made me proud again. He is 4 months old now and just started swimming 2 weeks ago. valoroutdoors.com
  3. Well here's the latest update on Gunner. I've been turkey hunting the last 3 mornings and working with Gunner after I'm done hunting. He has been coming along fine. He had no problem going into water for retrieves but would not go in over his head. I would not force him under any circumstances and remained patient. Yesterday he broke the ice and went into deep water and made a retrieve on his own. Gunner will be 4 months old on May 5 and I am proud of him. valoroutdoors.com
  4. I had 4 jakes come in silently to my decoys this morning. Hopefully they will make it to next year and be Longbeards. It was fun watching one of the jakes attack my Jake decoy. valoroutdoors.com
  5. When I was a teenager and into my early 20's I used to do a lot of woodchuck hunting with my .222 Remington rifle in the Spring. Once wild turkeys were introduced back into my area I sold that rifle and have hunted turkeys during the May Spring season ever since. valoroutdoors.com
  6. Have a great day and count your blessings. valoroutdoors.com
  7. Yes I started shooting my .22 revolver with blanks over him last week. He was startled the first time but was fine after that. I usually hold him, fire the gun at arm's length into the air; and then throw the dummy as far as I can. I send him for the dummy and when he brings it back to my hand I have trained him to sit. Then I give him a small piece of a dog biscuit as a reward in addition to verbally praising him. valoroutdoors.com
  8. I continue to work with Gunner and he is progressing admirably. I am going to continue to work with him right up to hunting season and will also be getting some professional advanced training in the future. Here is a pic of him retrieving his training dummy and bringing it back to my hand which you can see in the pic. valoroutdoors.com
  9. According to this article by the NWTF it has never been found in wild turkeys. valoroutdoors.com. https://www.nwtf.org/hunt/article/what's-ailing-wild-turkeys#:~:text=Though some poultry operators are,been found in wild turkeys.
  10. Beautiful day today! Took Gunner out and he made his first water retrieve. Gotta love this dog! valoroutdoors.com
  11. My 2018 Silverado Crew Cab with the Z71 off road package came with Goodyear Wrangler all terrain Fortitude tires. To make it short these tires were the worst tires I ever had on a truck. They were terrible on wet pavement and snow and were worthless in mud or off road. I got a screw through 1 tire last year which I got plugged and last week I tore a sidewall on another tire on a tractor path. Tires had 21000 miles. I needed a new set of tires and ended up buying a new set of Cooper Discoverer AT/3 4S tires after talking to my tire dealer and explaining my needs. I was wondering if anyone else has the Cooper tires and what your experience has been with them. Thanks. valoroutdoors.com
  12. As my son is busy with working 2 jobs and watching his 2 young daughters, I have become the de facto trainer for Gunner. Took him out and did some work with him in the field with a puppy size training dummy. Then I introduced him to the water for the first time. He was hesitant at first to go in the water but after some time and coaxing I got him to go in up to his belly. I am patient and will continue to work with him a few days a week. He is a true sweetheart and I really enjoy working with him. valoroutdoors.com
  13. I would set up on a field close to the pine woods. Turkeys love to roost in pine trees at night and will often fly down into an adjacent field first thing in the morning. This has been my most successful setup for many years now. But no matter what you have to be patient and put in your time if you want to score. Good luck. valoroutdoors.com
  14. I hope you gather as many as you can. I have a good friend who gathers them every Spring and makes pickled leeks. His recipe is for a sweet and hot mix. They are absolutely delicious and I look forward to getting some from him every year. valoroutdoors.com
  15. Beware of these online scams! Read this warning from keen boots. valoroutdoors.com. https://www.keenfootwear.com/keen-legal-info/?id=counterfeiteducation&pageTitle=Counterfeit Education
  16. There's always a spot for another dog. valoroutdoors.com
  17. I bought my son a Mossberg 535 camo turkey gun years ago when they first came out. It shoots phenomenal patterns using Winchester Long Beard ammo. The patterns are tight and uniform out to long ranges. His only complaint was that it kicked like a mule with 3.5" shells but he put on a Limbsaver pad and said it was much better. He has never had to take more than one shot at a turkey with it and says he loves it and would never trade it for a more expensive gun. valoroutdoors.com
  18. I will agree with you with a couple of exceptions. I shoot 3.5" shells at both Canada and Snow geese. During the early September season for Canada geese the limit here is 15 per day and right now during the Snow goose season the limit is 25 per day. There have been a few days during both seasons where I have shot a box or more of 3.5" shells and even though I don't feel the recoil at the time, my shoulder feels it at the end of the day. valoroutdoors.com
  19. Yes clean it out well. Use hydrogen peroxide to clean it and then apply triple antibiotic salve. A dog's mouth contains a lot of bacteria which could lead to infection if not treated properly. I got accidentally bit by one of my dogs once when I was removing a small bone that was stuck in the roof of his mouth. Keep it clean and it will heal just fine. valoroutdoors.com
  20. My son took this picture of Gunner walking out of the field with me. The pic says it all. valoroutdoors.com
  21. Well we took Gunner to our snow goose blind yesterday afternoon for his first outing. He loved the walk through the cut corn field to the blind and got himself a muddy nose. Inside the blind his behavior was exceptional. He stayed on the dog cot that my son bought for him and he loved watching the hundreds of Canada geese flying over. We were there for 4 hours and we had no issues with him. He even went out with me to relieve myself and he followed suit. He is showing a lot of promise. valoroutdoors.com
  22. Happy St. Patrick's day. valoroutdoors.com
  23. Well here is an update on how Gunner is progressing. He is now 8.5 weeks old and weighs 17.5 lbs. We went snow goose hunting yesterday and my son made a retrieving dummy out of the snow goose wings from a snow goose he shot. Gunner immediately was fetching the wings when they were tossed. Gunner shows great promise and we are looking forward to the Fall hunting season. There is nothing more enjoying than hunting with a good dog. valoroutdoors.com
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