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  1. We got out this morning on a private pond and Gunner got to make his first actual water retrieve on a Canada goose. Gunner was well behaved in the blind and we bagged another goose which he made another water retrieve on. Watching him make the retrieves was the best part of the hunt. valoroutdoors.com
  2. Soaking the breasts in brine is the first step and you're off to a good start. Be sure to change the water frequently. You want to get all of the blood out. Then take the breasts and place them in a crockpot. Add 1 bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce and some water. Cook the breasts on low for 8 hours. Remove the breasts and make pulled goose sandwiches. You will be amazed at how tender and delicious it comes out. valoroutdoors.com
  3. I thought I would put together a couple of photos showing Gunner's progress this year. The first photo is of Gunner at 8 weeks old retrieving a snow goose wing at home. The second photo is of Gunner yesterday at 8 months old retrieving his second Canada goose. That goose was a large heavy bird but Gunner brought him in. From 8 weeks to 8 months has been commendable. valoroutdoors.com
  4. Well we did it. Today was the first hunt for Gunner. He will be 8 months old in 3 days. He made his first retrieve of a Canada goose in the first picture and in the second picture he is resting in the blind after making a second retrieve He remained remarkably calm and we'll behaved throughout the morning hunt. I could not be happier with him. valoroutdoors.com
  5. You have a paper wasp nest on that limb and it probably was a paper wasp that stung you. You have a large local reaction on your hand. I've "been there done that" before. Read up on the attached link about large local reactions and how to treat yours. Wishing you a quick recovery. valoroutdoors.com https://www.healthline.com/health/wasp-sting
  6. Wishing you and your dad many happy years of hunting together. valoroutdoors.com
  7. They are usually yellow jacket wasps. There will be a hole in the ground and during the day you will see the wasps flying into and out of the hole. They are very aggressive if disturbed and their sting is very painful. The attached photo is of a yellow jacket ground nest in my front lawn from last year. The white powder is Sevin dust I poured into the hole at night after they were all in the nest. Two days later they were all dead and I filled in the hole.
  8. Gorgeous day out today on Skaneateles Lake. Picked up a nice smallmouth bass. valoroutdoors.com
  9. Here is the latest update. I bought Gunner one of those expensive Dokken Canada Goose dummies to train him to retrieve geese in addition to ducks. It is fairly large and heavy but Gunner had no problem retrieving it. I'm getting him ready for the early September Canada Goose season. valoroutdoors.com
  10. Wishing her a quick recovery. valoroutdoors.com
  11. Kudos to the angels of the Animal Rescue Team for the admirable work they are doing for these deserving beagles. valoroutdoors.com.
  12. I have owned beagles since I was a young boy and there is a special place in my heart for beagles. This story is heart breaking to me. I am hoping that every one of these 4000 beagles find a loving home and family. If anyone on this forum can help out and adopt one please do so. There is a special place in heaven reserved for those who do. valoroutdoors.com. Here is the link for how to adopt one. https://www.humanesociety.org/4000beagles
  13. Well I have been working with Gunner this summer and he continues to progress excellently. In one photo you can see him sitting on a dock fixated on the white bumper you can see that I had thrown into the water. In the other photo you can see him swimming out to retrieve it after I gave him the command to retrieve it. He is a terrific dog and we will be taking him hunting next month for the early Canada goose season. There is nothing more rewarding than hunting with a good dog. valoroutdoors.com
  14. You will definitely be glad that you bought one. I use mine for Spring turkey hunting and it is particularly effective in my ground blind. On a side note the deer flies seem to be extremely prolific this year. Has anyone else noticed this? valoroutdoors.com
  15. The heat wave has kept me from doing any scouting. In addition the deer flies seem to be everywhere this year. If I park my truck near the woods the deer flies swarm around my truck so bad that I won't even get out. Has anyone else noticed how bad they are this year? valoroutdoors.com
  16. Giving this a bump. Hopefully we will get some more replies. Let's give her some support. valoroutdoors.com
  17. Let's get some more participants to help out First-light and his deserving daughter. valoroutdoors.com
  18. O.K. folks let's get some more replies from those of you who haven't seen this request and get those cards and letters out. It's a very small thing to do for a young lady who is giving so much for our country. valoroutdoors.com
  19. Got the card. Will mail it out in the morning. She will have to tell you what I wrote on the inside. valoroutdoors.com
  20. I am heading out now to get a card for her. It was 20 years ago when my only son enlisted for a 4 year stint in the Army and headed to Fort Benning for basic training. I remember how much he looked forward to mail from family and friends during his tour of duty which included a 1 year deployment to a combat zone in Afghanistan. Our service members deserve our support and I feel honored and happy to help out. You must be very proud of her and I will be sure to remind her that she has one great Dad! valoroutdoors.com
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