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  1. I got laid off two different jobs during Trumps term. Was he to blame for that, because I would have never thought to blame him.
  2. Not sure. There are a lot of factors that effect your mileage to include elevation, temperature and your payload. Is the AC on ? Too much for me to figure out. Thats why they all seem to include a computer that plots it all out. I don't think the battery is solid enough yet to trust one, but thats going to figured out by the time my kids are driving. As far as them not working in the cold, Norway is pretty cold, and electric vehicles made up 65% of the cars sold there in 2021. Thats mostly due to government backing/subsidising, but is that any different than subsidising the oil industry ? The charging system will grow over time, most new hotels include charging stations that are available and I think more businesses will add them as a way to draw in the growing market. Taking the boat to the marina ? Let the truck charge while you fish. This guy has some pretty good videos testing the F150 out, his latest might be interesting to some:
  3. For your version maybe, the "Pro" base model starts at 39,974. Thats more my speed. It has a smaller battery than the XLT model, but not a lot of difference besides that.
  4. The new F150 Lightning starts out pretty competetive price wise from what I have seen, around 40 for the base model. At that price. it seems like a pretty good option for my next truck in 4/5 years. I wonder if people were as resistant about technology when the first cars came out. Were there discussions about gas/oil being a pollutant or how much it will cost ?
  5. Based on testimony given under oath. That is not good enough for this audience, they prefer to believe a movie made by a felon that was pardoned by Trump for their election theories, its a much more unbiased source apparently.
  6. The day the Uvalde shooting I posted wondering how long it would take until someone called it a false flag. As usual. Grouse provides the answer.
  7. 801 billion defense budget and we can't afford to secure our schools. How long until its called a false flag event ?
  8. Did you see him say sorry to the white guy laying on the floor ?
  9. There is a lot of hate in this world, but maybe it is easier to blame it on video games and tv. Everyone knows those have started every war in history. This guy wrote a 180 page confession on why he did it and wrote the N word on his rifle. It's not a real head scratcher.
  10. Mass Shooting In Buffalo Tops He apparently live streamed it on Twitch and posted a white supremist manifesto so maybe its not a lie ? Get ready for the next gun crack down.
  11. Real Evidence of Voter Fraud More Possible Evidence Of Voter Fraud
  12. "On the national level, he also gave $1 million to former President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee and has donated millions more to candidates and treasuries of both political parties — the Republican National Campaign Committee, the Senate Republican Campaign Committee and some to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee."
  13. He is probably more emoboldened by a former President praising his invasion as "genius".
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