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  1. Why we are stuck with only two choices, Republican or Democrat, boggles my mind. I would love to see a third party actually be able to at the very least participate in the debates, so we can be better informed of our options.
  2. Its a google link, you can read it for free. As for Michael Cohen, he is a scumbag, but that didnt seem to bother people when he was Trumps scumbag and on Fox news every night.
  3. Did you have a rich grandfather who made an arrangement with the doctor who made the diagnosis ? Did your father tell his lawyer years later he didnt go to Vietnam because he wasnt stupid ? Did your father disparage John McCains service, because he "likes people who werent captured" ? If so, yeah, I would call your dad a draft dodger.
  4. If your going to plagiarize other peoples viewpoints, you should at least give them credit for what your stealing.
  5. A medical deferment his daddy bought for him. Those bone spurs sure didn't keep him from playing baseball or basketball in school and doesn't seem to hinder his golf game too much did they ? He is no better or more honorable than someone who went over the border to shirk their duty to their country.
  6. Now one of those draft dodgers is now the President. Oh yeah, he had bone spurs.
  7. Gen. Mattis unloads on Trump This is the first time I have seen him break his silence on his time in the administration. I thought Trump had it sewn up at the beginning of the year for 2020, but I am having some serious doubts lately he will be able to win.
  8. Kneeling during the National Anthem doesnt seem like such a bad option now.
  9. No turkeys this morning, but I did have one curious visitor to my blind.
  10. Is the sound of a drumming turkey the same as a grouse ?
  11. This is my fourth morning turkey hunting and I am pretty sure I am hooked for life now. Had a rooster gobbler at about 150 yards on the other side of the property line this morning. He must have gobbled 20 times in a half hour span but I could not get to come my way. 5 minutes or so I think I found out why. 2 hens flew down to my right and beelined straight to him. I finally got eyes on him at a full strut, still on the other side of the line though. He met up with his ladies and went down the other side of the ridge and out of my life. While all this was happening, two deer walked within 10 feet of me. To my left and were either not aware of me or just didn't care. They just casually walked by grazing the ridge, not a care in the world. All that makes that 4 AM alarm worth it.
  12. Aren't you the guy who had a 100 page thread moved because it had criticism of Trump ? kettle.
  13. That is from March 2nd, would you agree things have changed a bit since then ?
  14. That is from March 2nd, would you agree things have changed a bit since then ?
  15. Its not the Daily Caller or Patriot Post, I am sure it wont be unbiased enough for you.