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  1. Shark Attacks are a thing of the past. Anyone who went through basic training in my time had this as their welcome to the Army moment. I am sad to see that even the Infantry has abandoned it per this article. I would be interested in how much the Drill SGT's "motivate" the new guys now during the welcome course.
  2. The one in Clay ? If so, my experience is that place never has anything in stock.
  3. How times have changed since Obama wasn't even given a Senate confirmation for Merrick Garland so the voters could "have a voice".
  4. There are 5 new episodes available today on Netflix. There is also a movie by Rinella named "Stars In The Sky, A Hunting Story" that is pretty good on there as well.
  5. This is so on brand for Trump.
  6. Only one guy told people it was a hoax by the Democrats though. Instead of doing the right thing and acknowledging the problem and preparing the country for what was to come, he downplayed it for his own political purposes.
  7. It seems odd to me that the NFL is allowing some teams to have fans in the stadium and none for others. I know it's controlled locally, but it seems like it would be a competitive advantage for those allowed.
  8. Do waiver pickups have to be approved by the commissioner or do they go through on a certain day ?
  9. The first year it happened, I contacted their customer support and they restored them. The second year I also contacted them and they still haven't responded. It wasn't just me either, every member of the property that shared the waypoints had the same issue. All of our tracks, sightings, harvests and waypoints were deleted.
  10. We used to use Huntstand regularly, but the last two years it deleted all of our waypoints for our hunting property about two weeks before the season, so buyer beware.
  11. It wasn't Air Force One.