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  1. As a Steelers fan, I wouldn't mind it. I would much rather have that than having a week 18 with no first round bye, especially since it appears this is because a Ravens coach did his own thing and ignored protocol.
  2. I have two, a battery motion light/camera in the back yard and a wired floodlight/cam on the garage. They both work very well with a great picture and a wide picture that covers the whole yard. The batteries for the front camera last pretty well, usually two or three months between changes. If you suscribe to their monitoring system, your cameras are covered if anything happens to them. I had an issue with the front cam and the customer service was excellent. They both have microphones and speakers that allow two way communications and a pretty obnoxious siren in case of emergencies as well.
  3. Ravens are shut down until Monday now. Either KC or Pitt are going to get screwed out of a first round bye if the game gets postponed again.
  4. I am curious if you have ever lived anywhere that has socialized medicine ? In my limited experience while living in Germany, it was very good. Very clean facilities and very good care that wasn't followed with a bill charging me 15 bucks for a bandaid.
  5. Geeze, thats a shame. Your victory will be even sweeter.
  6. This thread seems like an appropriate place for this article: The Battle Cry of the Politically Homeless
  7. As a former resident of the Theresa area, I can only say its a much better place to visit than live.
  8. Not really sure how to proceed there except put it in the box and take it back to the store. Are the tie down strings on the outside, poles on the inside ?
  9. That super-lib commie Karl Rove thinks it was a fair election. "To win, Mr. Trump must prove systemic fraud, with illegal votes in the tens of thousands. There is no evidence of that so far."
  10. It took 2 seconds to debunk it.
  11. They probably killed this guys mom and forced him to commit voter fraud with her fake ballot:
  12. Finally, some evidence of wrongdoing.
  13. It was comfortable enough that I will be ditching my turkey vest next spring.
  14. That should be very easy to prove then. I look forward to seeing the evidence showing it.