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  1. No, he just kept that Supreme Court seat open for whoever to fill. The voters put Trump in office, not some invisible mystery man.
  2. Beautiful morning here in 6A. Just cool enough to keep me a sweaty mess walking up the ridge.
  3. I am honestly curious as to what you think the Biden admin has done to cause this. Was there some legislation or executive order that was signed by him to cause these delays ? It seems to me its a private industry problem, not a government one.
  4. There are also a lot of components on those ships that are used to build things in the USA. Is everyone in agreement that we should be improving this type of infrastructure ?
  5. Didn't that run out last month ? Is the problem people dont want to work or are there more jobs than people to fill them ?
  6. Ekeler is a sponge, he is the CMac of the west coast. All those targets had to pay off eventually.
  7. Its tough to move on from a franchise guy. You will find out when Mahomes loses it in a couple of years.
  8. The Steelers havent finished with a losing record since 2003.
  9. I am more worried about some nutbar going on a shooting spree at the store, movie theater or school where I or my loved ones may be. Thats a much more likely occurance than international terrorism. No President will ever be able to solve that problem though.
  10. Well, this is interesting. This is about 500 feet from our cabin, guess we better check the cabin this weekend for damage.
  11. I can't remember the last time I saw an Amish person working in the Emergency Room.
  12. Havent you worked in gov't most of your life between the military and now the state ?
  13. I have noticed a decline in turkey sign and sightings this year. How much of an impact do bobcats have on a turkey population ?
  14. It can only get better after this week.
  15. I have quite a bit of family in the Buckhannon area. If I recall correctly. there is a decent nature center/zoo down there. Check out Audra State Park, you can do some tubing/swimming in the river. Also, have a fresh pepperoni roll for me while you are there.
  16. My body my choice for vaccines, not so much for reproductive choices however.
  17. An anti-vaccine entrepreneur sold about 250 fake COVID-19 vaccination cards through Instagram to New York healthcare workers, while a conspirator entered some of those people into a state database for vaccination registrations, Manhattan prosecutors said Tuesday. I am not sure who is dumber, the person selling the cards on Instagram for the world to see or the people who shelled out 200 bucks for an illegal card that traces directly back to them.
  18. Cam Newton is still active though.
  19. I actually am a big fan of the turn. Anything is better than in the middle of the pack.
  20. Totally rigged. I am going to need to confiscate the computer this "random" name generator was done on so I can have a forensic audit done on it. Until then, I think we can all agree I really have the #1 pick.
  21. This and 25 a head sound good to me.
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