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  1. You and me both.. I can usually always get on the deer but this has been the worst year yet.. this is my 4rth day and havnt seen a deer yet..
  2. Nice! I've been admiring them for a bit , but said to myself " who in there right mind would spend over 3 grand on a crossbow" now I know.. Assuming you are in your right mind That should be a nice rig though, enjoy!
  3. We are in PA for the week and there are a lot of ticks. Except for 1 sit, in the rain, there have been ticks crawling on us. Nasty critters.
  4. Quite a few different ways to skin the cat.. Some diagonal wood braces let into the wall running at 45° from the bottom to top of wall,or if the inside is remaining unfinished attached to the inside(probably like it is now?) , sometimes a metal strap is used for the same purpose, sometimes installing 1 piece of plywood on each will suffice. Either way it's not likely to fall down I see places being built like this often..lol.. Purlins and board and batton alone aren't technically enough to resist the wall from moving though.
  5. Nice! Since they are using purlins and board&batten siding , make sure that they properly brace the walls.
  6. 2 spots I would check out. I like the northern one better , but I guess it would depend on wich way you come into the area from.
  7. Spot on! If I had to pin down a single day that is my favorite, it is Nov 10th. Close to every buck I've shot on that date were hot on a doe.. It's funny, because just the other day we were talking deer at work and I told the couple young guys that that was the magic day. One of them drags out his phone and shows me pictures of a beautiful 10 point he shot a couple years ago. He checks the date and it was 11/10. Lol.. mike drop
  8. Ha.ha.ha. I love my encore as well. But they are a bear to load after a shot or 2.. I've had to use a tree for an assist before.;)
  9. I concur.. I did it last year for the 1st time on an elk and it wasn't difficult.. I was just a little confused with the "bone it out" terminology.;)
  10. Do you take quarters, backstrap, and neck, etc..? Just like one would typically do with an elk? I assume not actually boneing it out?
  11. Tailgating is the one thing that really bothers me when driving. That and driving fast on the backroad I live on. If they draft me for a bit then pass when given the opportunity I give them a pass , otherwise I just start gradually slowing down until they finally pass . By being on my bumper they are raising mine and my passengers risks. There is no way they aren't hitting us if I have to stop quickly.
  12. Ha.ha. No grumbling here.Just, throwing out my unsolicited opinion... I would have shot him all day long even if he weighed 125#s and was 10 years old..;)
  13. At 180#s dressed , I wouldn't personally put much value on the fact that the teeth put him at 2.5
  14. I will stick with Glaziers made in NNY, still hands down my favorite so far, especially off a grill or over a fire.;)
  15. After recently driving back from Colorado through Wyoming , that 80mph speed limit was awesome. It sucked as we got closer and closer to home. Each state seemed to lower the limit by 5mph.
  16. What are your sources? Most info out there says that it was purely an investment , still in production, and not even his original idea. No doubt land typically is a great long term investment.
  17. Beaver . They will travel a surprisingly long ways from water at times.
  18. Lol.. I actually like it. It was a lot better than baked mullet that we ate too much of. I hated fish when I was a kid.
  19. I've rarely eaten cube steak since I was a kid. Mom always cooked it on the stove top with some water and French onion soup mix. " Gravy" poured over rice..
  20. That's neat! A lot different than what I witnessed earlier this year. A couple hens with a pile of poults were crossing the rd in front of me. Both hens took off like crazy through the woods leaving the poults to run/wander around aimlessly in the middle of the rd with no clue what to do or where to go..lol
  21. Me too! (Colorado tag). For me, that means any legal bull.. lol
  22. I had a Daisy 880 pump master when I was a kid. I've no idea how many 1000s of bbs I went through. Fun times!
  23. Absolutely.. For me it has been a huge time saver. In the past, when hunting a new chunk of land I would spend countless days wandering a new chunk of land until I had a good picture in my my mind of what the land looked like and how the deer used it. When the pieces were far from home my hunts were not near as productive as they could be because I spent too much time exploring. Now I can go into a new area and know what it looks like and hunt the "best " spots emmediately . Here's a screen shot of spots I've scouted and have hunted or plan on hunting. Lol
  24. Ouch! Outing him like that ,in front of everybody.
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