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  1. They are fun to catch! Our little lake has quite a few, but most run 16-18" long. While crappie fishing today. I caught at least 6 over 24" . A blast on 4# test and a 7' ultralight rod. I think I spent more time pulling my jig away from bass and pike(fishing in 3-5' water) than I did jigging
  2. Good price. I would just buy the 10hp sticker kit.. that may or may not be what I did. It's the same basic motor.
  3. Wouldn't it be responsible for those with underlying health issues or the elderly to self quarenteen ? Or anybody else who feels unsafe being exposed. Not everybody.
  4. Yup. My dad who I have not seen in well over a month is in a nursing home. Which as of yesterday has 1 worker testing positive for covid. His health is bad enough he wouldn't likely survive the flue. I still believe we need to follow some common sense. I was under the impression that when I graduated and began my adult life I would be given responsibility for myself. More and more we see that everybody wants to be "parented"
  5. I'm leaning heavily this way... The vulnerable need to protect themselves while the rest of us get on with life..
  6. Ha. Ha. Catskills those southerners dont know snow..;) One of my best snow storm tales was in Watertown. Heading south I got on 81 15 miles or so north of watertown . By the time I got to Arsenal st I was leaving a trench behind me with a full size van..they closed the highway going south so I got turned around and started following the snowbank until I came to a stop sign(on the interstate).lol. I had went down an exit without knowing it.. Lots of land up here to hunt. Not great deer #s or trophy potential. They can be found though. Unless you are looking for the "big woods" I would venture more towards the smaller pieces of state land out of the park. There tends to be quite a bit more deer.. And yes the fishing is fantastic.
  7. You know what annoys the crap our of me? Lol. .. That we as "free" people feel the need to request a law to protect us from our stupidity.. I mean, how simple would it be to just not vote them in again.. Sometimes I just lose faith in our capacity for logical thought. Occasionally in discussions with friends I volunteer to be a "benevolent" dictator..;)
  8. Same here. I have been back to work for 2 weeks now. Probably better that I cant day I paid entirely too much time checking my phone for a couple days.
  9. I find the concept intriguing. BUT I realize most loose their @$$. I knew an old farmer. Long story, but after he sold the farm he took up gambling before he came to his senses. He started day trading and made a mint . I wish I had picked his brain before he passed. He was a character. Hair down to his shoulders(until he took his hat off and that was bare) . Some of his teeth. But had well over a million in the bank.. So cheap, that if he stripped out a bolt , he would weld a nut on the end instead of going to town for a new one.
  10. I've been playing around with my stimulus money. Figured, easy come easy go. ;). . I like math , and graphs, etc.. Up 26% this last week. Until I came up against this stupid rule requiring $25000 in an account to be a day
  11. Dang . This suck! She is young and strong , our thoughts are with you guys!
  12. The rate of heart attacks and strokes must have dropped off . Nobody is showing up at the hospital with them, according to a local rep @ local rural hospital. Obviously people with mild symptoms are not going to the hospital.. How many across the nation are dying because of this?
  13. Not a fan..He is a great speaker.. but all politician. If you dont fact check him or pay attention to details you can easily be mislead. I think it was last week when I happened to listen to his daily update.. He was asked if the hospitals had everything they needed. He says something along the lines of " yes , if they needed it they had it(Ny is great)" " now there is a difference between want and need".. " nobody is dying because the hospitals dont have ventilators,etc.." 1 question later ... "yes they are having to put 2 people on ventilators not designed for them as well as cpap machines etc.." I cannot paraphrase it very well , but he pretty much said one thing and then said the opposite seconds later . Then got upset when reporters tried to pin him down on the truth.
  14. In archery it is amazing how far back you will hit a moving target..We rigged up a 3d deer target on top of an old push mower after removing the motor. We hooked a rope to it and took turns hiding around the corner and pulling it across the yard..
  15. Thanks.. You can see my target in the well manicured yard(dont tell biz) behind the zip line.. I'm thinking I should hook up a moving target on the zip line.
  16. Seeing as I built my own house.. Well 2/3 to 3/4s built. Lol.. There are tons of projects that need to be finished. Some more important than an entrance deck roof(like siding , kitchen cabinets,etc.) ,but this was more fun ..;) Now I just have to do some railings and roofing and this part will be done.
  17. That is awesome! Makeing memories.
  18. Since pex has been widely available, I've used this with sloped pipes, minimal fittings, and valves at low points. The spot that often gets missed is the bottom fitting on the shower valve, and the sprayer on a kitchen sink.
  19. Having permanent power, I would use the tank as your "well" and plumb things up conventionally with properly placed drain valves.
  20. There is a certain amount of truth to this. He would still be disliked by the left though, because of his policies. Even if he put them out there in a more politically correct manner.. I think he could accomplish even more if he could learn how to speak..imo. There are many fence sitters that maybe would vote for him but cannot stomach it .
  21. Our local hospitals have been doing the same.. Meanwhile close to 100% of the local construction trades were sent home too. As we are coming out of this we need to switch our labels from essential/non essential to work that can be performed safely. I dont see how my small uncrowded crews cannot work together safely. One size fits all obviously doent work .
  22. Friend has/had a John Deere gator 835... that was a really tough machine. We carried and pulled some pretty serious loads for many miles through the Quebec bush to get to camp.. I was very impressed.. he upgraded to a Can Am defender? With all the bells and whistles.(who knew they made power windows) . Jury is still out , whether this machine is as tough.
  23. Love it! Our children are the most important things in our lives.