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  1. ncountry

    There are still honest people in the world

    I'm not sure. I may have spent all the quarters in a parking meter on video games. when I was a kid..
  2. ncountry

    There are still honest people in the world

    30 years ago. I left mine at a gas station in the northern ADKs. I didnt realize it until I had to pay a toll at the Rip Van Winkle bridge .luckily I had enough change kicking around to pay the toll and enough gas left to make to where I was going in CT. My wallet was still there with all its contents a few weeks later when I came back through.
  3. ncountry

    Encounter with a neighbor today

    I concur. This name swapping is a bunch of.. bs.. maybe fun for some...I must have missed the initial point, seems pretty immature for adults?
  4. ncountry

    I'm Shrinking

    Phenominal !! Keep it up. I myself have lost 45#s since February doing a ketogenic /low carb diet.. it is a lot easier putting it on than taking it off. Lol.
  5. ncountry

    2019 rutcation

    Yeap. Ours starts 11/6 then for the next 2 weeks..
  6. When I shot a muzzy broadhead I got a pass through close to 100%. I switched to grim reapers and rarely got a pass through . After a couple years of this I switched back to a fixed head , but missed the bigger blood trails and switched to a rage and with these I get a pass through as long as I dont hit a shoulder on the way in or out.
  7. ncountry

    Good time at the Amish orphanage!

    Nice! I'm not familiar with the shindaiwa, but the 372xp had the best power to weight ratio of them all .One of my favorites. I haven't kept up with the newer saws but the husky would cut wood! Be careful. I was a diehard stihl guy, but after running husky for a while the stihls didn't "feel" right..
  8. ncountry

    Logging Time

    One of the harsher winters, I worked as a feller. We had 2' if snow and it had been below zero for 2 weeks.. the deer would step out of the way of the skidder by 10 -30 yds, then get right back on the trail.. they loved us..Making nice open trails through their woods..1st tree of the day they would be on the tree top before I had the 2nd tree down Within a week I believe every deer within earshot was in that woods..
  9. ncountry

    Scouting stateland.

    This is what I hear a lot.. I cannot tell you how many times I have poured over topo and imagery and picked out the "best" spots, usually way in. Made the trek in to find someone already using the spot. Seems people are more comfortable leaving stands deep into the woods. We all read the same books and articles.;) As of late I've concentrated more on the brush " holes" etc... that everybody walks past on the way in..
  10. ncountry

    Brow Beaten by a female Big Foot!

    Lmao... Be careful in today's age.. A buddy was given sexual harassment charges for doing the whole doing the kissy noises and face , and that was without a salute..It never amounted to anything.. but a mark on his 30 years of spotless work history..
  11. ncountry

    Shaking / buck fever..

    I have been deer hunting close to 30 years.I didn't bow hunt for the 1st 10. I've always been able to get into the "zone" with a gun.. Settle my nerves and shaking , then everything goes into slow motion.. Close to 100% success rate after the shot. With a bow in my hands, I fall to pieces. I cant seem to find that . I can shoot the heck out of a target, but put a deer in front of me, doe to 10points and I suck..So yes, I get the fever.
  12. ncountry

    5 Self Defence Moves Everyone Should Know.

    Finally. Someone teaching the kick to the testicles. Lol. I taught my daughter , since she was young, when you get pulled in close. Kick to the nards. Knee or punch to the nose. Fights over..
  13. ncountry


    It was my 1st and only wild moose sighting...
  14. ncountry


    Beautiful ! I climbed as far as the top of tuckermans ravine . With my skis on my back.. That is as close to the top of Mt Washington as I've ever been.... I have a pic somewhere of me staring down a moose in the middle of the trail. If I lost the staring contest I was not going to stand my
  15. ncountry

    What is the farthest you ever kayaker/ paddled

    My brother and I did 30-40 miles I think. Bog river -Lows lake- 3.5 mile Portage to the headwaters of the Oswegotchie then paddle to Cranberry lake... We did it in under 3 days but it should have been at least a 5 day trip in order to relax and enjoy .. The 3.5 mile portage was terrible. Cheap heavy 17' Coleman canoe.. we ended up carrying the canoe a mile or so walk back and get our gear and repeat..Not fun on a 85* summer day.. That was my longest trip. We regularly canoed the local rivers ,trolling for walleye and musky.4- 10 miles total.. And there was a couple year stretch that we trapped beaver in the spring on the river(the best time I had trapping).
  16. I agree . No info about the shooters should be released to the public , period.. they need to disappear into history. Now your comment on torturing their family is a little ridiculous.
  17. ncountry

    School me on tractors

    I'm guessing mine is around the same length.. My driveway is still a work in progress..ha ha. It gets a couple loads of stone every year.. a couple more years and it will be finished.. . I think
  18. ncountry

    School me on tractors

    True, but there is nothing worse than a slow loader when doing loader work with stone,gravel,sand,snow,etc..
  19. ncountry

    School me on tractors

    The extra gallons per minute will typically equate into speed if there isn't a gain in capacity..
  20. ncountry

    RPR sunrise, Giant and Cascade

    That is cool.. I'm not sure if you follow skiing or not . I went to school and skied with the Gaffney brothers on occasion. They went west and started filming some ski movies. A few years later I drove to Colorado and skied the same area that they filmed.. I'm a pretty good skier , but some of the cliffs I said I'd jump when watching from my couch, didn't get jumped after I looked over the actual
  21. ncountry

    RPR sunrise, Giant and Cascade

    OK... I just watched some go pro footage of "hiking" the knife edge.. And that falls under the nfin way am I doing . Looks awesome though, but my heart was in my throat just watching the video..
  22. Cool pictures..I too seem to have a lot of activity in my yard.. the does are always eating in the yard when they have fawns. They seem to enjoy the safety.. they rarely bring the fawns with them though I am pretty sure they have little ones..
  23. ncountry

    Freaks of Four Seasons.

    High fence hunting isn't my thing, but I can imagine it can be more difficult than one would imagine. 10 years ago or so we bought a 1200# beefer from a friend. He was a little on the wild side and during the process of getting him into the trailer the bull escaped , jumped the fence and went into the neighbors pasture.(I doubt there was 50 acres of brush and woods) We obtained permission from the neighbor and hunted that bull for 2days (with our deer rifles)before giving up. Except for a couple opportunities at him running at over 150yds we never laid eyes on him again. We like to think that we are decent hunters The neighbor finally shot him a week later when the bull came into the barnyard with his cows.
  24. The only round of golf I ever played was at the Inlet course..
  25. ncountry

    Good spot

    Nice.. probably have to set back a little. That's too close..;)