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  1. I think he would have a hard time finding one for $150
  2. I will have to check . That may actually be the one I bought as well. I thought it was crossfire but may have been diamondback. I know I went with 10x. And if you drink coffee like me you need a rest in order to still the shaking..lol. I think for eastern use I would have bought 8 power or under for me.
  3. I bought a pair of vortex crossfire last year . I think you can pick up 8x42 HD for around that price.. lifetime warranty and for the money they seem really nice.
  4. Thanks.. I will . I had not heard of this before.We are going again this year.. Back to buck masters topic..;)
  5. On our trip to Colorado this year, we had to go backwards with our muzzleloaders. Iron sights and a full .50 cal bullet(no sabots) . Definitely more of a challenge. Amazing how it took my encore from touching bullet holes at 100 yds to being happy with a 3" group from the bench..lol Combination of peep vs scope and not shooting the projectiles our barrels were designed for.. Oh and I forgot ,loose powder. That way in a quick reload you can easily dump 1/3rd of your powder on the ground..;) I immediately put my scope back on and went back to saboted bullets. On our return.. I carry it in both shotgun country and muzzleloader season and don't really feel that handicapped, compared to my rifle. In all my years hunting I rarely ever needed to shoot more than once anyways,except for maybe a finishing off shot after walking up to a downed animal. Mostly because I'm not a great shot at moving targets, so they get a pass. Just ask all the dycks I've shot at over the years I also think we have gotten carried away with "dumbing" down our seasons with Scopes, sabots, crossbows.(wink ,wink) I would be happy with a primitive muzzleloader season instead..
  6. Too late. Somethings are just better left unsaid..;)
  7. I am amazed there is even a debate about this. A gun is designed to kill . A gun is a simple mechanical device that even a child can understand. Every single person that touches that weapon is responsible to handle it correctly. An armorer is just another layer of protection. Boils down to ignorance. Lol. I'm out of this discussion, it makes my blood pressure rise just thinking about it. Kinda like watching the news.
  8. If this is the case than the person would be immediately showed how.. Keep it simple its not complicated. 0 excuses
  9. IMHO. If you pick up or are handed a weapon it is your responsibility alone to make sure it's not loaded. I don't care if it was handed to you by your father, brother, friend, expert, etc...
  10. I have been shooting rage broadheads for years, but wanted to try a fixed broadhead again this year.. I heard good things about the Tooth of The Arrow broadheads and tried them. I used the 100gr xl and I was impressed . Excellent blood trail.
  11. No doubt, a bad judgment call. A learning experience . Don't do it again! Do what you have to do and save the meat. FYI , putting someone else's tag on it is illegal , so would not continue to talk about this imagined set of events.
  12. I've done that before. Except I didn't stay. Lol. Day light hit and I carefully climbed down and moved after realizing the tree I was in was completely dead.
  13. Ha ha.. One of my friends has at least 2 muzzleloaders in his hunting shack. Heck he had 2 regular muzzleoaders and his muzzloader pistol once He even had an opportunity to use all 3 on the same deer . Yes he is known to get a little excited for a 70+year old man.lol
  14. OK. I think the consensus is 1: meat is fine 2: to be safe let your wife try 1st 3: mowin is crazy (happy birthday! and sorry mowin).;)
  15. What tags did you start with? I always buy archery,muzzleloader along with regular season liscence. This will give you an antlerless tag and either sex tag that can be used in Archery or muzzleloader seasons. Also your regular season buck tag and any Dmp tags you apply for.
  16. That is very interesting, I didn't know that !
  17. Correct. Even though. You will probably get the phantom smell or taste, because it's in your head.lol
  18. I concur. My favorite game bird! I'm sure I cannot ride around in the back of a pickup with a 22 anymore like we did we we were bad teenagers. On a side note, have you ever used Millers in Lowville for processing? I've had beef done there but not venison . Even though it's an 1.5 hr drive south for me I had to try it this year. Venison bacon was too enticing..lol
  19. I'm not Tom.;) But the buck I helped track this year was 1 lung and guts. I was amazed we jumped him over 5 hrs later. In the past I was always insistent that if you punched through ,even a little , in front of the diaphragm they were dead in short order.. It has been increasingly obvious that doesn't always hold true.
  20. I've never owned either. Most have my friends have switched over to can-am from polaris.
  21. Great info Tom.. Our group ended up with a deer with a wound just like that one in the neck/brisket. Luckily there was snow. 5 of us trackes him from 10 that morning . He crossed the tail race of one of the dams in South Colton twice. Finally we had him pushed to an area we knew and we set up and ambushed him close to 5 o'clock as I was pushing him.. Only once all day did any of us see him, and that was just in time to get him turned and crossed back over the river. It's funny. I hate wounding deer, but I do love tracking them. lol I see why you do what you do..
  22. The meat will not be hurt . Remove (clean and eat)the inner tenderloins and then rince the inside out well for piece of mind.
  23. Nice! I had assumed it was a broadside shot. my bad
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