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  1. Yes. It's fairly common for them to have beech bark disease
  2. I would agree with G-man Excepting there may be a possibility #2 is basswood.
  3. So very sorry for your loss.. Sounds like you guys have had a blessed life . Keep on keeping on and smile every chance you get when reminiscing.
  4. Rocks are cool!! West Pierrepont, That's my part of the country..We probably have a few hundred pounds of rocks we have collected over the years when the kid was younger.. You ever make it out onto the state land, just down the road from the zinc mine ,that has tremolite ? We would "sneak " onto the mine property and raid the tailings piles too... All sorts of different rocks there. I found this while hunting at Letchworth sp this fall.
  5. I know buck fever is a terrible thing for some. One of my favorite stories (doesn't involve me.)A friends dad shoots at a nice buck 3 times. That is what he says as he tells the story. " But dad I only heard 1 shot". At his feet are 2 unshot shells and 1 spent casing. He shot once and just racked the others through.. And this is a guy with over 40 years of hunting under his belt...Luckily for him the 1st shot hit him and he recovered the deer.. I won't tell any of my archery stories ..With a gun , I'm like a stone cold sniper.. with a bow.. Not so much..;)
  6. After joking that I had been carrying around the same 3 shells for 3 years..Buddy and I drove around to most of the local shops within a 50 mile radius on Saturday. Both looking to pick up what ever we could find for our guns. I bought 4 boxs for my 300 win mag ,2 for the 22-250, and he found some 7-30 . There wasn't any 270, 6.5 creedmore, 308, or 22lr to be found. It is pretty slim pickings. Still cannot find any large magnum rifle primers or gun powder. Unless I wanted to spend big bucks and buy a large quantity off gunbroker.
  7. I think it may be a bit over the top. But , I was a huge Arny fan from back when I lifted . 30 years He is a very intelligent /driven man. He turned his body building into quite the career. Before he became an actor he was was fairly well off with his real estate and other business holdings. I had figured by this time we would have dropped the requirement to be a natural born US citizen to become president . Clearing his path to the presidency. Guess I'm not Nostradamus , even though he did make it to a being a governor.
  8. All I have to say about all that is.. You think you're pretty smart..;) Simply put . The Trump supporters that stormed the Capitol the other day are idiots just like all the other violent protesters we've seen over the last few years. "not comprised of our best and brightest" covers them both.
  9. Shows how misleading news headlines are. 4 people died during this event. 1 shot , 3 dead from medical emergencies (heart attack,etc..) On another note these "protesters " that stormed the Capitol should be locked up.
  10. I use Robinhood. Very easy . I don't have any experience elsewhere.
  11. I've been thinking of Rockies elk hunt next year. Possibly this year.. One option I've seen are drop camps. Where they will pack you in and out of a set up camp They seem to start around around $1600. Being in good physical shape seems like a requirement in most areas. I had a friend drive to utah with another.. they spent 1 day hiking in,camped,and 1 hiking out and drove home. They realized too late that they just couldn't handle the terrain (they happened to pick one of the most rugged units in Utah) and it just about killed
  12. Note to self .. Add coffee beans to kit
  13. What have you whittled it down to? What are your basics?
  14. Looks like honeysuckle from here.. Funny how things grow in cycles. The old horse pasture on our farm when I was a kid had groves of sumac. That has slowly died out over the last 20 years and is now mostly honeysuckle.
  15. You did all right..I had flue,sars,something bad roughly 13 years ago. Still cannot smell anything.
  16. Nice! I have been doing a little research since you posted some info about yours.. Very interesting.. I may have to follow
  17. My offer, I PMd back in August, still stands?
  18. Wait... what? I'd like to see this porcupine drive .;)
  19. It wouldn't hurt to pull the sparkplug while you are waiting and dry it off. It will definitively tell you wether it was flooded or not..
  20. No choke and wide open throttle is even older and works better..;)
  21. Absolutely!! In the past I spent a lot of time dry firing my gun. Also a hundred rounds or so a year. I always figured a well trained shooter would look down on my methods. Lol.. I know exactly when my gun fires and as I'm shaking past the target I pull the trigger . Good enough to explode a water filled 16oz soda bottle at 200yds close to every time freehand. Dont ask me to hold steady, breath, and all that jazz though..;)