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  1. . I would have no problems with that.. Lol. Yeah I think the horse is dead. I'm out for now. I'm going to push the boat off the dock and see if the crappie are biting.
  2. No whining here.. Just my opinion, it will not affect me at all. To be fair ,from my perspective, sounds like whining coming from your "side" .;) I will continue to hunt with my compound as well as crossbow at times. I don't care if I can use a howitzer or a stick I'm going to hunt ..lol
  3. Exactly, we should learn from past mistakes.
  4. Will not matter.. Imo.. Once crossbows are fully included (just a matter of time) .. 20 years from now less than 10% of "archers" will hunt with compounds or traditional archery gear.
  5. If you are feeling any symptoms you should go to the doctor regardless. The time line isn't 100%. My girlfriend a few years back had a tick buried in her for less than 24 hrs(most likely less than 12). She ended up with Lyme.
  6. Lol. You would think. I , admittedly, am not the best archer(with a compound ) I have yet to be able to calm my excitement enough to be any where near as good as I am standing in the yard. I can shoot the $%^ out of a target in the yard. For me a crossbow just blends in with my firearm habits. I can calm myself down with close to 100 % kill rate. Too much so, in fact, it is no where near as much fun as when I'm bowhunting. After clearing my head of all the excitement it never really settles back in again.
  7. Did you hit the carb? And yes , I've seen it before when the fuel lines became empty from sitting . Machine couldn't pick up prime for some reason and after firing a few times she's good to go.
  8. 100% agree, and anyone with a doctor's slip... Heck, I'm strong like bull, but because I'm dumb like pig, I'm not sure how long my shoulders will last..;)
  9. You can add me to the 6 as well... The whole legalizing crossbows for all season reminds me of giving out trophies to everybody.. And come on with an insult like this.. "Have a great day, may a camel spider crawl up your backside and lay an egg or two." you gotta give him a pass. I got a serious chuckle..lol
  10. Seemed like we always had a chicken or 2 that threw out large eggs pretty regularly, often they were double yokers.
  11. You are getting closer. I would pull the gas line going to the bottom of the carburetor. If there is gas there(my guess is there is) then I would pull the bottom float bowl cover and free up the needle valve that the float moves. It is more than like stuck closed.. Sometimes you can get lucky and sharply rap the bottom of the carb with the handle of the screwdriver.;) and free it up.. I'm not specifically familiar with your machine. It may require removing the carburetor in order to access it properly.
  12. Right, back in the 70s ,it seemed like all vehicles came with them. A cheaper version though. We went all sorts of places we had no business being with 2wd. Drive until you were stuck, jack the back end up out of the ruts push the car over off the jack , and away you went . Lol. For another 100yds anyways. Unless we had the chevette and then we would just pick the back end up and move it over.
  13. Carefull, you just earned a hole punch in your man card. 3 and you're out !
  14. It's been many years since I lifted weights. Back in the day, the my best results came from lifting until I could no longer, then having my partner assist with the last 2-3 reps. Not sure if this is an actual technique, but it made sense. Other than that routine for a couple years all my strength came from farming,logging, lucky genetics, and pure stupidity..lol
  15. Do you have any pictures of how much leaf needs to be grown for this to work?
  16. They do have weird diets. In the past I really had to shew them away when cleaning fish. They loved fish parts..
  17. There are pros and cons.... https://www.strombergschickens.com/site/pros-and-cons-of-lighting-your-chicken-coop-in-winter/
  18. We had chickens for quite a few years when my kid was young . It would be her project, taking care of them collecting eggs etc.. She made out like a bandit selling 3-4 dozen eggs a day for 2-3$ a dozen. We had more than that in chicken feed .lol. We know where the eggs where coming from and better than allowance(which she has never gotten..)
  19. Remember to put a light in the coop . Ideally they have 12-16hrs of light a day to continue laying. Otherwise your egg #s will really drop off during the shorter days.
  20. I am new to the western hunting. But I iliked having my pack with me. The bag separated from the frame and makes room for meat hauling, so I was always prepared to haul without taking a trip back to camp (which was often miles) I would always fill the 3 liter water bladder with electrolytes mixed in in the morning. Many a day , I had to refill at a stream with our filters. I havn't had a chance to try purification tablets . Also the pack allowed for easy shedding and storage of layers. Don't forget my 2 MRE's and emergency kit..lol After typing it all out, I'm thinking maybe I pack too much.. ha .ha. Unless I'm going outback I carry the same pack even deer hunting now. But I'm a sweater I need room for all my warm clothes because I cannot wear them in.
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