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  1. Yep. On FB, join Savage 99 Club, run by Joe Brady. Every year he hosts a 3 day event at his hunting club in Noxon Pa. around the last weekend in August. We all display our 99s, shoot at the range and have a few cocktails at night and BS about firearms and hunting. It's a real good time with some great guys.
  2. Thanks. The muley bucks turned into smoke, and were nonexistent. And a monster whitetail buck outlasted me till the end of legal light for 3 days, and never got closer that 500 yds. With a shitty snowstorm heading in that night, and lasting 2 days, it was either this buck, right at dark, or tag soup. I'm happy that I made the right choice, for once.
  3. This is an old thread, but I just had to comment on how prophetic this post is/was! My Kimber in 7-08 loves Barnes 120 TTSX ammo. I've killed a lot of game with them. I wasn't able to find any all year for this hunting season. Having recently gotten back into reloading, I've been able to acquire the pills but still couldn't roll any for lack of primers. Ggrrr! Thankfully, I got a great deal on 3 boxes of Hornady American Whitetails pushing 139 Interlocks and they shoot every bit as well as the TTSXs. I'm just back from Wyoming, where they dropped this whitey buck at 230 yds where he stood. The lungs were both jelly and the heart was split in half.
  4. I've seen some very nice whitetails in my area the last three years. It's great to have that option to fall back on, when the big muleys fail to show.
  5. I wish rifle season was open during the chase phase, since my bum shoulder keeps me from bowhunting anymore. Anyway, I'll be at camp for the entire season, so something ought to pop sooner or later.
  6. Lots of muley/whitetail crosses where I hunt. Full on muley with a whitetail rack.
  7. Just got in from Wyoming yesterday. Well, for the second year my intention was to shoot a Wyoming muley with an iron sighted 99. This year, I brought the '59 99F in .250. But this year's drought had the sage and Greasewood stunted so badly that it offered no cover for a stalk and shot within 150. Plus the muleys had multiple problems this year, and were pretty much absent. I had to resort to plan B, and switch focus to whitetails. I was forced to go back to the Kimber again this year. It's a boringly accurate and reliable killer.....but it's not a 99. I was targeting a huge main frame 10 with stickers and junk everywhere. I saw him 3 days in a row through the spotter, but ran out of light before he was within my comfort zone. Shitty weather was forecast with heavy snow and 30-40mph winds starting on 10/12 and lasting till the end of my hunt. On 10/11, this guy showed up with about 5 minutes of light left at 230 yards. The 7-08 turned his lungs to jelly and split his heart in half. He fell in his tracks and never moved. In the few minutes it took us to walk out to him, it was full pitch dark when we reached him. Still sitting in camp today, looking out at the snow and wind. Wyoming is an incredible place to hunt, and I had a blast again this year. But, she'll have to wait another year to hear, " the spiteful crack of the 250 Sav". -Jim Bashline. Good luck to all this season. EDIT: It really was full dark when we took photos. These phone cameras are amazing in their ability to gather light where seemingly, there is NONE to be had.
  8. I haven't read through the whole thread, so apologies if it's been discussed. Is there any frost in the forecast? If it's EHD, that should kill the host midges.
  9. EDIT: My apologies. When you asked where I was headed, I said, The Great Basin. Actually, it's Thunder Basin National Grasslands.
  10. I got a pretty nice buck last year, and saw a few others on the ranch that I hunt that I hope to see again this year. You'll have a blast! Have some patience with those antelope and look a few over before you punch your tag. Good luck.
  11. The Great Basin....Actually NE of there. I don't build points for muleys or antelope. The most I've had was 1. A really good deer or pronghorn is always possible no matter what unit. And a high point unit carries no guarantees. I'd rather hunt every year. Elk are a different story.
  12. There's only one thing that I anticipate more than my Savage 99 Collecters Club Rendezvous in Pa. each year, and that is my annual trip to Wyoming. Just ten more days till my flight on 10/7. I'll be looking for another muley buck and a chance to let this old girl eat. '59 99F 250Sav, minus the sling, pushing Hornady 100 Interlocks like a laser. Good luck to all on your adventures this year.
  13. That's pretty slick! I've been using a Frankfort Armory Universal Precision Case Trimmer for the last couple of months and really like it so far. https://www.frankfordarsenal.com/case-preparation/case-trimming/universal-precision-case-trimmer/1092514.html
  14. Here ya go. Check the attention span of the leader of the, once free, world. He decides to go off and chase butterflies, while his idiot wife gushes about how she wishes she went to school there.
  15. So while creepy Joe is memorializing 9/11, an event he probably doesn't even remember, do you think he'll mention all the sons and daughters of The Republic that he left, hung out to dry, during his hugely successful pull out of Afghanistan? All those lives lie at the feet of that clown you call POTUS.
  16. Back in the '80s and '90s, we used to see some beautiful bucks along the stretch from Mattituck out to Orient while dragging the boat out that way. Real shame.
  17. I've used good ol' Tinks 69 on rags that I hung on trees, and on a few occasions, had bucks rub the hell out of those same little cedars within a couple of hours while I was off on a walkabout. One time, I even blew out a decent buck that was bedded directly behind one of those trees. Pretty hit or miss though. I've had way more occasions where scents seemed to have no apparent affect.
  18. Lots of good options. Hart is one of them. I just had a Ruger 77RL tanger rebarreled by Mcgowen to 260 Rem. Very happy with what I received back from them as far as workmanship, finish and accuracy. Just an FWI, turn around can be pretty lengthy with a lot of these shops, and what they tell you up front is never written in stone. Just have to be patient.
  19. I placed this on a few other forums and thought I'd place it here as well. Sorry if it's in the wrong sub forum. I'm looking to purchase my first chronograph and have been giving the Sport model a look at $179. From the videos and reviews that I've seen so far, they seem like a straight forward, accurate and convenient unit to set up and use, even in shit weather. Does anyone here have any experience with them, or anything positive/negative to comment? The V3 model has a bunch of whistles and bells, but not sure it would be worth twice the price at $360.
  20. After paying my neighbor/taxi, who subbed the job out to a butcher acquaintance, and getting back product of dubious quality, I decided it would be a very useful skill to learn how to do myself. So, back in the early '80s, I acquired a VHS tape of Leonard LaRue boning out, seperating and wrapping individual whole muscles from the entire deer, after Peter Fiduccia, (not a fan), rattles in and kills a buck. If you can find a CD copy, I would highly recommend the butchering segment. Just forward past Fiduccia's hunting sequence.
  21. 2020 Muley was $680 delivered from Wyoming to Florida.
  22. I often don't agree with Grouse's point of view, but this is one time I absolutely do. My wife is a liberal and we have differing opinions on a lot of social issues. But that's fine by both of us. We can have intelligent discussion, ( sometimes warmly debated), on a subject and, while not in agreement, can respect each other's position. Her sister, on the other hand, is a leftist. In her eyes, there is only one way to see an issue, and that is the lock step leftist way. Sometimes, I think she'd sooner see me dead than have me thinking alternative thoughts. No, I don't believe there is a moral obligation to get the vaccine.
  23. This. Plus, thoroughly enjoying myself on my Wyoming muley trip again this year. I have such a blast out there every year! It's not essential that I top, or even equal, my buck from last year...just love that spot and stalk style of hunting.
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