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  1. UPDATE: After not receiving merchandise or any correspondence from the vendor since 3/31, I filed a grievance with PayPal. They immediately issued a full refund to my account. What really sucks is that the site I ordered from looked to be the Keen official website. Hope nobody got hurt in this.
  2. You're probably right. The reason I said this one might be a marten is because it doesn't look to be more than 3-4 pounds. The fishers I've seen were 8-10 pounds, and maybe more. They were also much longer, at about 40-45 inches. Plus, any fishers I've seen were a uniform darker brown throughout, where this example has the big area of lighter buff coloring, more consistent with a marten. But I've been wrong before...
  3. This one looks a bit small for a fisher. Wondering if it might be a Pine Martin.
  4. Just imagine it's big brother, the wolverine.
  5. Sorry, I've never worn rubber boots, so can't speak to your question. I can say that, for the few times I've worn the gaiters, in deep snow and wet CRP, my legs have stayed dry. I am seriously considering a pair of La Cross Burly Side Zips for this fall.
  6. Use this link. https://www.keenfreedom.shop Just ordered a pair of Pyrenees for $29, normally $145. These are my early season Wyoming muley and antelope boots. Already have two pair but couldn't pass up the deal.
  7. I have these in camo, which is a softer, quieter material. I always pack them but don't often find a need for them. In three years I've maybe worn them 4 times.
  8. I carried a full sized 1911 for years. Size and weight were not an issue for me. The only reason I switched was because I wanted higher capacity and don't like carrying extra mags. I moved to a CZ 75 PCR with 16 round mags +1, when I left NY. Its a double/single with a decocker, which I've really come to like a lot.
  9. I have a camp/club in the Catskills overlooking the junction of the Beaverkill and East Branch Delaware River. Unfortunately, all the 'ole timers that I fished with have passed. Camp is only used for hunting, anymore. So, I'll stick around Florida till turkey season opens and the boys show up. Good luck to all you guys that make it out.
  10. Oh, good. I was getting worried.
  11. I was thinking the same thing. I think there might be a bit more to this.
  12. Yep. Just about anything that doesn't require a mill or a lathe. If I had room for one of each, I'd probably be building complete rifles.
  13. You all want a reason for this? Maybe call it a general protest for the giant shit show the administration has been running on this country for the last year, and intends to keep running for at least another three. For those worried about the inconvenience this is going to cause them, I hope you're not delayed too long getting to work. And I'm pretty certain that there will be enough food for your babies to eat. Sometimes fighting to retain our freedoms isn't easy or convenient. Thank the universe or God or whatever power you believe in, that we have the right to protest without bombs and missiles raining down on us, like some.
  14. ...or anything that came out of that greasy, steaming pile of treasonous dog shit, McCain's mouth
  15. There have been many times that I smelled like a warm fart in the woods, and it had nothing to do with boiled eggs.........well, maybe a few times.
  16. Never been a fan of Glock. Ergos just don't work for me.
  17. dmandoes, thanks. I'll check about those tags, whoever I book with.
  18. Thanks. I'll give them a look. Have you hunted with them?
  19. I love glassing and stalking mule deer, more than just about anything. A few severe back to back to back late winter/early spring storms have really put the smack on deer numbers where I hunt. Add to that, outbreaks of EHD, and numbers are way down from 4 years ago. As far as flavor, mule deer might not eat as good as moose, caribou or pronghorn, but I find them every bit as good as whitetails. The one I shot in '20 tasted like good beef. I'm looking forward this blackmail hunt. I'll feel better when I nail down an outfitter.
  20. I'm looking to switch up a bit this year from my usual Wyoming muley trip. A buddy suggested an Oregon blacktail hunt and that has really piqued my interest the last few days. Neither one of us knows the first thing about it. Does anyone here have any experience and knowledge they'd be willing to share? We're thinking about an outfitted rifle hunt around the end of Oct. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  21. A 7-08 pushing 120 TTSXs is hard to beat for one stop shopping on game in the lower 48. If I could only own one rifle, it would be my Montana in 7-08.
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