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  1. We've come a long way from heading to the woods with our rifle, a knife, some extra shells and a hunk of rope.
  2. Still the same cliques over there...just at a different IP address.
  3. Pointing the truck north from Florida, early AM Wednesday. I'll spend 3-4 weeks at camp, up on the hill, with the best bunch of guys I've ever had the pleasure to know. Best of luck to all.
  4. It was all timber company land, between Roseburg and Glide, Oregon. It was a general western blacktail OTC tag.
  5. Very cool! Enjoy, and best of luck with it. Looks pristine. Not sure I'd drill any extra holes in it, myself. But, hey, its not my rifle.
  6. I'm surprised. Any of the muleys that I've shot, were just fine on the table. I would think that blacktails would taste quite similar to muleys, since they are a subspecies, after all.
  7. @dmandoes Nope. Saw lots of deer and quite a few bucks, but they were all dinks. Nothing I would care to put a tag on. It wasn't my kind of hunt, anyway. They rode around, glassing huge clear cuts for 13 hours a day, with $6000 thermal imaging devices, without ever getting out of the truck. If a buck was spotted, the outfitter wanted me to use his 22lb bench gun to shoot 600-1000 yds. It might be legal, but completely against any ethics I have as a hunter. My fault....I should have pressed him a bit more on his hunting style while booking the hunt. When he said spot and stalk, I assumed he meant walking to gain high ground, then glassing with traditional optics and then stalking to within 300 yds, for what I feel is an ethical shot at a game animal. I did get a bit serious about a very large chocolate phase bear with a blond muzzle, that I watched for a half an hour, sleeping under a young Madrone tree. He was easily well over 400 lbs., and, at 255 yds, well within my comfort zone and the 7-08 Montana. In the end, I just wasn't feeling it. No matter. In 10-12 days, I'll head up to my camp in Delaware county for the whole rifle season with the fellas, and the old 300 Savage 99F . Good times....
  8. Texas Pete with 3/4 tsp of ground Thai chili pepper added to the bottle and shook up. But, to answer the question, Tabasco.
  9. Both my 452s and the 455 are Americans. They all prefer SK Rifle Match, which is a little spendy, but still a bargain when compared to centerfire ammo. The older Wolf Match Extra was extremely accurate as well as RWS R50. Wish I would have laid a few bricks of Wolf away while I still could.
  10. Ah,yeah. Couldn't really see the straight barrel contour forward of the receiver. I have a 455 22/17HMR and two 452s. The 455 is a very good shooter, but those 452s are astounding! I have no experience with the 457...yet. Almost bought one a couple weeks ago, but a Kimber Classic Select fell in my lap, instead. I agree, they are fine rifles.
  11. I use a nitecore HC33 headlamp without the harness. Its barely bigger than the 18650 battery that powers it. I use it handheld for going in and out. I bought a small helmet clamp for it, that goes on the bill of my hat for field dressing and deboning after dark.
  12. Well done! I hope you enjoy them. I don't hunt them because they taste like schiet. I wish more people did, though. They make a disgusting mess out of the kids' soccer fields.
  13. Is a permit still required to access the NYC watershed properties? Seems I remember that they might have dropped that requirement a while back, but I could be wrong.
  14. I went a different direction, with Vantage B62 shooting sticks. Super light and compact for hiking miles on the western prairies. I don't hunt that way, but I would imagine they'd work well in a tree stand.
  15. At 1/2lb of meat per meal X 180 = 90lbs. So I'd say, 1.5-2 deer, depending on the size deer you tag. That number does not include dinners and other meals, and feeding others.
  16. Same advise from dad and grandpa, when they were teaching me to stillhunt. When you think you're moving slow, slow down some more.
  17. First one was a Daisy. It was a Winchester M94 look alike. Don't know exactly when I got it, but I got my first .22 at age six, and I had the Daisy well before that. After the Daisy, I completely wore out 2 Crossman 760s.
  18. This is all pointless and mute. It will all come down to who will by controlling the polling stations and the ballot count again.
  19. I'm hunting Oregon this year and staying out of Wyoming for awhile. Hopefully,things will turn around in a few years and the antelope and deer herds will recover. They've taken a beatin' the last 3-4 years.
  20. You mean the ones overlooking the planted live bait stations.
  21. I have my dad's 336 RC. It's a '54 chambered in 35 Rem, with a straight grip and a Lyman receiver sight. I take it for a walk at least once every deer season in the Catskills.
  22. Lost 11lbs first 14 days in.
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