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  1. Darn Tough. Spring, summer, fall and winter. Boot height full cushion. Been wearing 7 pairs for three years now and doesn't look like I'll be using their guarantee any time soon.
  2. Best dog I ever had was a yellow Lab named Nala.
  3. For water like that, I prefer a 7' 4wt with a med/fast action.
  4. Lots of good luck with your purchase! I should consider selling mine. Since my buddy passed I really don't get to use it much.
  5. That's right! Freedom above all else! Millions have died for it, and you and others like you are more than willing, eager even, to go belly up and give it all away. Its disgusting.
  6. I alternate between Keen Pyrenees and Irish Setter Ravines and can't decide which I like better. I have both for 3 years now, and wear one or the other almost everyday of the year, and neither is showing any sign of giving up soon. There's a brand new pair of each sitting in the closet for when I eventually need a backup. They can both be found for right around $100-$120 if you catch a sale.
  7. Oh yeah, that'll do! Very cool and thanks for sharing. Gotta love a 7-08.
  8. Exactly why I haven't called.
  9. That wait is killer, isn't it !?!? The only thing more stressful is being a single teenager and waiting for the results of a pregnancy test. I probably have at least another two months until I hear anything about the Muley I shot and delivered to the taxi in Wyoming on Oct 2. I'm so tempted to call for a status, but I hate to be that guy. I like full sneak mounts on whitetails. Enjoy him.
  10. Glad you're going to give it a shot! I used to love hunting and fishing there in my younger days, back in the '70s. Please post back or PM with your impressions.
  11. To my mind, very few professions as noble as nursing. I wish you all the best.
  12. Another vote for Carmines for Italian. 44th St. Times Square For steaks, my two favs are either Smith & Wollensky at 3rd Ave and 49th (east side) St., or Old Homestead on 9th Ave at 15th St. (west side) I know you didn't ask, but great Chinese at Mee Noodle Shop on Second Ave and 49th St. Katz for pastrami and a knish.
  13. I have had 4 Stradic 4000FGs on Teramar rods, on the boat for about 5 years now, down here on the Gulf coast of Fl. I fish inshore at least a couple days a week for about 6-7 months a year. I keep them cleaned and lubed and change out the drags once a year and they've been work horses.
  14. You didn't think those stimulus checks were free did you? Oh, you did?
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