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  1. so for those of you that own land....how big would the tax break have to be to allow public hunting?
  2. never hunted there but looking at the map it looks like it has potential. Hunt the edges near posted property and steal the bucks once they step onto State land. It looks like there are areas that border ag fields, that's where I'd go and catch em before they hit the field
  3. there are some state forests around there
  4. western new york has all the agriculture
  5. trust me I keep telling myself I should be hunting this year but I'm so new to shooting a bow Im scared to death of injuring one. I want a whole spring/summer worth of practice
  6. plan to start bowhunting next year and scouting an area this year that I want to hunt. After a month I've only gotten bucks on the cam (including these). He looks pretty chill for 10:30 in November. Good sign or bad sign that I'm not seeing does? Did I find a buck nest? Any thoughts?
  7. been watching every video and even made a thread for in. Amazing hunt and can't believe it happened right here in New York
  8. Here are the rest of the videos in the series: RUT FUNNELS IN BIG TIMBER - New York Public Land SHOTS FIRED IN NEW YORK! - Buck Parade Past the Stand SPOT AND STALK ON A LOCKED DOWN BUCK - NEW YORK PUBLIC LAND (You will be entertained!!!)
  9. Looks like they are somewhere in Western New York. Here is the first video they've released. Anyone know exactly where they are? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFMd-7OOFZo
  10. no and I would throw muzzleloader to the back end in the northern zone. If it was flintlock I'd be fine with it
  11. huh, georgia pines in new york. who knew
  12. cool. look how large the ears are that's one way to tell the difference
  13. i saw a couple of these this year and did some googling. definitely a fisher and apparently there are no martens in NY either unless trail pics can prove otherwise
  14. Stand your ground if you were there first. It’s public land. Last week I saw a car parked where I wanted to go on public so I asked where they would be so i didn’t ruin their hunt. He went on a rant on how long he’s been hunting there and asked if the tracks he saw in his area were mine lol. Unbelievable
  15. So then you only shoot spikes and let the big ones go right?
  16. I joined this forum and waited a week to be approved just to quote this! Reminds me of the time I got excited when I heard the rustle of leaves moving toward me and out pops my family dog through the brush. I was a good half mile behind the house too but she still found me
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