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NYBuckHunter27's Contest Thread

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Decided to  harvest this jake this morning around 7:30am, it was a chilly morning probably my coldest morning in the blind while turkey hunting but it turned out to be pretty eventful. Hope you guys can view the link, the video shows the hunt take place. Forgot to fill out and do the measurables for the contest but still wanted to share with you all.


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Yes, if you have the beard and legs, you can still fill everything out and get pics of the measurements. One of the other guys entered that way earlier in the contest, I think it was deerpassion, just check his thread for what you need to do.

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Supposed to say 5/14/13, 2 years ago i killed on 5/13 so that's a typo. But as far as my measuring skills i see it as, 4.5 inch beard with 1/4 inch spurs. Sorry i know the pic quality isn't great, darn cell phone camera. Thanks for letting me enter!






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