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Rifle, Handgun cartridge combos

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Read an article a few days ago about the once popularity of having a rifle chambered for the same cartridge as your handgun. It was pretty commonplace at one time in the days of the early straight wall cases like 44-40, 32-20, 45LC and in more recent years 357-38spl and 44 mag-44spl. Personally, I thought it to be a pretty good idea and I still am fond of the concept  having a bunch of ways of putting to use the worthwhile convenience of being able to use the same ammo.

I like the 22 rimfire combos the best because of the lower cost to blaze away. 

Below are some combos I like quite a bit.

Henry Single Shot 357, Ruger GP100 357

Taurus Model 63 22lr, Smith and Wesson Sportsman 22lr

Marlin 1894 44mag-44spl, Charter Arms 44spl, Ruger Redhawk 44mag

Browning Buckmark carbon fiber 22lr, Browning Buckmark Pistol 22lr






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19 hours ago, hunter said:

How is that Taurus? Looks nice. I got the urge a while back and got a Marlin in 41 mag to go with my 57 S&W. The entire collection looks great.

That S&W 57 and the Marlin make for a great and potent somewhat rare combo. The Taurus model 63 is a stainless copy of the Winchester 63, they were made around 20 years ago, Taurus also made a copy of the Winchester 62 gallery pump in stainless at the same time, I have one of those also.

The Taurus 22s have worked great for me and I have zero complaints, the fit and finish is above average and their reliability has been pretty much flawless and accuracy on a par with other firearms of the same type.

I am attracted to old firearms designs, the two Winchester designed Taurus 22s are a blast from the past and I do plink with them on a regular basis.


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