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Deer heart 2023

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Just finished making my first pickled deer heart of this season.  Got hooked on Wolc’s recipe last year and was excited to use it again this year.  The only change I made was adding a pinch of ground dry black pearl pepper from our garden.  Hot hot hot so only needs a pinch! 

PS- Big mistake rubbing my nose before washing my hands.  Yikes!!! 

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38 minutes ago, TACC said:

Show us some pictures

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I climbed out of bed to go take a picture.  Lol  There was too much for a quart jar so I split into a quart and a pint jar. That’s why in this picture it does not go to the top. It was tough getting a picture that actually looks like much but here goes.  I guarantee the taste of this will far exceed the look of the picture.  


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That looks good.  Ive got to wait until Valentine’s Day to eat any myself, because my wife only makes it once a year.  Hopefully, I will have a few more hearts, to add to the two in the freezer now, by then.  

I wasn’t able to get any more during my last (9) days of ML and rifle deer hunting up north.  I Hope to be able to add up to (5) more to the batch between November 4 and January 1.  


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