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  1. Sorry to hear this Dino... I can volunteer if you need a few extra hands
  2. I am following too. It sucks haveing 50 pairs of readers around and still not being able to find one..lol
  3. I am on Iceshanty.com although I have not visited in a long time... The forum has a ton of info. Check it out when you get a chance.
  4. I was able to can 8 pints of venison stew meat. The job actually went very well. All 8 jars sealed... Cant wait to try some! I did a raw pack with no added liquid. Half teaspoon of canning salt in each jar. The meat produced a nice looking broth.
  5. I hunt 8G a lot and I can attest, there are some BIG deer in that WMU... not just bucks. Ive seen some jaw dropping does also
  6. This was my first one also and will not be the last... I cooked it in my electric roasting pan low and slow for 8 hours or so and the meat came off using just a fork. Ever so tender
  7. Lack of snow on the ground and the abundance of bedding areas made this place really tough once regular season started. I couldnt pattern anything in there even late bow muz or holiday hunt. They dont bed in the same place once the army of hunters shows up and that made it difficult to find them
  8. First ever bone in neck roast... I cant believe i did not get a pic of the finished roast but the family tore it up. Hands down the finest roast I have ever had. Seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder then marinated in balsamic and worstishire in the fridge for 24 hours.... Rosemary also...
  9. Congrats to all that scored since last time i was on here... I must have at least 45 sits in this season and I have been seeing deer almost every sit. Im just not getting a good shot opportunity this season so far but not giving up. I should get an afternoon hunt on Friday, then Ill be out Saturday morning then again Sunday afternoon to round off the regular season. Very much looking forward to late bow/muzzle and the holiday hunt! Good luck to everyone out there !
  10. I, for one, am pleased to see this. I plan on spending a lot of time hunting Wyoming Co for the Holidays
  11. love barley in any soup. looks spot on to me!
  12. Ive been seeing quite a few deer all season so far. Probably the best season hunting stateland so far... but.... Last two time out seen nothing. Of the deer seen, none at all presented me with a shot except for does in Allegany St Park opening week. Naturally, no doe tags for the park this year. At least I am seeing deer unlike last year where I saw two does on the last day of regular season and I missed the shot
  13. Split pea soup... One of my favorites. Crockpot since 5 am while out hunting all day.
  14. I am a bit late to the party... Congrats to you and your father! I think we will be seeing some Biz buck dinners in the WFDT! Again, CONGRATS !
  15. The best hunting stories sometimes do not involve a deer... Good things happen to good folks and you guys are in that caliber. Good luck with the rest of your season and I hope your son has a blast!
  16. Hey Dino, Thanks for posting your adventure! This must be what heaven is like... Good luck out there
  17. 8G also... over the last week I have found 7 new scrapes but only one rub
  18. No trouble getting a few 8G tags at the town clercks office at noonish. Like Wolk said, probably a good thing to have extra tags for the new holiday hunt
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