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  1. Im going to have to drive through it ... where I am hunting is not too near the band or at least where it is projected to be. My buddy is meeting me in Akrom but he is coming from cheektowaga, so he might have issues getting there
  2. I went at 3:30 and got a few 8G's. Was there earlier on my lunch break and the system was down. Going to try to punch an 8G after work today
  3. I went to the town happ at 11:15 this morning and the entire system was down. Ill try again later on after work
  4. Heading to the town hall in 20 for a few 8G's
  5. Edit : The shaft felt tight by hand when the bow was at rest... I tried to turn the shaft with a pair of pliors and found it to be loose. Rotated the shaft clockwise (looking from the rear of the bow) and tighten up the lock nut.
  6. I have the exact same bow and a very similar problem.... It was driving me nuts. It would shoot fine most of the time but every once in a while when I shot, it would make a "twang" noise followed by a horrible shot. It got worse as time went by and I started noticing wax on the fletchings. I realized the wax is bow string wax, so I checked the cable guide shaft (the shaft with the red guide sliding on it) Sure as heck, with the bow at rest, there was clearence for the fletchings, but the shaft was loose. I rotated the shaft to increase the clearence and tightened the lock nut. Problem solved and it still shoot like new. I believe mine is also seven years old too
  7. Congrats to all the young hunters! Andy.. you can feel free to adopt me anytine.. lol
  8. I'm in... Feeling good today. Wyoming county.. looking for any deer
  9. LOL... for that money, they should shoot them, gut em and butcher them up for you! Ill stick to the state lands near me... theres plenty of opertunity. Its kind of like the old days where hunting on a neighbors property... you would always see someone while you were out
  10. Thats a really good price... Too bad it isnt closer to home Buffalo area.
  11. Not to mention the prices on leasing hunting property now a days. I remember the good old days when you knock on a door and folks would let you hunt, or your neighbors always welcomed you to hunt thier property as you did also. Those days are long gone it seems
  12. @G-Man Thanks for sharing that. Keep the info coming
  13. My buddy just called them... 7200 for the first year and 5% additional each year after... it is a 5 year lease. We took a hard pass on it
  14. Yeah... I just saw the upper side of $x,xxx Im thinking NOT. Ill keep hunting state land and put the money towards something else like a winter place near Clearwater
  15. No price listed... My hunting buddy is trying to call about it today. One of the statelands that we hunt is near by this place in Warsaw. Its a 35 minute drive from my house
  16. I use the recommended power belt bullets and white hots in my wolf. Ive gotten 5 shots out of mine when I last sighted it in. Super easy clean up too. I also never shot more than 2 in a row hunting without cleaning it.
  17. I just got over it last week... put a damper on my hunting cause I was too tired to go out. Hope you do well with it and wind up hunting anyways
  18. True that Nomad... I like to get an early start when I can something, or do as much prep work the evening before.
  19. Do some research on the canner that you would lke to try.... I settled on the Presto (23 or 27 QT) dont remember off hand the exact size, but its the big one. I did a trial run with butternut squash to figure out the ins and outs etc. I also bought a few extra racks for double layering the jars... Presto doesnt give you an extra. Grab yourself a Ball Blue Book too. Ball aligns with USDA pressures and processing times which have been tested for food safety. You cannot can with an insta pot but they are awesome for cooking roasts and veggies etc. I use mine often especially if I am strapped for time. The old standby crock pot will be used if I am going to be home all day... Ill start a roast in there at 10 am or so and eat at 6.
  20. I have always wanted to make venison bone broth... if I do ill surly post up some pics.
  21. It takes a little practice for sure. Ive got it down to a science on my kitchen stove... I use the smallest burner. Once it gets up to pressure, it hardly requires a flame to keep it there
  22. Good luck Dan! Cant wait for some more updates!
  23. lol... Todays modern pressure cookers are very safe to use and usually have redundant safty reliefs and a lid lock. You dont want to attempt to open it under pressure and the lock prevents that. You do have to sit with it to monitor the pressure however. If you drop pressure in the canner to below your target (USDA determined as per your altitude) you have to reset your processing timer and start over.
  24. Jay...Ill hook you up with a sample jar. You will thank me
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