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Bear track size /weight ?


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While searching for hare I unknowingly awoke a bear out of it's slumber under a pine tree blow down.


I was about 20 miles south of fort drum.


My whole hand fit in the rear paw track plus an inch approximately. About 7 inches long.


Any idea the size of this bear ?


When I found the tracks my neck hair stood up..yikes!


Yogi left in a hurry across a swampy creek bottom . First bear track I've seen in the area.






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According to google:

A 7-inch front print is from a bigger bear -- 300 to 400 lbs. for a black bear. An average weight for a male brown bear is 500 lbs., with a large male bear weighing up to 800 lbs. Brown bear front tracks are between 6 and 8 inches long -- a 6- to 7-inch front track would likely represent a 400 to 500-lb.Apr 29, 2018

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That was a back footprint.

It was under a pile of pine trees .

There was still snow under there and no bare ground.

It may have hunkered down there on the 15 th of January or there abouts , when they got 50 plus inches of snow. 

Either way I read bears don't always hibernate all winter .

They did have warm temps and rain a few weeks ago.

I also saw fisher tracks meandering through hare territory.

Oh and some grouse as well.

They usually startled me . 




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