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Who could vote for this man after hearing this?

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As a loyal Republican voter, I can appreciate a die hard Democrat being resistant to "crossing party lines" (I guess, :rofl:)and,  actually, voting for the other partys candidate; if this happened in reverse, where the Republican candidate was proven to be as cognitively impaired as Biden, I would, simply not vote.  I COULD NOT pull the lever for a candidate that is obviously mentally unfit for the post. 


What do you think?




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The Hur report points out multiple violations of the law that are felonies and should be prosecuted but tries to excuse those crimes as insignificant and unworthy of trial because no jury would convict on the basis of incompetence.  Hur points out the crimes and then states what defense would be used to avoid conviction.  That is literally unheard of in the history of US law!  

The whole report is a coverup.  More proof of how corrupt this administration and Democrats really are.

Then to say the president is too much of a doddering old fool to be convicted, playing on the bleeding hearts of Democrat voters, actually admits the 25th Amendment must be used to get him out of office.  But if the GOP tries to do that, the leftists will fight it.

The simple truth is, voting for ANY Democrat is a vote for your own demise.  They are going to start WWIII and get us all nuked.

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