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  1. I will be out by myself and if I am lucky enough to fill a tag, my friend is hunting about twenty minutes from me and said he can help with any recovery.
  2. Happy Birthday and have a great day!
  3. I will be out at my sisters property. Basically have everything ready but there always seems to be something at the last minute you forget about.
  4. OORAH! Happy Birthday fellow MARINES!
  5. Nice job and YT can be a big help!
  6. Up in stand 9a. Some fog and 50f and damp.
  7. Went town hall picked up 9f and 8g.
  8. That's how it appeared to me.
  9. This was from cam in my sisters yard, any idea what it is? Possum?
  10. Happy Birthday, have a great day!
  11. You need to apply for a Modified Archer Permit and have paperwork filled out by a doctor. Yes the draw-lock is legal to use during regular season if you have the permit. I forget what the regulations are for the specs on the draw lock, but they are expensive and I thought awkward to use.
  12. There is some green mixed in. Deer are still hitting them.
  13. In tree stand by trail at edge of woods leading out to soybean field.
  14. Happy Birthday and good health too!
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