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    Welcome and OOHRAH!
  2. The illegals will get a pass on this variant also and be allowed to carry it freely across the southern border and President Brandon will do nothing to stop it.
  3. Another power trip for the County Executioner.
  4. Out in blind in 9a,big body deer crossed field about 150 yards out and went opposite direction. Heard 4 shots so far.
  5. This guy strolled by my ground blind this afternoon. I have him on pics at night, this is first day time. Was busy getting snow tires on this afternoon so hopefully Saturday he comes by for a visit.
  6. Out in ground blind 9a with crossbow. There are a few mosquitos flying around inside, thought they were done with!
  7. Going to my sisters property in morning with crossbow. Good luck to all going out.
  8. Went with friend over to swamps. Bit breezy and 43f. I'm on ground and friend is in climber.
  9. Hope the rebound is quick.
  10. Out in ground blind for first sit of season. Friend is near back side of my sisters property near creek in his climber. 54F now with light wsw wind in 9A. Good luck to everyone that's out.
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