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What is everyone using for a small camp stove?

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I'm looking to buy a 2 burner propane stove for my hunting camp.  Something that I can use to boil water, fry up some venison, or percolate coffee.  With an emphasis on the coffee.  I went to the Coleman sight because that is what my dad had 40 years ago.  I was looking at the reviews for the Coleman's and many people mentioned that there isn't much heat control and you couldn't cook at low temperatures (ie percolate coffee).

So I am curious what everyone else is using.  Can you recommend a small 2 burner stove that you use when camping or at hunting camp?

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6 hours ago, airedale said:

Been using the old proven Coleman Fuel stoves as far back as I can remember, they just work great.:good:




RC  i'm with Al on this one . I have the propane version instead of the fuel version of the same Coleman stove . Work great for us cooking venison stir fry on both tailgating at football games and in the ice shanty ice fishing . We have percolated coffee with no problem on it. Maybe the propane version would work better at temp control because the pressure in constant ?  But I see no reason why the fuel version wouldn't work either . 

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The old Coleman white gas (coleman fuel) stove is a work horse, but they can be gimmicky, shouldnt be used inside, and have a learning curve to simmer/ light cook with. They do require periodic maintenance, and keep them clean. A propane version is much safer if you arent used to them (( no flare ups, no gas to spill) and are fine adjustable easily. 

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