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Other than kill or trap is there any known way to keep them from chewing on tree's?We have a nice spot down by/near the creek that the whole family likes to camp/picnic at and seems we have some Beavers trying to chew our camp/natural cover down.

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Get a permit to shoot them from the DEC during the spring and summer and get a trapper there in season.  THEY are "Bank Beaver" (Living in a stream instead of a pond/lake), meaning you have a high beaver transient population. They will be cruising up and down the stream eating what they can all year long while they look for a place to dam up a stream.  I have been fighting them on my property for years.......they have been chewing and killing apple trees and other stuff on my banks for the last 40 years.  One year I had a stream change course and go through my cornfield, I shoot then all summer long and a trapper still traps 18-25  "in season."   Try a fence and a .357.    

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Eat a beaver, save a tree..

Actually, it's eat a beaver save a bush..........



Do you own the land Dom? If so then turkeyfeathers gave some good advice. If they are a nuisance you can apply for a permit to get rid of them.


If you don't own the land, it's a whole new game.

If it's public land, then theres nothing you can do. 

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