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  1. True but I'd bet that field has been there for many years. Once infected the land is infected. Fescue tends to take over and the field becomes a mono culture, killing the forage you want. whttps://www.tahlequahdailypress.com/news/how-to-convert-tall-fescue-pastures-for-wildlife-usage/article_0d4c86d1-cbd0-5276-bd5a-f8fd6ac18891.html I mostly plant cereal grains, clovers, buckwheat, corn, beans (there deer have almost completely harvested/destroyed the entire 8 acres or corn and beans as of yesterday). (nothing but deer trampled those fields) I'm just a guy whose personal experience
  2. Once you get use to it you will really like it. I have a no till Kasco eco drill 72 inch and love it, as it saves time and diesel. You need to get use to it and follow the directions. The first year I had it, I called it a NO PLANT as my administrations to the fields were not the best. Once I learned to read the directions I found it actually works...and works well. My property has 2 types of soil: 1: gravel with a top layer of stone (you can’t get a spade in the ground) and 2: river bottom that can be wet but is rock free. But I am now use to it and have planted, clover, switchgrass, corn
  3. You can look it up but deer really don’t eat much grass…..when you see them in a field it’s the broadleafs and clovers that are mixed in the grass that the deer are eating. You see them eating in the field after you cut it is because the cutting has exposed the clovers/vetch and other stuff mixed in. Fescue is probably the worst grass there is for anything but cows. Fescues are the worst (www.plants.usda.gov/plantguide/pdf/pg_feru2.pdf] Some varieties contain endophytes that in high levels may be harmful to livestock (Yoder, 2000). Wildlife: Deer, elk, and moose utilize red fescue If
  4. The deer and geese will destroy any field under 3 acres. I planted 10 acres of beans and corn this year. Twenty five percent of both fields were destroyed before July 15. Once they discover beans it's a problem keeping them from decimating the plot. Add in weed control and you could be disappointed in your endeavor. Smaller fields are better off being in oats/clover. However, go for it and see what works. Let's us know how it turns out.
  5. My grandfather always removed stumps in this manner without any heavy equipment . Using a 2 inch or so hollow pipe he pounded it into the dirt around the stump about every 15 inches angled into the stump as deep as he could. He would them fill the holes with corn and molasses. He had 2-4 hogs and fenced them in the area. The pigs would go for the corn and molasses by rooting and would dig those stumps completely out of the ground. Then he would cut and split the stumps for fire wood and the fenced in area would be tilled and fertilized. The pigs were sold or eaten costing him some whole
  6. 801-acre Hooker Mountain State Forest Otsego county, There are other forests close by that have bears.. Its a couple of miles off I88. I got 3 bear on my place One poor cub with no mama, 1 medium and this one. this is the best pic and He is around every 4th day.I'm only 5 miles from hooker mt. The bear sighting have increased dramatically in the last 4 years. I don't know where they are coming from but they are all over the place (1 got hit on I88 last month) I don't shoot them as they can scream like people and I had enough of that 50 years ago. Good luck
  7. Belo is correct. Those fins are part of the spinal column. Maybe some of us are confusing the spinal cord vs, the vertebra which makes up the spinal column. Spinal cord is the nerves going through the spinal column. Made up of individual bony structures (vertebra) are designed to surround and protect the spinal cord. If you hit the bony structure (including the"fins") the nerves get all messed up and usually suffer loss of nerve control even when missing the spinal cord. That is usually only temporary and the animal quickly needs another shot before it gets up and runs away. There isn't
  8. TUG hill plateau is at the extreme northern range for the chestnut. Can you get a SW exposure with some shelter from the wind? About 4 years ago Allen Nichols from the NYAC Chapter gave me 4 sprouted nuts. I planted them. One died within months, the other three are still growing. However 1 is only 5 feet tall and the other 2 are better than 12 feet. I found 3 trees on my neighbors property that are producing catkins and 1 had sterile nuts last year. Before I die I am hoping to get the multiple Darling trees and some improved offspring growing on my place. But with the election results...I
  9. Congrats Don, With all that "pink whipped cream" coming out from the lungs Your shot hit lower than you thought..... right where it is supposed to. How far did he go?
  10. Good luck on the recovery. If you need help I'm sure all you need to do is ask.
  11. Here is two bucks that just spent a few minutes fighting. The RUT is just starting,
  12. GET A CHAINSAW AND OPEN THE CANOPY.... The below pictures will visualize just what I am talking about. Two fields where planted on the same day (No Till) on the same day with the same mix ( White clover and oats) they are 250 yards apart but one gets less sunlight but more deer pressure than the other you should be able to tell which is which. While are being hit by deer one has NO oats left while the other has oats in abundance. Both picts where taken 5 minutes apart (today) showing 1 has more sunlight than the other. Use the chainsaw to give your fields and roads LIGHT If you are goin
  13. 1. Before you plant anything: Get a soil test and find out if anything will grow 2. Don’t expect anything to grow without sunlight so whatever you plant match its sunlight requirements. Example: a. Full sun is considered six or more hours of direct sunlight per day. It doesn’t need to be six continuous hours, but the light needs to be direct, full sun. b. Partial sun refers to four to six hours of direct sunlight per day. Etc. Once you figure out how much sunlight you have then plant what will grow. Example: Fruiting Vegetables: 8 hours of direct sunligh
  14. Anything labeled GMO is not always bad. The Darling-58 tree has 1 (one) gene from wheat (the plant we already eat) that prevents the fungus from killing the tree. The hybrid American-Chinese cross has over 1000 extra genes from the Chinese chestnut so many of the unwanted Chinese traits ( Size, shape, growth etc.) appear on the hybrid besides the resistance to the fungus. (The fungus is not killed but the gene breaks down the oxalic acid produced by the fungus. Oxalic Oxidase produced by the gene is found in many of the foods we already eat without issue. The Chinese-American cross
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