Crossbow consistency problems - need advice

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Thanks everyone. Here's an update:

Yes, it was a broadhead issue. The Mussy's were all over the place. However, the scope must have gotten bumped. I had multiple problems. The crossbow came with the cantilevered rail already mounted. I put the scope on but did not check the rail. I still have not because it will require removing the scope. I'm just treating the thing like a piece of grandma's china for now. After the season I will put locktite on it and crank down. It is good right now.

I bought Rage 2" for crossbows. The practice head was holding 3" groups at 30 yards. That is acceptable since I will never shoot beyond that.

Today I hung a big doe in the barn, so it works. The real thing worked perfectly at 15 yards. What a hole it made. I target does because of the ag damage. I let 2 small bucks pass, along with a yearling doe that is so tiny she could be mistaken for a fawn. 

The Rage heads come with an extra plastic sleeve so you can reuse them. Does anyone do this? The sharp edges are pretty rough right now. I am pretty good at sharpening things. I could probably restore the edge. At over $10 a pop, they are pricey.



Protect non-target wildlife. Use non-lead ammo -

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Might seem wasteful, but once shot (hit or miss) my mechanical BHs go into the practice pile. Even the smallest, undetectable nick, burr, bent blade might effect a mechanical BH's performance, esp when you're depending on it to be perfect. Granted, most mfger's have replacement blades, I just prefer to have a virgin mechanical BH and have a higher level of confidence it'll work as advertised when I need it to!!!! To each, his/her own!!

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Just shot a deer yesterday with the 100 g Rage Crossbow Xtreme heads and my Killer Pro bolts. 2.3" cut. Very very impressive hole it made. Never seen anything like it. 

This set up is extremely accurate on my KI350. 

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On ‎10‎/‎24‎/‎2017 at 11:00 AM, Curmudgeon said:

Thanks. I'll be near Dick's today.

I am using the drawing device provided with the xbow.

Rage heads are getting mixed reviews here. Any others use them?  

A little late to the party on this post, but my Rage Crossbow X worked as it should on a 30 yard shot. 

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