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My initial / on going review of the EZV sight.


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Alright......This page explains the theory of the range-finding capabilities of this sight: https://ezvsight.com/about/stadiametric-distance-ranging-how-it-works/

They show a 13-1/2" area on a deer that supposedly represents the vital zone. This is what is supposed to be aligned with the stadia marks. My question is, what are the physical features on a real deer that define this exact kill zone? I'm sure I must be mis-reading something here, but honestly, I just don't understand it.

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On 2/5/2023 at 2:54 PM, nybuckboy said:

rob-c are you still using the EZV sight. Considering again.

I am not, because  I found that using the EZV then going back to a pin sight for spots really brought on my target panic that I beat some time ago. I did like the concept though . 

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