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  1. rob-c

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday guys
  2. rob-c

    Need to vent.....

    2 words.... electric blanket....
  3. We lived a 1/4 mile from a trailer park I used to clean up, the driveways were short and I could knock em out quick.
  4. Myself getting back into shooting my bow a lot again, got back into shooting indoor spots and will be hitting 3-d pretty hard. I am simplifying mine, wife’s and boys archery equipment, going to have us shooting the same broad head and that means I am going to fixed blade after shooting spitfires for the last 18 yrs. were going to get several ladder stands put up on the new lease. Clearing trails and lanes. Biggest thing is getting some more weight off and getting in better cardio to increase my endurance. And making sure Myself and my family have more fun in anything we are doing..
  5. rob-c

    This takes balls

    He’s got big balls alright, that’s where his brains at.....
  6. holy friggen deer..
  7. rob-c

    Happy birthday erussell

    Happy birthday
  8. rob-c

    NY Limo Ban coming?

    Oh man, so much fun proving him wrong.
  9. rob-c

    NY Limo Ban coming?

    I agree brother...
  10. rob-c

    NY Limo Ban coming?

    First let’s be realistic, almost any vehicle would not fair well being t- boned by a 250/ 2500 series on up truck. I am from around the finger lakes and many of the small school bus contractors also run some sort of stretched limo service over the summer for wine tours. The few I know are honest and run a clean operation, so yes I wouldn’t hesitate to rent one from them. But they should suffer because of others being dishonest ? And your answer as to the many problems with stretch limos is based on emotion again. Since you said you worked for Chevy (as a mechanic?) I assumed you were going to give me some of your first hand experiences working on stretch limos as to the many problems they have.
  11. rob-c

    NY Limo Ban coming?

    So if you were a mechanic , then you know any and all vehicles require preventative maintenance, some more than others. if a vehicle fails inspection it’s the vehicles fault ? You still didn’t answer my question, why should a honest carrier have to give up his limo that he maintaines, because of one dishonest operator? And please by all means enlighten me on all the problems limos have, since my head is up my ass.. After reading your childish respons to all the posts your a typical liberal, you have nothing, so you resort to name calling.
  12. rob-c

    NY Limo Ban coming?

    So your a mechanic ? Or your just spouting your opinion with no facts? I worked for a school bus contractor (limos fall under DOT inspections )for several years as the lead mechanic and worked hand in hand with Ny DOT inspectors.The DOT inspection process is 10 times more stringent than a standard ny state car inspection. This accident rests soly on the operator, the limo had Failed DOT inspection and never should have been on the road . driver did not have the proper license / endorsements to be driving said vehicle. As usual the typical liberal response is to do something even if it’s right or wrong (never waste a tragedy). So explain to me why you think that a honest transportation company that keeps his pass rate up on his DOT inspection ( yes there is a rate look it up ) has to cut his losses and most likely sell his limo because of one dishonest operator. Makes no sense, it’s not the vehicle it’s the operator..... boy that sounds familiar..
  13. rob-c

    Lost a hunting partner today

    So sorry, very tough to lose family, especially hunting family.
  14. rob-c

    deleting this profile

    Did you not see him ? XGX7PM included him in his one post.
  15. rob-c

    Over/Under On Weekend Snowstorm?

    You forgot about politicians..
  16. rob-c

    deleting this profile

    I was getting ready to post on how in the hell did this go from (.)(.)’s to men’s work shoes and socks. Thanks wnybuckhunter for bringing us back on course..
  17. rob-c


    Don’t be afraid of older, I had a little 1985 Suzuki 230 about 5 years ago and I could still get parts for it.The early year atvs were very well built and lasted. There are tons of atv parts houses on the web.
  18. rob-c


    Biggest thing is be patient and have the money so when he finds a good deal he can jump on it.
  19. rob-c


    He should still be able to find a late 90’s to early 2000’s 4wd atv in the $1000 price range if he stays in the 250 to 350 cc size. That Polaris you showed was priced a little high .
  20. rob-c


    Wait till spring and there will be a poop load listed on Craigslist. As others have said 2wd will be sufficient, brands I would recommend are Honda, yamaha and Suzuki in no particular order. Something in the 250 to 300 cc range would be ideal for price and size.
  21. rob-c

    Time to lose the weight

    Try the smuckers all natural peanut butter no added sugar. I switched to this some time ago and prefer it to Peter Pan etc. To me it tastes like roasted peanuts that I love.. and myself I am down 5 lbs.
  22. rob-c

    NY Limo Ban coming?

    They will all be band except his. Because you know he’s above his laws..
  23. rob-c

    deleting this profile

    Holy crap Greg, if it’s between this or the guy photos . I’ll take the guys ...