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  1. rob-c

    Happy birthday FatBoyD

    Happy birthday..
  2. rob-c

    New 3d rig!

    One wouldn’t think red and snow camo would work together, but I like it. Give us some feed back on how she shoots when you get it set up.
  3. rob-c

    Happy birthday Let Em Grow and RangerClay

    Happy birthday fellas..
  4. rob-c

    Hand Job.....

    Top notch job, glad to see you rewarded yourself with a drink. True friend..
  5. rob-c

    My buck is back

    Add 10 more points for cool factor
  6. rob-c

    2019 Rut Predictions

    They can predict away, it ALL hinges on weather period. If it’s warmer than it should be it will be a slow rut.
  7. rob-c

    Got Me A Maine Moose Tag!!!

    congratulations, that’s awesome. Don’t forget the photos when you go.
  8. rob-c

    CPA by day mermaid by week end

    I truly feel for you dads that have daughters.. so glad I have two boys.
  9. rob-c

    CPA by day mermaid by week end

    Dang it Elmo, not what I wanted to see drinkIng my coffee this morning. Post a warning next time..
  10. rob-c

    My buck is back

    Man o man, I just love all the junk he’s got going on around his double brows. Cool deer / nice mount rob.
  11. rob-c

    Rough cut trail mower

    I used to rent a billy goat walk behind brush hog once a year. It would cut saplings the size of your thumb, worked very well. Now I have a sprayer that I strap to the back of the atv and spray trails.
  12. rob-c

    OK-- Name Changes-- Who Has The Record?

    I can attest I am the real rob, rob-c that is. No cool name, because those who have met me know I am not cool .
  13. rob-c

    Happy birthday Moog. Arcade Hunter and Fletch !

    Happy birthday fellas. Enjoy your day.
  14. rob-c

    A new PU for you boyz!

    I love my trucks but if I had that kind of money, land no doubt. at least it would go up in value.
  15. The right bullet with the proper amount of practice, will kill any animal with any caliber.
  16. rob-c


  17. rob-c

    25 years ago...chasing a Bronco

    I was 14, I remember watching it and thinking what a dumb ass..
  18. Looks to be a good season, interested to see how the contestants fair in the Arctic,
  19. rob-c

    New Broadheads

    I am switching myself , wife and son to the black hornets this year. The holes and damage they are leaving on deer are comparable to mechanicals. Magnus is a outstanding company, I used to shoot their stingers and they honor their warranty no questions asked.
  20. It’s a very well run and laid out atv park, tons of riders utilize it and I’ve seen many out of state riders come and enjoy the trails on their big events they put on. I would guess probably 100+ atv-utv’s easily there on Saturday.
  21. My boys came up yesterday to help the Wifey cook me breakfast and then we headed out to trail ride and hit the mud. First ride with all of us together and we had a bunch of fun . Snapped a few photos of the boys and wife playing in a mud hole. The wife had to take a few of me after playing in a peanut butter thick mud hole , had to show them can am guys what the big bear could do . My boys gave me a couple Home Depot gift cards and the oldest bought me a really cool pen holder too.
  22. rob-c

    Any History channels , Alone fans

    That would be NOT.. tough way to go. I liked him, was hoping he would last. I told the wife, what are they supposed to eat. Seems as every thing is loaded with parasites.
  23. rob-c


    Agreed, honestly I have only seen the run of the mill gardener, and really have no interest in learning the others.
  24. rob-c


    Now that’s a gift..