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  1. Congrats to her that is impressive ..
  2. I’ve killed a pile of deer with my 870, but for that distance the bolt action 220 in design alone would lend itself better .
  3. In addition, semi-automatic handguns are considered assault weapons if they have any one of the following features: A manufactured weight over 50 ounces unloaded A folding or adjustable stock A thumbhole stock A foregrip or second pistol grip A magazine that attaches outside of the pistol grip A barrel shroud, or A threaded barrel Gotta love that safe act ..
  4. Ny and their infinite wisdom has a 50 oz weight limit on manufactured unloaded pistols. The new auto mags are 64 oz .
  5. I would buy a new production 44 auto mag semi auto . But because we live in a democratic run nanny state , I can not . https://automag.com/
  6. You can lol all you want , but I’m going off first hand experience . If I didn’t think it had merit I would say so .
  7. Well actually that opening morning I hadn’t applied any. It had been over a week since using it during bow. I would say I walked 175 -200 yards to my stand . I actually have the buck on cell cam cutting my trail a hour after I walked in . Another evercalm story , i also had a deer blowing at me during archery walking to my stand , i was in a low part of the dug road so pretty well hidden when the deer started blowing . I stoped and quickly pulled the evercalm out pulled the cap off and started waiving it in the air. That deer gave a few more huffs and quit blowing , now I can’t be 100 % certain that that’s what did it , but that deer did stop .
  8. Can’t say enough good about it ,( I also apply to my boots ) had a buck follow my foot prints right too my ladder stand opening day of firearms unfortunately it was too dark for a shot . Have had numerous doe stick their noses in the air and looking for the new deer they smell .
  9. Congrats to your god daughter that’s a beauty . Hope all works out for ya grampy
  10. That’s just awesome .. congrats to Tim ..
  11. Getting old is fantastic , no one ever said ..
  12. Same for myself kinda ,hunted on my cousins property for 20 plus years . There were 5 other hunting camps around my cousins 98 acres and one year they all decided 6 point or better . So all in all we had about 8-900 acres of guys only shooting 6 point or better , after about 3 years the big bucks I was seeing was numerous. About 10 years ago he sold his camp and I’ve been leasing property since. I like running my game cams just to see what’s on the property , I have a nice 8 and a super wide 6 with short tines on our current lease. I would love to tag that 6 he’s not the biggest but one of the coolest bucks I’ve seen .
  13. I for one think you’re hunting the best deer in your unit . We all know certain parts of the state carry larger antlered deer than others . One can’t hunt for a 140 inch deer if said deer doesn't exist , it’s sad to me when others have negative posts about some one shooting a small racked buck or about the big deer they have on their property and are jealous they don’t .
  14. Shooting at sounds , I just don't get it . Plus a human walking sounds nothing like a deer walking in the woods
  15. Holy crap , good thing you were running late to hunt .
  16. Enjoy the holiday all , we are having our Turkey day Saturday . Our youngest is a nurse and volunteers to work the holidays since he’s single to let the others with kids have it off .
  17. So how hard would one have to drive a golf ball to get a pass through …
  18. My last card pull was 4 -5weeks ago, I had the wide 6 at 10 yards during archery but he came in to my right and no shot . Also had him at 10 yards this morning but it was too dark for a shot , didn’t know it was him till the card pull . Last photo is him walking down the dug rd. I did sniffing my steps ( I’ve been using ever calm on my boots ) walked right to my stand , just too dark for a shot .
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