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  1. Im on both as I'm on several forums . I don't have a beef with anyone on either sight . Your comment got me wondering so i just looked at sight activity and its very unfortunate looking at the stats . 579 guests is sad , they could be members If the owner would take some responsibility in his sight .
  2. If they are the correct spine for your draw weight and length , yes.
  3. It would be nice, but they wont . I also had had my prints done before i went for my PP when i was a mechanic for the school bus garage.
  4. Im in steuben county also its one of the easiest county's to get your full carry. Myself , wife and son got ours awhile ago . I believe you still have to get 3 character references , but now you have to take a pistol course also and I've heard they fill up fast . Go to the steuben county clerks office in Bath and they will sell you the pistol permit application. $10 if i remember right . The finger prints is the big expense , like $110 i think.
  5. Funny how you were called out and you post a gun thread 9 hours ago but only a few have posted and or given you a like. But the other thread is up to 3 pages now .
  6. Very nice, my dad gave me my granddads 300 savage many years ago . Wife and i were out shooting the rifles Monday actually. I reload for mine so i have a bit of ammo on hand to shoot and enjoy.
  7. Wife and i finished up a 6 week 3-d league at local club , I've been trying to get out a few days a week to shoot in the yard . Im going to get a bit more serous starting next week though .
  8. Wife and I use aluminum for indoor spots, I have thought about setting my back up bow with them to hunt.
  9. Corning fish and game club, they had elected a president several years ago that had a distain for archery for some reason . Ran off all the long time archers , I guess they finally realized how much money they were loosing and elected a new president. He / they have been trying to get the archery going again, but a lot of the regulars will not come back .
  10. I found in my Rock Island 10 that the Extreme copper washed 180 grainers shot terrible , even at low end loads . Bought some jacketed 180’s and that made a huge difference in groups .
  11. Wife and I have been shooting our local range . They just started getting back into archery . The course is set up with 4 stations with 5 - 3D targets set at each . He does a good job at each station on varying distance’s on the animals , the distance’s range from 12 to 35 yrds. We’ve been shooting everything from tree frogs, cobras to wolves. I’m happy to say on every deer target I’ve shot 10’s and a few 11’s , can’t say that on a few of the others though .
  12. Half body mount , your going to have to build a addition . Congrats on a fantastic bear .
  13. Cordless is handy when needed, I bought a 40 volt ryobi weed eater when my 15+ year old 2 stroker finally gave up the ghost . Its worked fantastic for our sized yard , big plus is wife just has to pull 2 levers and it’s running she never could get the 2 stroke started . I still prefer corded for heavy duty jobs , drilling concrete is way easier with my 1/2 inch 10 amp heavy duty dewalt corded drill it’s a beast, or cutting thick walled steel is way faster with my old craftsman 15 amp corded sawzall .
  14. Thanks for the link, bookmarked and saved .
  15. I do like my Rock island ultra in 10mm , I bought a 40 cal barrel and extra springs etc. to have lower cost practice ammo .
  16. Sorry to hear this , but as you said nobody got hurt . Best of luck ..
  17. Yeah , I don’t think they’ll be selling a bunch of those. So many other good revolvers for way better price’s.
  18. rob-c

    Gun Powder

    I want to stock back up on primers but I can’t bring myself to pay triple for them now vs before Covid. I’m afraid we will never see pre Covid prices .
  19. The cut shafts havent been shot much, They are 29.5 from nock throat . Inserts and extra speed nocks included . I will cut and fletch them with blazer canes for a few dollars more if needed
  20. In the words of Crocodile Dundee. that’s not a lever action , that’s a lever action ……
  21. One thing to try is get a can of Kroil penetrating oil spay and let it sit and work .
  22. I like it , so did you make it ?
  23. Oh no , sorry to hear this. Wish I would have known ..
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