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  1. or laws banning the carrying of firearms in “sensitive locations” like schools and government buildings ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This right here will be vastly expanded.
  2. I’ve never been but a few coworkers that live in PA talk highly of https://www.gricegunshop.com/ I really need to take a road trip ..
  3. I bought these as a package deal, die’s look good . $40 tyd .
  4. Well everything was trumps fault remember. Now in typical liberal logic when it’s a Democrat president they deflect , everything’s someone’s else fault.
  5. https://global.toyota/en/newsroom/corporate/35209996.html Im very curios where Toyota will go with their new hydrogen engine , it’s a joint effort between them and Yamaha . I could see a hydrogen electric hybrid that I bet would do very well .
  6. No different than screaming for gun control as they are surrounded by armed guards .
  7. This is a good read on the electric trucks, if one is going to use their truck as a truck, well I’m not sold on them yet . https://tfltruck.com/2020/01/electric-truck-towing-battery-weight-analysis/
  8. Haha , yep a price would help ….
  9. Set of 6 ply k299 kenda bear claws , no plugs no holes . New they have 19-32nd of tread so lots of life left. I installed some radials on the wife’s quad so that’s why I’m selling, these are a fantastic all around tire . $130 ..
  10. I have not, but thank you ..
  11. No no no , you don’t rub their face in them, that would be abuse , you make them wear the same pants and shirt till they get so stiff they have no choice but to wash them .
  12. rob-c


    So how tall is the pine tree ?
  13. Formative life skill, no. But a basic life skill , yes. And as Shoots 100 said it teaches kids to walk before they can run . And do a Google search of U.S. millionaires/ billionaires that ran lemonade stands etc. when they were kids, you’ll find lots of them that wasted their time.
  14. Not all kids young adults are irresponsible, I have a feeling most of the folks on here that their kids are successful. I look back and sometimes think we/I were a bit too hard on our boys . But then I look at them and see how successful and independent they both are . One thing I’ll never forget is when both boys had gone to college and they both were shocked at the amount of kids that didn’t know how to wash their cloths. I had the boys washing their clothes since about 9-10 years old , parents are doing no favors to their kids now a day by babying them .
  15. Holy fluffy ball of fun ..
  16. It will be separate of course , that way they can charge you the hundred or so bucks for it also.
  17. In the words of Bill Engvall , Here’s your sign ..
  18. That really sucks , but could have been worse. Glad your ok , I don’t want to rub salt in the wound , but I hope the body shop can get parts for the repairs .
  19. So I installed my bracket lift on my quad and I didn’t like all the preload on the sway bar. You can get extended sway bar links for lifted trucks so I thought about how to make some for my quad . I found a good used set of links on eBay for $20 ( fyi 350’s up to the 700’s use the same links ) . I got them and proceeded to cut them in half, I knew I didn’t want to weld in the extension for fear of melting the joint. So a 5/16 die fit the middle rod perfect and I cut threads on the 4 stems ( I used a 5/16 by 24 as fine treads are stronger ) ordered some 5/16 by 24 threaded rod nuts to make my extensions.I marked where the sway bar was in the stock position with stock links , then removed the links and reinstalled the lift . Screwed the rod nuts on the stems and used a 5/16 by 24 bolt I cut off for the middle connection’s. After some trimming of the nuts, test fitting and turning the nuts for adjustment . You can see what I ended up with. It’s 3 inches from center of stem to stem , I applied copious amounts of red loctite to all the threads to keep my adjusters from moving and installed the links in the A -arm and sway bar to get the proper angles while the loctite set up. We’re hitting a atv park this weekend so I can try them and my lift out. I’ll give a review after the ride .
  20. Yeah both are great revolvers , one isn’t better than the other . But the grips and actions are different enough that it makes a difference .
  21. The Red hawk and super red hawk are a bit different , enough so that you may like a super but not a redhawk or vice versa .
  22. I’m a big Ruger guy, but I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a Dan Wesson revolver , and if it’s a great price we’ll that’s just icing on the cake. Don’t forget pictures when you buy it .
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