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  1. One thing to try is get a can of Kroil penetrating oil spay and let it sit and work .
  2. Oh no , sorry to hear this. Wish I would have known ..
  3. Your grasping at straws, trying to prove your point .. it will never happen ..
  4. How do you figure pretty sure they make rifled barreled single shots . And one could mount a scope .
  5. You can’t sit there and tell me you or anyone can load a muzzle loader as fast as a single shot . End of story your wrong .
  6. You can argue your point all you want , but I also have hunted with a muzzle loader for many years . There is a big difference between the 2 in reloading . And just so you’re aware I have reloaded and taken a second shot on the same deer with my 12 single on many occasions when I hunted with it. I am giving factual information not a opinion from the source, me . But I will say you are correct that a single is no comparison to a bolt ,lever or pump .
  7. I hunted with a [email protected] single 12 for many many years. I got really good and fast at reloading it, I would hold 2 rounds in between the fingers on my left hand. Had guys comment how quickly I could do it . So that right there is the advantage over a front loading Muzzy.
  8. No plating , they polish up pretty well after welding. I haven’t paid attention to my time. But it doesn’t take long to weld them up.
  9. I had a bunch of tools given to me, and I bought a large box on face book market place for $5. These are all off brand cheap chinese tools. When my current batch runs out I’ll hit rummage sales etc . And try to score a bunch for a really good price.
  10. So I’ve been welding up these guys on the side to sell, and have no idea what to price them at. I’m calling them Wrench heads . I have a bunch of off brand wrench’s and sockets that I’ve been using ( they were free) and I can easily build 30 - 40 more. So what would be a reasonable price ? I don’t want to overcharge so they sell, but I don’t want to under price them either .
  11. Theres a great little documentary on the making of the movie on YouTube . George Lucas talks about the really cool ideas he had on shooting it etc . It cost like 780, 000 to make, but has made like 140 million . It also was Lucas’s first film.
  12. All time favorite movie, I watch it every time I catch that it’s on. I’ve told my wife I was born 20 years to late..
  13. On both forums I like some and others not so much . I’m on 13 different forums not all are hunting and it’s a common theme with them all. There’s some I would have a beer with and others I tolerate, just as in everyday life. It’s easy really, just ignore the ones that do not align with you.
  14. I am not, because I found that using the EZV then going back to a pin sight for spots really brought on my target panic that I beat some time ago. I did like the concept though .
  15. Actually this year we heard 3 times as many shots vs last year opening morning . Wife and I talked about it on the way home how surprised we were.
  16. Misses and I are heading in for a afternoon sit , should be a quiet walk in .
  17. Nice , I’ve been playing cat and mouse with our wide 6 again this season . Had him at 40 + and again at maybe 10-15 in heavy cover during archery . Best of luck hanging a tag on him.
  18. I’ve seen deer every outing through out archery and opening day of firearms . None in the freezer yet but I’m happy with how my year is going .
  19. Wow , not only a great rack but he’s a little bit piebald too.
  20. It cracks me up how people drive with the first snow of the year. How long have they lived here ?? Here’s your sign ..
  21. Yep wasn’t feeling it this morning , now after watching the 30mph wind blow the snow sideways out the window . I’m convinced I made the right choice .
  22. When I get really cold ill put a hot hands on top of my head under my hat .
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