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  1. Misses and I are heading in for a afternoon sit , should be a quiet walk in .
  2. Nice , I’ve been playing cat and mouse with our wide 6 again this season . Had him at 40 + and again at maybe 10-15 in heavy cover during archery . Best of luck hanging a tag on him.
  3. I’ve seen deer every outing through out archery and opening day of firearms . None in the freezer yet but I’m happy with how my year is going .
  4. Wow , not only a great rack but he’s a little bit piebald too.
  5. It cracks me up how people drive with the first snow of the year. How long have they lived here ?? Here’s your sign ..
  6. Yep wasn’t feeling it this morning , now after watching the 30mph wind blow the snow sideways out the window . I’m convinced I made the right choice .
  7. When I get really cold ill put a hot hands on top of my head under my hat .
  8. Misses and I are up , good luck to all…
  9. This is directly from the NY gun safety web page . https://gunsafety.ny.gov/resources-gun-owners Safe Storage How does the law enacted in 2022 impact transporting guns in a vehicle? Effective September 1, 2022, if you leave your gun unattended in a vehicle, it must be unloaded and locked in a fire, impact, and tamper resistant storage depository that is hidden from view. Glove compartments and glove boxes are not appropriate safe storage depositories. A plastic or aluminum, lockable, hard-sided, gun case or safe will suffice for this purpose. If an adult remains with the vehicle to ensure security, a case or safe is not required. To prevent theft and ensure safety, it is always recommended that firearms be secured during transport. Local rules for traveling with firearms also apply and may be more restrictive. For example, New York City requires that all guns be unloaded, in a case, and out of sight, even when you are with the vehicle (Penal Law § 265.45)
  10. Fire proof , but plastic case is ok . Typical NY laws bass ackward .
  11. I’ve hunted since I was 12 , 52 now and I’ve never seen a bobcat in the wild . My wife has been hunting for like 15 years now and she’s seen 2 .
  12. Agreed, I’m only 52 started at 16 at my cousins hunting camp. Used to be several of us at the camp for years and 8 years ago it was just my cousin, myself , wife and my oldest son. My cousin had been retired for a bit and moved to NC and sold the camp 7 yrs ago now . So we started leasing hunting property and my son decided he didn't want to hunt anymore last year as he started a new job and was super busy. So now it’s just the misses and I , and I truly do love doing everything with her . But man how things have changed these past several years. It looks like our current lease we’ll hopefully be on it for some time as our last 2 we’re sold. So now I hope we can make a few memories on this property .
  13. Holy cow , glad you made out ok . I’ve got a sneaking suspicion you’ll feel it tomorrow though . I pay very good attention on my climbing and descending , I’m very deliberate about my hand and foot placement .
  14. I should have put a sarcastic smiley face after my comment . It’s been a long running joke with the wife and I about how she always needs a cough silencer .
  15. Thought I’d post my semi diy powder drop since we’re talking reloading . I got a smoking deal on a used Lee classic cast turret and wanted to drop my powder on the press as I’m loading . So I bought the Lee deluxe measure and welded up a mount to position it over my thru expander die. The upright tube is scrap I had laying around with a nut welded in the bottom and the extension is actually a 7/8 box end wrench that the powder measurer body fits perfect in . It’s held on to the press by a bolt threaded up through the press base and then I screw it on and tighten into position. I used to load all my rifle cases on a single stage , but I’ll tell ya the ammo loaded on the turret is just if not more accurate than the single stage.
  16. You need the Cough silencer .. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ubergizmo.com/2006/11/cough-silencer-takes-sound-from-coughs/amp/
  17. I’m on several forums , I figured what’s one more . I will say I see members posting here that I don’t recognize their names , so it seems they are picking up the slack . Good guys/ hunters on both now, so I follow both.
  18. Congrats , glad it worked out . And you got a coyote to boot , fyi wife loves her 7-08 .
  19. Misses and I are heading out , good luck to all .
  20. I had that happen quite a few yrs ago , it was behind me and I just braced myself in the stand hoping it wasn’t coming my way . It will defiantly make one pucker .
  21. I’d say a couple juicy burgers for the little guys last meal was a good one.
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