New hunter hoping to still-hunt the Catskills this season

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I started on public land in the Catskills and now have property there. On your first hunt luck will be the only thing you can't buy and pack but increasing your odds of just seeing one let alone getting one. You already clarified you are going gun season. Still hunting is not the best option on opening day with people in the woods. So how do you increase your odds. First is getting the lay of the land. Get to know your area and start walking it now and look for signs. Another way to increase the odds is go in early and go deep. Most humans are lazy by nature and most likely won't go further then a 1/2 mile in rough stuff. If you go in early and deep it's a good chance something will get pushed towards you or if your quite they will go to a quite area on public land. I don't know where you live but start your daily walks now to get your legs to moving. Get some kind of back pack nothing crazy your not in the Yukon that you can put some real essential things with you, water, food, compass, whistle, pull over rain poncho, rope and deer gutting equipment. If you do get lucky. Again increase your odds get to know where you're going to be. Learn the land and look for signs like trails, poop yes poop , food sources and bedding areas. Welcome to group, alot of educational opportunities here

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Welcome aboard! Catskills are a good place to get started but I’d be a little careful about still hunting if you have no experience . Expect there to be LOTS of other hunters around , especially opening weekend so if you’re going to still hunt MAKE SURE you’re rockin the blaze orange BIGTIME . That said , do some scouting if possible on public land and maybe you can use other hunters to your advantage . I like to be in deep before sunrise and as the orange army venture in at daybreak , maybe they’ll push something to you, good luck 

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One of the best ways to familiarize yourself with your deer hunting area is spend time there hunting small game, like grouse and squirrel during the small game season.  You can do a lot of scouting for deer while enjoying some warmer weather small game hunting.  It also gets you in shape for the coming deer season.

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