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Another no till experiment plot..

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Did a small plot with some extra seeds.. bout 1/3-1/2 acre.. This was all mostly 6ft tall + Pigweed, Lambsquarter , milo and the deer were hammering it! This soil is full of those weed seeds.. its really ridiculous.. they're everywhere. I broadcasted a 1.5# turnip, and winfred brassica as well as 4# of 3 different cold tolerant annual clovers into .. then rolled it about 4 or 5x with a lawn roller.. then applied the glyphosate all the same day. We haven't seen rain yet but I cant wait to see what grows.. Really looking forward to see how the cold hardy annual clovers do as a winter attractant vs bulbs and the big leafs. This is a heavy AG area. Corn, soys, alfalfa everywhere! Hoping to set a ground blind here for my wife and stepson to have quick access behind the house.. Its my first time using these type of weeds as a "cover crop" so we will see.. i did use them to protect the plants and soil in my garden and they break down relatively quick.. A smentioned.. looking forward to the results. 





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On 8/29/2020 at 10:26 AM, Marsala-man said:

Interested to know how this turns out. 

Ive planted like this for 4 or 5 years now, with most all food plot seeds.. This works well when moisture is present or on its way.

We finally got a good rain about a week, week and a half ago. A couple of quick pics i took from under the vegetation at the beginning of the plot. 



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My other issue is with this soil, Ive never seen soil be so susceptible to weed seed.. ITs so soft even when dry that you can till this clean, wait 2 weeks and spray and kill everything but where your tires traveled you will release new weed seeds .. or even after getting a decent kill.. spread seed and roll, the roller moves to much seed and weeds begin growing like crazy.. its darn near untouchable without continually using chemicals.. 

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I think the lack of moisture in this extremely dry soil, plus 3 nights of light frost killed my brassica/bulb plot.. pretty upset. In all my years ive never seen blub plants die from light frost.. Has to be the stress from such bone dry soil that accompanied by frost.. terminated the plot.. 

Pic was from Saturday morning   As of last night they've mostly all rotted away 


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