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smoked deer


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So some people were asking how my smoked deer was done, From what i know he stripped the (whole) carcass of most fat and all fur.  The whole outside was rubbed in a light coating of salt.  

The smokehouse is outdoors, with a firebox that has underground tubes going into the smoke house. Using cherry and apple wood.  There was no heat involved in this process at all, temps were steady in the 30s.

She was only supposes to be in there for 3 days, but then this snowstorm hit and temps dropped so she froze. 

I butchered her yesterday. the meat smells AMAZING. I'm going to cook up some backstraps this week and will advise. I kept all the shanks and leg bones for throwing in soups. 

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2 minutes ago, Fletch said:

That is quite interesting. The whole deer method I can't see how anything but the outer half inch of meat is getting smoked. But then again I never smoked anything for more than 20 hours lol.

Its gotta smell amazing!

whats pretty amazing is the smoke small is throughout the meat, obviously the meat has t be cooked still. but even my grind smells amazing. 

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34 minutes ago, Robhuntandfish said:

Seems like you would have to get a deer the right time of year, to cold smoke it like that and yet maintain a cool enough temp that nothing spoils.  Nice setup.  Bet it is tasty. 

usually pa 2nd week of gun so early december

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