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4 wheeler help


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42 minutes ago, TreeGuy said:

Just thought of this. My kids had a wheeler that had a remote shut off, like a key fob. If you hit it to shut it off,you had to hit it again to start it.

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That's quite the safety feature.......the web should now if this machine is equipped with one.

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 Finally got it started! Choked it and just kept holding it open and adjusting the choke and finally turn over stalled a few times but kept adjusting till it stayed started. I still dont know about pulling the brake and keeping on the throttle for the kids. Reminds me of a manuel Instead of a automatic. Guess well learn as we go. 2 happy boys for Christmas kept them waiting long enough.


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1 minute ago, mlammerhirt said:

How old are they redneck? Gonna get my boys a 24volt atv this summer .....they will be 7 and 5.....still a little young for gas powered I think.

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Their 10 and 8. A 12/7/10 and 9/11/12. We held off for awhile they got a battery operated one from sam's club a few years back. Just wanted to wait to make sure they were mature and respectable toward it. I was talkin to the dealer the 70 cc and the 90 cc just have to adjust the governor. Right now I got it on the lowest setting and will adjust when needed.

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