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Any one have a skill to put 9 short video clips together? I have a great sequence of a doe protecting its fawn from a big bobcat I love to make into one clip vs 9..  the doe won by the way..

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When I stitched videos together from my trail cams I always used Windows Movie Maker .  I haven't done it in a couple years but it was easy. You set the video clips in the each box in the order you wanted them to stitch together and hit the button. You could stitch as many as 24 vids together. I dont know what comp you have G-Man but you might have Windows Movie Maker already downloaded on your comp as part of the operating system. If not you can download it for free on 3rd party sites. There is another newer program on Windows 10 thats hidden in photo editer . I dont know how that one works , but here is a link that shows where it is .

The other option is start a free account of Flickr . They have their own movie maker . You might need an account like that on a video site like Flickr or Vimeo to post the vid when its done anyway.


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