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  2. Looking forward to getting the thermal sighted on this AR10 in 6.5 creedmoor with the 95g vmax. Going to be a flat shooter out to 300. And from what I read, the ammo is a perfect match for the yotes. The rifle is only 6.5lbs so not bad to lug around either. Heavier than the 223 by a lb but a fun change up.
  3. Few days compilation of Other Half , Beltline ( local ) and Topping Goliath Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. He gets in. The stats line shows he is in. The near 500 record is the only thing holding him back outside perception. Data usually gives the overarching story. There's only a few two-time SB MVPs. He beat an undefeated team to win one, and he's top 10 in alot of valued categories. He gets in.
  5. Perhaps. I really didn't care about that because I have 3 tags left (1 doe, 1 either, 1 buck ) and only one weekend. Things will be different next year, especially if i start taking doe fawns lol. I will have dozens!
  6. I believe he will get in maybe not on the first ballot but his credentials will eventually land him in the HOF in my opinion. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  7. Freeking labs. I wish they would learn not to eat stuff that makes them sick but nooooooo they just keep eating the same stuff over and over again. I’m glad your pup is feeling better. I hate that feeling you get when your dogs sick and you just want your bouncy ball of energy back. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Anybody finding sheds in Jefferson county yet? I've been seeing a lot of bucks around here still rockin their head gear.
  9. Some of you really over complicate this stuff. Cut around the brown eye then from sternum down about a ft or so reach up cut esophagus, trim any hangy bits, dump guts and away I go. Don’t want a big hole for crap to get in during the drag. Yes I use shoulder gloves but always throw away the stretch ones that come in the pack, they’re useless and added weight and bulk that’s not needed. Couldn’t imagine carrying a saw and/or an ass tool. All you need is a sharper nice with a 2-2.5” blade. Whole process shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I agree with Jerry, his stats and super bowl wins give him a good shot at it even though I personally do not think of him as a HOF Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  12. I was told that if you shoot a deer on state land with a gun, they want to see it and you have to bring it in? Either way I have to go to ridge
  13. So my current hunting land is more than likely getting sold this summer and I am searching for a new property to hunt. I am looking to stay within a 45 min of Watertown. I am open to partnering with others on a lease or purchase. I am a responsible hunter willing to put in the time and money to secure and improve some good land.
  14. I've never picked him for a fantasy QB, and I'm definitely not a Giants fan, but 2 Super Bowl wins, 2 Super Bowl MVP's, seventh in history in passing yards and passing touchdowns makes a fairly compelling resume for the HOF.
  15. I agree, but coyotes eat fruit, grain and nuts on a rare occasion as well.. Not arguing just claiming them to be in the same classification..
  16. 2 Super Bowl wins,I believe they were both circus catch's at end of games or both would have been loses.IMO a good quarterback ,definitely not Hall of Fame material.
  17. and a lot of people will tell you they've had really good and really bad bear. Bears eat a lot of nuts and berries, but they can also live at a dump...
  18. On Eli Manning I have no thoughts and don't care to have any
  19. My opinion is he will get in on the manning name more than any other factor.... watching him play I never thought for a second he was a hof caliber qback and always thought he was a second tier qback at best. That was the subject on wfan today and it was probably 50/50 cut right in half on callers votes.... Interested to hear your thoughts.......
  20. Better field of view, easier to to got on them if they dont come from were i expect, and i dont have to carry a seat. As long as i can get some brush or trees behind me ill stand all the time.
  21. Nope. First I use the butt-out tool. If you don't have one, get one. Cheap and easy. A couple of twists and the entire intestinal tract/anus comes out. I cut that off, toss it aside. Then I cut an incision carefully above the sex organs or udders...I pull away the skin to make sure not to puncture the stomach. Once I'm inside the cavity, i continue to cup upward with the blade facing me. I stop right at the sternum. I reach in, pull all the stomach and intestines out. Then I yank the liver out. Sometimes some cowl fat needs to be cut away. Then I yank/cut away at the diaphragm. Once that's out, I reach up into the chest cavity and cut the esophagus...hold it in one hand, knife in the other. And the lungs and heart come out together. It takes about 3-5 minutes usually. I also usually turn the deer over to let some blood drain out to the extent that I can. I leave the guts where they are in the field. I bring my deer to a processor. I've never had an issue with tainted meat.
  22. I reach up and cut esophagus, and I ring the anus /vulva/ penis. ,i do not split pelvis not cut up past cartilage on sternum, can gut deer in a min or so this way.. the key to this is a 2.5 in blade preferably a drop or clip point
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