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  2. here joke on this guy . trump-gets-third-nomination-for-nobel-peace-prize how many peace prizes did biden get in 47 years
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  4. @cynthiafu you got a cutout? #ThankYouForLessOverzealousModding #WeDemandUnlimitedLikes #WeDemandADislikeButton
  5. Been there. Next time will be better. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  6. Ithaca didnt really move like that though. They were in bankruptcy and were bought, sold, restarted, and moved at least 4 times, maybe 5, before they settled where they are now. One owner in Ohio couldn't make it work either before the current one.
  7. Did you get a ram? Looks awesome
  8. Clothes were washed yesterday and treated tonight. All that's left is organizing backpack and screwing on a couple more broad heads.
  9. Wish I had your dilemma! Hunt both by the better wind choices
  10. Well some good news is Marlin ended up in Rugers hands.... Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  11. No, I missed the Books and, I am a Bookworm. Game of Thrones ended on a very High point. A Shame as there is room to keep going with the show.
  12. biggamefish


    Montana 2 weeks ago! Coffee at 6800' elev. I think the thinair make it taste better!!
  13. The 3 ft wall is the biggest key to making those open tops work. I experimented with a few options for wrapping that. First, I tried snowfence and weaving leafy branches through it each season. That was very high maintenance and never produced a deer for me. The weathered barn siding really did the trick. The year I first put it up (2016), I took a nice mature buck from behind it, and two more older ones the last few years, topped off by a fine 8 point 3.5 year old on opening day of crossbow season last year. That buck actually aproached to less than 20 yards, giving me a broadside, open-field shot, after first making eye contact with me from 75 yards away. Any blind with a roof is handicapped by blind spots (no pun intended). The open top breaks that barrier and gives you full 360 degree visibility. The 3 ft solid wall blocks most of your motion as you position for a shot at any angle. A swivel seat lets it work exactly like a turret on a tank. They work for other sharp eyed species also. Dozens of squirrels have met their fate from behind my barnwood sided "turrets", along with a couple of foxes and a fall turkey. Besides 3/4 concealment, that 3 ft wall eliminates any chance of a fall and the need to wear a safety harness. It also provides a great gun/crossbow rest.
  14. Saweet!!!love following ur nighttime adventures.hoping for some dirty dog pics this season!
  15. Dinsdale


    Nice views from the tent on the Zambezi. Nicer at dusk, can still smell the smoke. Back there next year anyone wants to tag along.
  16. Dam!.. Did you watch me get dressed. ?
  17. Redemption at 20,poor group at 30.just cant focus,bow put away for night!!!
  18. Allied Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  19. You Bite your Fu*king tongue right off! #ThankYouForLessOverzealousModding #WeDemandUnlimitedLikes #WeDemandADislikeButton
  20. Always sad to see this happen, especially to the workers.
  21. That was me last week just got to the point I put the bow down for 3 days because I couldn't hit anything.
  22. I have never seen this show. I wish Friends was still on Netflix.
  23. I'd have killed her too, but I would have LOVED her to death, if I were a little younger.....
  24. Wear a thong for all I care team mate!! But you don't need pictures....
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