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  2. i watched a couple of old Celtics/Lakers games they had on ABC. Where they talk about the games years later and what was happening at the time - behind the scenes. Pretty good stuff. ML Carr banging on the lakers locker room door on way out to the court in the 95 degree game in the garden
  3. Nice Gobbler there! Try for him in May.
  4. Agreed. It would be up to law enforcement and government to enforce. Tickets and speeches drilling in the fact if you go out you will be heavily fined. The money that is coming in... if you are caught out and about no free money. Response may have been different in that situation. But this is my bitch with trump and Cuomo for not taking stronger measures. I’m not usually one for heavy handed government. But this time it made sense. Seems this is not a popular viewpoint.
  5. maybe you guys could all facetime and watch an old Yankee game together . I might suggest the 2003 game 7 of the ALCS......... I know its Bizs Fav.
  6. X2 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. it did look merganser-ish but the loon call was unmistakeable.
  8. Close... I keep saying draconian measures. Total lock downs. Not suggested stay at home. This was enforced at all levels. People took it seRiously. Enforcement was key. Nobody took it seriously until to late here. "Some still are not. This is the difference." I went out for the first time in a month to get a load of hay, some feed and a few food items, I thought traffic would be light and the stores like ghost towns, Wrong! More traffic than usual and folks were out in full force, parking lots full, looked more like the Christmas holidays. Families with kids in tow having a grand time wandering the stores, other than a couple of dozen folks wearing face masks the stay at home order appears to be not taken very seriously. If people can not behave now I can imagine how successful a stay at home order would have been a couple of months ago, not very! Until there is an effective vaccine I do not see this virus going away anytime soon.
  9. I think Id go to Wuhan before crossing the Hudson, sorry boys... Raincheck!
  10. They seem to be hanging out at Walmart a lot lately to.
  11. There was a lone hen on camera last year. Other than that almost no turkeys. I’m not sure why... There’s are no close water sources (within like 500 yards) besides occasional puddles. Do turkeys even need a consistent water source?? Also, the place is overrun with foxes and raccoons, so that may keep the turkeys away.
  12. Tough to say, the bird is a way out, but in profile I am thinking loon...body isnt as bright as a merganser and I dont see the black on its back. This time of year they migrate, and we see them for a week or two on Oneida too. They like seclusion, and avoid boat traffic, etc. Lows Lake is a great spot, nearby Lake Lila too, although they are pretty common throughout the ADKS. Thier call carries a long way, so it sometimes makes it seem there are more around than there are.
  13. I have four longboards strutting in the field behind the house this morning.
  14. Not just a turkey, a “gobbler”!!!!
  15. Cornell has been very active in bringing back a blight resistant American Chestnut. They are awaiting approval for its dispersal. Occasionally a blight resistant tree is that has survived x many years. My sister has one on her property, and on several occaisions Cornell has come down to gather seeds/samples from it. As well, out west there are several sources for trees that have never blighted...including Dunstans. I have planted about 10 on my property, and hope to see fruit this year.
  16. For whatever reason there’s rarely turkeys on this property. Might have to give turkey hunting a try this year. Also got a pic of my trail cam helper.
  17. Lawn dart, I agree. I saw a few loons at Chautauqua Lake Saturday
  18. Starts from the top down Al...including the process of circumventing clinical trial requirements for test production but then retroactively using data as a clinical trial to fix issues And the main reason the S Koreans were compliant is because they understood that this wasn’t just the flu and that quarantine was for their safety not “a hoax” Again no one in the west was good at this...we will probably be better at it next time
  19. You just showed the “under-reported” chart... If things do indeed level off (as we all hope) then it seems that no one will have been shorted their vents... If it does level off without anyone losing access to vents and they were able to use them at the peak downstate then I would argue that’s a success
  20. Same here. Loved Gudebrod. I also use flex coat. Gonna go with procoat this time. Supposed to release air better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Close... I keep saying draconian measures. Total lock downs. Not suggested stay at home. This was enforced at all levels. People took it seRiously. Enforcement was key. Nobody took it seriously until to late here. Some still are not. This is the difference.
  22. What rod finish are you using . I like multi coats of light or med build for fly and ice rods . Much smaller blanks . I would imagine your going to use a high build . What manufacturers are you using . I use to love gudebrod stuff but sadly they are gone . I'm currently using flex coat .
  23. Sunday's project... smoked flank steak. Rubbed with a mustard rub I ran across on FB and smoked with pecan wood chips. Very tender and my first success with this smoker. Had to take a walk to Akron falls after dinner because I ate wayyy too much
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