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  1. oldkevin

    rifle cant center in

    what range are you starting at? start at 25yards and see if it does the same thing if it does it could be the lands and groves are wore enough it makes the bullet not spin true.
  2. oldkevin

    Big ol' hooter

    great job
  3. oldkevin

    Trail Cam Questions

    these pictures were taken with the tasco camera from walmart that I paid 30 bucks for. 8mp differ speed and 15 sec videos
  4. oldkevin

    What the hell is this miss mosh.....

    looks like oats with a lot of weeds mixed in
  5. oldkevin

    Gun Powder

    Runnings in Canandaigua has a good selection of powder and if they don't have what you are looking for they will order it for you.
  6. I think it might be venus I have seen this before but not as red
  7. oldkevin

    Happy birthday Pygmy!

    Happy Birthday Dan
  8. oldkevin

    Internet Speed

    try working with a speed of 2.01 download and a upload at .50 at its best on good days and that's though frontier so count your selves lucky ill post a screen shot of the speed later
  9. oldkevin

    Weekend Project

    My first euro mount plaque with a scroll sawn picture. Made it for my landlord.
  10. was thinking the same thing when I opened it up this morning
  11. oldkevin

    I cant see right.......

    a bigger peep helped me with that. I have trifocals and it makes it real tough
  12. oldkevin

    What is the point of youth turkey season?

    I wish I could find someone to take out and teach them the stuff I was taught by my father and what I taught my boys.
  13. oldkevin

    lost a good man wednesday.need time in woods

    sorry for your loss
  14. oldkevin

    Ontario Opener Tomorrow

    good luck dan
  15. oldkevin

    Charlotte North Carolina

    hop over the border in sc for cableas not that far away maybe forty five mins