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  1. thanks Dan i'm know both areas well as i grow up in Penn Yan. i might just try the PY branch and see what we can come up with maybe hook into some of them toothy critters lol. it will be all catch and release
  2. Dan i'm heading out tomorrow with friends going to try the state park side two of them have never been fishing from a boat. going to try and dreadge up some lakers and what ever else will bite the hooks. or do suggest penn yan side. looks like you were'nt that far from the outlet
  3. if it is drilled and tapped i might have one here in my cabinet you can have. as i don't have my mossberg any more
  4. use to shoot mice out the chicken coop when they came out to eat the grain. one of the little shits ran off with the dart stuck in it.
  5. my 2nd buck with a bow a year after my first out of the same stand dressed out at 230
  6. Emiril Lagasse 360 can have not made any in it yet, but going to try it later this year.
  7. got this boy yesterday afternoon behind the house. the corn field was being cut so our landlord told to post up by the woods and field. he came out of the corn when they were about done 150 yard shot with my axis in 243. went 50 yards.
  8. it just sucks that the limits are down on mallards and geese this year
  9. did mine Tuesday after the dew dried up
  10. did the same last year with directv I got the 150 mile range antenna the got 2 roku sticks with directv now for 40 bucks a month works great.
  11. seams simple enough to use. might have to check into it. my old fingers sometimes dont like to push the rounds into my mags for my high point 40 or the s&w sheild. wonder where i could find it locally.
  12. looks like it could some white oak. I have some that I got from someone and it was about the same tint of color except for the dark streak also had red oak and it was lighter in color hope it helps
  13. Want to wish all of You Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Now it is time to get gear around for later season duck hunting.
  14. get feeling better soon Dan fishing season is coming soon. my wife will only allow me to by myself if I'm out of the house. if I want to hunt someplace else I have to have someone with me. due to my back problems after two surgeries legs don't work so well some times because of them.