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  1. We had backstraps from 2021 Monday night,delicious.
  2. My son ordered a black edition and I ordered a 1895 sbl in April,still waiting on them.
  3. They did the same thing in the Buffalo area a few years back,I stopped shopping there immediately.
  4. This state is only interested in the money that is generated by hunting,nothing more.That being said it will be another left wing zealot that is only put there for the governor's butt kissing.
  5. Obsession Addiction for hunting, Obsession Phoenix for 3-d,Carter Lucky wrist release,QAD rests,HHA sights,Easton Flatline 400 arrows,Tooth of the arrow broadheads. Ten Point Xbow
  6. Never ending stupidity from the powers to be in this commie state.
  7. Perch,small lake erie walleye
  8. Indoor,Thursday nights 6:30 ,Allied Sportsman club Clinton St.Alden $10
  9. More like a sh-t show,but nothing out of the ordinary for the mindless dem politicans and the same deficient supporters.
  10. I would think that is way overstepping their bounds,but that is how this state with its commie leaders operate.The guy that winters in Florida,buys ammo there and brings it home ??? Do these clowns believe that every purchase by every person is going to be asked for identification and then the vendor will call nysp,actually I find it hilarious and impossible.
  11. https://legislation.nysenate.gov/pdf/bills/2023/A8443 This should show the complete bill
  12. I would think this would be nearly impossible to enforce.Seeing out of state vendors legally don't have to ask everyone for identification to by ammo,so how would they possibly know you were from the commie state if ny.
  13. Depending on location of dealer in PA the prices vary.I have found in my travels that the farther from state line the cheaper the prices.A couple weeks ago middle of the state prices averaged about $2 per box lower on most calibers. I would say most are not interested in providing this communist state any more information than they absolulty have to
  14. When I was in PA I asked the person that was taking care of us what the rules were,he brought out a printed sheet which he was instructed to follow for NYS residents.He sais the owners of the store didnt want to create any problems for themselves.
  15. Went to a shop last week in PA,Bought a few long guns had to pass the states nics check which is similar to the check that is done here.They were trying to use some of the NYS restictions on the purchases,passed 2 guns that they shouldnt have,and declined on another that was totally legal in NY.Bought approx. $500 in ammo,took it up to cashier didnt ask for any kind of identification.Just like the old days,I dont see any possibe way that the politicans in this state are going to force businesses in other states to adhere to the unconstitutional laws.
  16. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to all
  17. Yes it does,in fact the open steel sights are also available to use for close shots.
  18. Bought this gun for my son about 32 years ago,added the scope with side mounts.My son,nephew and grandson have used it and all have shot deer.Cheap scope on but has served the purpose.
  19. I like to get into the woods way before light,with that said when its light enough to shoot do it.As far as at end of day it seems like about 15 min. after sundown is about all that works for me.
  20. I have one setup on a old boat trailer,I close all the windows up all the time when i am not in it.
  21. Friend got a small 8,last Friday
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