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  1. This doesn't fit the democrat narrative.The shooting in Buffalo was senseless and tragic,adding the cosmic politicans to every aspect of this is despicable.
  2. 40 Billion more for Ukraine,while the American citizens lanquish in the swill that this pathetic regime has made for us.No formula,food shortage,diesel and gas at atrocious prices and the azzhat in charge is worried about every other country and people,this jerk and his ilk have no shame.
  3. Not a word from the Trump haters that voted for this azzhat,must be real proud.
  4. I always considered obummer the michael jackson of politics.
  5. If they were white and conservative their pics would have been out last night.
  6. I have did many in the slow-cooker,excellent to say the least.Tried one in smoker,really not much prep,rolled it around in some homemade dry rub.In the smoker for about 9 1/2-10 hrs,200 degrees,didnt try to use themometer because of bone.Started checking looseness of bone around 9 hrs,when I was able to pull neck bone cleanly and easily out it was done.I definitely enjoy the neck roast better than any pulled pork i have ever had.
  7. From being a public defender her legacy is no more than protecting the criminal element at whatever cost.Her being black and a woman and a leftist will surely get her appointed.
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