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  1. Good luck with your move,last time I moved I went to the dump with about 10 loads of junk and still had 3 more loads after we moved into new house.The more room you have the more treasures you accumulate.
  2. I have 2 Obsessions,and very happy with them.
  3. Maybe a car at some point of time,NEVER a pickup.I have had a F 250/F350 Super duty since 1973.I have a dump trailer,split deck equip.trailer,small utility trailer and a 25 ft tri-toon that I tow.I have been asking guys with p/u's for years what they use their trucks for and probably 95% dont even haul anything in the box or tow anything ,just want a pick up,all it does is drive the cost up for people that need trucks.
  4. Still plenty of trump haters out there trying to protect the jackwagon in charge.They will vote for the dim party if gas is $10 a gallon.
  5. I remember when I was a kid,$.19.9 a gallon,attendant washed the windows,checked the oil,and said Thank You
  6. The entire dem party has operated the same way for the last 15-20 years,they must be exempt ???
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