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  1. Congratulations to both of you.
  2. Well grandson picked up his new 20,got home opened the box and found it camr with a bird and a rifled barrel.Saved me about $400
  3. Yes the rifled with the cantilever scope mount really seems to be best choice.The 20g barrels are far and few between and extremely pricey.
  4. Grandson got a 870-20g/ bird barrel for his birthday.Would like to buy him a rifled barrel,smooth bore buck barrel.
  5. There is a app called Pure Gas which pretty much gives you a list of stations that have non-ethanol.
  6. The main concern for these azzhat politicans is making it extremely hard for the legal gun owner.
  7. 2100 sq ft,nyseg-averages about $80,nfg-averages about $125.Coal stoker stove in basement has helped out up until this winter,I refused to pay $425 a ton for coal.Also have a high tech wood burning fireplace that helps out when real cold.
  8. Highly doubt any criminals will be using the carrier.Its just another hurdle and cost factor for the legal gun owner to work with.
  9. Sure was a noisy walk in this morning Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Absolute decline in hunters and shooting.Have a place in Catt. county since 97,opening day used to be non stop shooting from before sun up till 11 ish and again from 2 till dark .This year probably heard 40-50 shots all day.Numerous cars parked on roads running thru the state land,this year 1 car Sat.nothing Sun. morning.
  11. Dogs sure are man's best friend. RIP
  12. Good Luck on the recovery.
  13. Generally they stand for a long time after dying.I have had them around the house for 7-8 years before i cut them down.Also if cutting down they have a tendency to barberchair when they are cut.Be very careful or find a professional to cut it.
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