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  1. Any sportsman,hunter,target shooter,pistol shooter on either side of the political isle that can vote for this unelected governor and legitimately believe in her anti gun,hunting and shooting stance is a pathetic and naive person.She has made it very clear, her agenda is removing ALL guns from this state,of course the criminals will always have guns.
  2. Confiscation and felony seem to be the most used words in this sh-tshow from the state.Other than your handguns they really dont know how many long guns you own.It would seem a lot of people will find alternative places to store their long guns when not in use,as a precaution if something happens while in route to hunting or target shooting,all their guns wont be found.
  3. I picked up a commercial cuber from a local butcher shop about 20 years ago.Makes great cube steaks,and I also run most of my hamburger through it before I grind it,makes it much easier on grinder.
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