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  1. Wow. I think it would be my second choice. I'm not good with change. I am having issues with my coffee beans
  2. Dam, you quoted before my edit. JIFF
  3. Seriously!? It's older than Jiff.
  4. JIF Smooth. It's what I have for dinner or cereal. I am bad about taking something out of freezer. Cashew butter is not bad
  5. No, I bought a thermocell from you. With the carry case thingy. I still use it
  6. I think the money was asked for as a deposit because chef asked what would happen if he shot the wrong deer oh I see four season answered
  7. So much can be done with these! I would love to get my hands on them. I am making buttons right now with my finds, I gave one set to my dogs! The puppy loves them
  8. I don't think you have anything to worry about because it looked like you were never in it
  9. I believe he has shown his face, he is blonde hair mullet
  10. Have confidence in your beliefs.
  11. What does he mean, is he talking about you?
  12. I thought it was an offer not a contest. I thought four seasons just wanted to show chef how hard it was to hunt a pen. I think chef is going to do it to prove how right he is. I personally think its going to be harder than he thinks but still look forward to hearing about his experience. It great he has this chance. He will enjoy it. When is it going to happen?
  13. That is pretty cool. I tell a brother there is so much going on that non outdoorsy people miss out on.
  14. Third one is interesting, I hope you do see them at hunting time
  15. I had a stand up freezer for 15 yrs an garage never an issue. I am still using the same freezer here. We had a second fridge in garage, in the winter that freezer did not freeze
  16. Good to hear it's not cancer. Hope they figure it out quick for you
  17. Good to hear it's not cancer. Hope they figure it out quick for you
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