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  1. Someone is giving me block cheese, I'm hoping it's that govt cheese
  2. Would love to walk your property looking for shed
  3. I think that is the only taters I can cook with no issues
  4. Cooling off after some yard work.
  5. Great pictures, thanks for sharing. Congratulations on your trophies. I look forward to seeing more pictures
  6. That's what I meant by small eggs. I always thought they were cute eggs when they first start laying
  7. I had that once. Seemed like my double yokers were from the smaller eggs
  8. You could tell by his comments he was a bit of a perv and had little respect for woman. I still enjoyed his show
  9. Family from Saranac Lake posted a few pics and videos
  10. Henny penny, Attila the Hen and eggathina are a few names I used.
  11. When I first got chicken my coop was made with pallets and a truck cap. I had 27 hens. When I was finally able to sell I couldn't keep up with the sales. They paid for all the food in winter and I hardly bought food in spring or summer, they were free range. They almost paid for the 10X12 shed I bought for them. I had fun with them, I ate a few
  12. Have you ever used duck fat? I haven't but heard it what was used yrs and yrs ago
  13. I'm sure you will have fun, there are benefits for sure
  14. Most people clean lint from dryer ever use. My build up was in back of dryer and the hose to outside. She was very nice offered to come back in a yr
  15. Thought I would give an update on my fire Hazzard! I put a post up on FB to find someone to clean the lint and do a couple other things. After a few days someone did respond and I had her over. Told her what I wanted, she said I will be back tomorrow with her son. I wanted to know price first. She said she was paying it forward and didn't charge me. She said it was bad and I was very lucky no fire. She still wouldn't take money, I gave her son a new Harley Davidson jacket i didn't like. He was beyond thrilled
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