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  1. Are you on there or go as a anonymous guest?
  2. I'm shocked that you have never heard of this.
  3. Very nice, congratulations
  4. Last two weeks the ads are crazy And they have nothing to do with what I have shopped or searched the internet for
  5. Paula


    Thanks guys
  6. Paula


    Oh Thank you!
  7. Paula


    I found it. 11-18
  8. Paula


    Hey guys. Just would like to verify hunting dates for this year. Dec app is still showing me 2019
  9. I Like them! I think about $20-$25. Are you buying new tools for these?
  10. Your a member there aren't you?
  11. Some members bashed this site while still being active members
  12. What do you mean by Selling his wares?
  13. Didn't this site start off another because of a few members on that one? Members were pulled here from there. This is what I remember
  14. Steve, sorry about your bad news.
  15. That is disgusting! Were they cuddling with that pig? I would do this I think. I would be so paranoid that one would crawl on me. A few of those looked like Chihuahua size. I can't imagine you would ever get anyway at the rate they multiple
  16. I missed that you had fallen. Sorry about that, glad you're ok. A friend of a friend smashed his leg falling out of stand. 2 huge rocks at the bottom. I now always look at what is at the bottom. As we get older we don't heal as quick.
  17. My house is only 813 sqft. My last electric was about $50. When I run the electric out to the dogs I will be like $100 a month, I think that's what it was when I was running my central air also. For me that seems like a lot for a small house and my gas bill averages 80
  18. That is nice shooting. I enjoy watching these. How far are you shooting in the woods?
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