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  1. Paula

    What's for dinner tonight?

    You don't forget much
  2. Paula

    Keeping ducks, someone please talk me out of it

    You will have crap everywhere, good news is that your dog will learn to help you clean up
  3. Paula

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Roommate made blueberry cream cheese thing and I made meatloaf, both are good
  4. Paula

    Keeping ducks, someone please talk me out of it

    And the chickens can roost pool side
  5. Paula

    Hog Dogging in Georgia

    Looks like a good time. Gorgeous pup
  6. Paula

    What's for dinner tonight?

    I left the house for a few hours :-/ and she wanted stir fry
  7. Paula

    WTH is this?

    That's hilarious
  8. Paula


    Love the death wish, pricey for as much as I drink. I also dislike Starbucks for the same reasons
  9. Paula


    I picked one up last night
  10. Paula


    I buy Columbian beans, I like it strong. When I can get I like jamican me crazy. I use flavored creamers
  11. Paula

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Room mate made her version of ramen, it was not good.
  12. Paula


    Your killing me! I was at Wegmans and I ended up with Juice Bomb, it was a safe choice. I seen that KBS(?) And I would be so afraid to spend that much. I did pass up wrench that was citric, wish I hadn't done that now.
  13. Paula

    Smith & Wesson 642-1 TF and this guy need to get together. Lol
  14. Paula


    I need to find this!
  15. Paula

    Well off to the vets

    That's crazy! I am subscribed (think that is what it's called) on Amazon for the seresto collars $36 each, I cut in half to make 2. I just bought 3 shots from TS for $33. I am actually going to vet today for rabies and my dogs ears I can't clear up.
  16. Paula

    Facebook Down

    My page is fine
  17. Paula

    Forum jerk off

    How was his stuff?
  18. Paula

    Well off to the vets

    I buy 2 different antibiotics on line and shots from Tractor supply. I have all kinds of stuff to help me out
  19. Paula

    Bird survey

    Got it today i didn't hunt these
  20. Paula

    Bird survey

    It's on it