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  1. Paula

    WHO'S WHO HERE NOW??????

    I see it with school kids at work
  2. Tripe is not weird. Love it, done right it will melt in your mouth
  3. Paula


    Are any of you a painter? I have a question peeling paint
  4. Paula


    I think in two other rooms they were trying for tropical, Lol
  5. Paula


    I am absolutely prepared to do sanding, small hallway. I have already bought 5 gallons of kilz, so that is what I am going to use. I guess I should check the rest of the walls. Look at the colors they used....the purple Leeds to the red
  6. Paula


    Interior, I started to patch holes and I noticed you could peel paint. I have no idea if it's the paint they used or maybe it's a plaster wall.
  7. I think my weirdest is salami thinly sliced tomato with cream cheese, roll it and eat it. Mmm
  8. Paula

    Daughters trip to Fort Collins , Colorado

    beautiful pictures
  9. Paula

    On vacation

    Beautiful pictures, have fun!
  10. Paula

    31 Great Years

    Congratulations to you both
  11. Paula

    Freaks of Four Seasons.

    Nice racks so far
  12. Paula

    What's for dinner tonight?

    So much food! Looks so good. Fletch what is the purpose of putting lobster in freezer?
  13. Paula

    What's in your smoker tonight?

    My birthday brisket, smoked 14 hrs. So so good
  14. Paula

    4th of July birthday. Happy birthday Paula

    Thanks guys, it was a good birthday week
  15. Paula

    Cycling In India

  16. Paula

    Few recent carves

    very cool
  17. Paula

    Jim beam fire

  18. Paula


    is this real?
  19. Paula

    Getting Out ( Pic Heavy )

    nice pictures
  20. Paula

    Nice Zeppelin Cover

  21. Paula

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Smoked salmon
  22. Paula

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Second night cooking back straps, last night that dog got it before I could!
  23. Paula

    OK-- Name Changes-- Who Has The Record?

    This is what I thought. Is storm still here?
  24. Paula

    Colorado whitetails

    I have a cousin that lives in Wheat Ridge, She always sends or post pictures, Even the latest snow in the area