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  1. I thought it could be ash, I have twin in my yard. They are coming down in the spring
  2. How do they have your photo?
  3. Maybe he thinks Cynthia didn't gut her deer before it was dropped off?
  4. Seems crazy that hunter with yrs experience would be the one doing wrong I was thinking they just want that buck to out do others or the younger hunters. Just to get it over and be home.
  5. The shooter should never be able to hunt again! This could have been avoided had he paid attention Even tracking a deer he should have kept his orange on.
  6. Looks like it's going to be comfortable
  7. If your turkey taste like cardboard it is because of the cook. :-)
  8. I wasn't sure if you had set up a blind and someone was there. I don't think I could handle it well. Good luck
  9. Congratulations I still have a doe tag, I'm going out Friday. I have no room in my freezer but I am sure it could be donated if I do get one. Edited by Paula and cranberry Vodka multiple times
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