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  1. Does a “tree yelp” just mean there is a bird in the tree? It’s a new term to me. That I don’t recall reading last year.
  2. I have the Alps Long Spur. Has the seat, tons of storage space. One of the best features is almost all of that storage space is removable with the exception of the hip pouches. You can run and gun it or pack what ever suits your needs. The only thing I don’t care for was the placement of the bird bag, it’s high on the back and bothers my neck if not positioned correctly. Another vest you might want to take a look at is made by Badlands. I have no experience with it, but I have two other Badlands backpacks and I love both of them.
  3. Do you tree Yelp with a pot or a mouth call or can you do it with both?
  4. This is my sons first year. 5 year olds a super fun to watch, almost comical
  5. You guys get any this time of year? I spent a good amount of time walking around the wood this past weekend and only crossed one set of tracks.
  6. Oh geez, I meant no turkeys...So, uhh...see you at 4:00am on 5/1?
  7. Hi Mowin! He’s agreed to a year round lease from the date of agreement. So it could be from 1/15/21-1/15/22 depending on when we settle. There is also the benefit of location, almost all public with size is an hour in any direction. This is a roughly 20 minute drive.
  8. According to the land owner yes on good Rabbits and Turkey, with other various species.
  9. I was thinking the same thing about deer season. Maybe once the relationship is established the opportunity to expand to deer might be an option.
  10. Agreed. I’d be the only other hunter and as for deer season, I’d probably stay away during rifle season for the fear of blowing the land owner out.
  11. I have a opportunity to lease around 100 acres of property for small game. The lease would be for 1 year with any small games species. I think the asking price is extremely reasonable for the listed species and the duration. Here are my question for the crew. Anyone ever lease property to hunt? How was the experience. Did you have some sort of written permission. The owner cold called me on another forum as we’re local to each other. I asked some generic questions. He’s a bit hesitant to give me the exact location because of trespassing. I just want to make sure we’re on the up and up.
  12. I use a combination of an app WillyWeather and milk weed. The app helps me pick the location where I want to hunt and the milkweed dial my set up
  13. I like the phantom, it’s the only saddle I’ve ever owned, but It’s comfortable. I’ve done two 4 hours sits in mine, one Friday afternoon and another this morning. Lots of adjustability which is nice as I’m a fidgiter!
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