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  1. Any of these guys do more that process I.e summer sausage, snack sticks, smoker or burger options? A place in Louisiana where my brother lives makes jalapeño cheddar burger that’s AWESOME! I’d love to find a local processor that does something similar....yummmm!
  2. Oh god...I got into then In Louisiana last year this time. Awful...
  3. Same here, finally have all my stuff to climb and I agreed 100%. I mulled my 1st climb over in my head a thousand times! Then I started with just one stick and move my way up. Still haven’t taken a shot off my platform yet, maybe tomorrow.
  4. New to archery this year, bought my 1st bow just about four weeks ago. I’ve been shooting daily from different positions around the yard. I’ve been breaking my “sessions” into group of 12-15 shots per session, no more that 36 shots in a day. At first I was grouping all those shots at once cause I really enjoyed shoot, but noticed that I would shoot beyond fatigue, and get sloppy.
  5. Water rat, Wow! That’s absolutely amazing!
  6. Ordered a couple boxes from Buds today. I’ll update the post when they arrive. Thanks Engraver99 for recommending buds.
  7. Better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have $.02
  8. Thank you and good luck fishing! Any hardwater fishing up north?
  9. Thank you 3” Thank you...3”
  10. So...I’ve got a Remington 870, and a new choke that I haven’t patterned. F&S isn’t doin curbside ammo. Gunbroker isn’t getting back to me. If you’ve got some ammo I’d happy buy some from you.
  11. Everyone probably has there own opinions of gun broker based on experiences they’ve had. Mine thus far have been seamless, all with different sellers. You’ve got the right idea, look for lots of positive reviews.
  12. I called American Traders, they only had 3 1/2’s if anyone needs those.
  13. same problem here, no ammo Walmart’s shelves are empty and my gun club closed so I couldn’t pattern it if I had it... update...I lied, just called field and stream in Latham, NY. There doing curb inside pick up. Just gotta get someone to answer the phone