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  1. Looks like the 55 and older for crossbow didn't happen?
  2. Caterpillars hatched yesterday here (Springwater).
  3. Probably 50-60 rounds through this gun at most. I wonder how long it takes for copper to build up? When using copper jacketed bullets would it be best to always clean with a copper solvent?
  4. I'm with you on the brushing, normally just once to loosen up what might be in there and then patches. This is the first time i've noticed the continuous black patches after brushing. Thanks for all the help!
  5. It could be the brush. If I don't brush i get clean patches.
  6. I cleaned my 30-06 yesterday, i can't seem to get the barrel to come clean as usual. When I put it away post hunting, I ran a couple hoppes patches down the bore, couple dry patches, then oiled patch. i knew it wasn't thoroughly clean. Yesterday went to really do the job. same procedure as ever, soaked hoppes patch, followed by brass brush, soaked hoppes patch, dry patches. usually takes a couple times and its clean. Problem now is, if i run a wet patch then a brush, the next patch is as black as if i never touched it. It has been at least a dozen tries using same procedure. Any thoughts on why it won't clean up as usual? Same ammo as ever, only a few shots through it last fall. Sorry, long winded post.
  7. chrisw, Pretty much same program for us, Cayuga has been good for several years, Seneca, not so much.
  8. chrisw, care to divulge what your tactics are at cayuga? no prob if you dont. fished there four days last week (annual trip). we got quite a few lakers and a couple rainbows and landlocks, but had to pick at them. a little slower than usual for us this time of year.
  9. I'm in Canadice as well, it's gonna be bad.
  10. sorry to get off topic, Hey Pygmy, my brother was on a destroyer stationed in Newport in the early 70's. Wonder what ship you were on?
  11. thanks for the help, i thought turkeyfeathers would chime in. i recall he is a fan.
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