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  1. tda

    Old Saying's

    All hat and no cattle!
  2. tda

    What's your ML load?

    Knight disc extreme 209 conversion breech plug 110grains Blackhorn 209 .502 300 gr. Thor bullet
  3. tda

    tag question

    father forgot his pen one time, shot a buck, what to do? sharpened a stick with knife, dipped point in blood, filled out tag. worked like a champ!
  4. tda

    Look what I found

    wonder if it could be two different arrows?
  5. tda

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Crappyice, how do you make that pot pie? looks awsome!
  6. tda

    What movie is this quote from ?

    Smokein got it fast!
  7. tda

    What movie is this quote from ?

    "I wont be wronged. I wont be insulted. I wont be laid a-hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them."
  8. tda

    Browning Order

    phade, guess i screwed up and deleted your reply. if you could send me the list of what your getting i'll take better care of it this time. thanks
  9. tda

    muzzleloader bullets

    .501 300 gr. Thor
  10. i've been looking at purchasing a rest to sight in my 30-06. what do you folks have experience with? so far i am looking at the Caldwell "rock" front rest with a medium rear bag or perhaps a one piece rest like the Caldwell "stinger". not interested in the lead sled, reading bad things about them. would like to keep it around 100 bucks or so. thanks in advance.
  11. tda

    remington 760

    Got my gun shaped up! Scope mounted, stock extension and recoil pad installed. Headed to the range on saturday. been studying bullet types, mind numbing to say the least!
  12. tda

    remington 760

    oops! 30-06. couldn't believe my luck. should have it by next week. looking forward to running some ammo through it. by the way i'll be mounting a 2x7 leupold on it.
  13. just bought my first rifle, new in box, 1978 remington 760. Always wanted one and finally got it. I am going to hunt this gun and am looking for info on bullet choice. whitetails and incidental black bear will be the targets. at this point i am looking for recommendations on factory loads. any thoughts would be appreciated.
  14. tda

    What could these be for?

    bug trap maybe?