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  1. Ok just waiting for results. Go to doctor on Friday will know more then
  2. More tests done . Hoping for good news. And not. Bad
  3. Thank you all . I will know more after much blood work and tests that are being run .
  4. I am hoping to be able to go . Not having a good time right now . Having a hard time walking . I'll know more in a few weeks . Pray for me all.
  5. https://www.newsbreakapp.com/n/0h41jLWV?s=a99&pd=060qVfLb
  6. They are listed on the endangered list too
  7. Just read up on them . Thanks for the heads up grampy
  8. Never heard of that one . I have seen 3 copperheads in all my years of hiking and hunting and I have only seen 2 timbers and they were up at lake placid .
  9. We have 2 in New York. Copper head and timber rattler
  10. I won one a long time ago it sits in the shed . I told hubby to sell it we will never use it . But looking at you guys cooking shows I just may keep it now
  11. Amazon black Friday deals going on now
  12. Bill we can use that boat to get across the water for those dam turkeys
  13. I caught a nice chain pickerel
  14. That is sad . Do you see more predators in your area ?
  15. Bill and I saw a bunch in Stewart during turkey season. The grass was covered in them
  16. I am OK with it and I am not ok with it . She wanted to go to a after party I said no she fought me but I stood my ground and I am glad I did . Cops busted up the party. Tickets were given out for under age drinking . Glad I stood my ground .
  17. Tonight was her prom first time all dressed up
  18. Well my Tuesday may be shot . Cooper is in the hospital . He was puking and couldn't walk this morning . Will know more later today . Fingers crossed . I don't know how much more I can take life is really rough for me this year .
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