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  1. That is awesome normally in a move they stop for a few . And yes the coop is always named . Like ladies in line or chefs Chick crib where his ladies lay in wait lolol
  2. I so sorry hope you get it easy and over fast for you
  3. It's day 10 for me . Just got to where I am not coughing up alot of junk . Throat still alittle sour but I can tolerate it . Sara tested negative but guess who got a positive . Yes hubby with no symptoms. He needed a test result to go to work now he has to wait 5 days .
  4. I used garlic spray in my coop weekly never had mites or lice
  5. I have giving them chicken carcass they love it
  6. You know your my one and only . That why your crazy
  7. It is crazy my daughter had a headache last day of school before spring break . I wear a mask everywhere I go . So I am thinking she had a light case of covid and I go whammied with it . Now my husband is a diabetic and he has nothing yet . And he still kisses me good night the ass.
  8. I have a male duck drag a hen in the pool and almost drowned her
  9. I got a pair of ducks if you want them lolol they are only babies
  10. My coop was on a platform and they wondered about the lawn on good days
  11. Yup me . Started on Wednesday . Got worst everyday since . Wednesday started with nausea . Thursday fever aches . Friday couldn't get out of bed . Everything hurt . This morning hurt to breathe in so went to hospital . You covid they sent me home told me to drink. Drink drink and rest
  12. Where do I get the nyt one now I don't see a link
  13. Your only 150 miles lolol
  14. I'll take eggs any day are you far from me ?
  15. Anyone need some chick's
  16. My best friend I wouldn't do that. Unless she wanted to split it lol
  17. Looks like it is healing up good . Owner of dog just brought me a bottle of Jack Daniels
  18. Took a little hike to today to check out a couple of spots. And looky looky I thinks I may have a spot picked out.
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