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  1. You do the whole bird! Is it better to do whole bird or just the breast?
  2. We have been after that bird for 3 days . Every time he would go left from us or to the right. So this time we split and sat in each way he went and it paid off . Fist bump bill . Woohoo my last day will be Tuesday. Hoping for 1 more shot.
  3. Well had him gobbling he just wouldn't come thur the dam brush . Then a truck pulled in the woods behind me and they got out and started cutting wood . Ugggh . I only have 1 more weekend . My daughter is coming from Iowa next weekend . I will have to get him tomorrow or sunday
  4. The other day when Bill was doing the box call and the turkeys were hammering so hard to it . My heart was racing I started shaking lolol then they crested the hill and I miss my shot . Bill was down hill so he couldn't even get a shot in . I love hearing them gobble like that .
  5. Get your round 3. Free covid tests https://www.covid.gov/tests I just ordered them
  6. Went fishing with hubby today . No fish but the toads were in a mating mood . Had to be over 40 of them . I also learned something I didn't know . I always thought toads didn't like water and had their eggs in puddles or some place damp . No they lay them in water while they are mating.
  7. Someone get a turkey. I am stuck at work .or I would be out there
  8. I weight myself on the my home scale . The did it again holding the turkey . Then subtracted my weight came to 26.1
  9. Wish I was off tomorrow. If not I am Tuesday.
  10. We found some birds but the Hen took them away . So Bill and I wonder around looking for away to this other ridge that we heard some on . Can't get there unless we go thur thick stuff. So we were making our way back . Walking and talking and all of a sudden on the trail ahead gobble gobble gobble . So I got tucked into a tree bill did his magic but the bird was going around us and he went quite . So we got up and start making our way down the trail and the bird spots us and head back to the trail so I go out to the trail and bill follows . I said bill he is still in there go back around and push him my way . So bill goes back in I make my way down alittle on the trail . Then pop I see him coming I figured he was going to run across so my first shot missed and this dumb bird just turns and starts walking up the trail so I shot again and dirt nap for the bird beard is 10 inches spurs are alittle over 1 inch. And he weight is 26 pounds . Wesome bird . Thank you Mr Bill. We make a great team . Can't wait to do it again . Bill stayed in the woods the birds we really moving around today. Butchered myself . So still learning . Don't think I did to bad .
  11. We just got rained on and chilled . Just woke up from a nice nap. Tomorrow for mothers day I want to give a turkey a dirt nap . Fingers crossed
  12. It was awesome . I could not believe that they didn't see us but they were looking at that decoy. It was so fun . Can't wait to play in the rain tomorrow. I need to get one tomorrow I go back to work thursday
  13. My darn gobblers would not commit . They would start to come then get to the water and go back. bill would call they would come back to the waters edge then go away . Ughhhh these birds . Lots of fun had a couple of hens wonder by . That was cool . My heart was thumping so fast My arm was starting to cramp . Was getting ready to scare the he'll out of them if they didn't move on lolol
  14. Can't wait to connect with one of those big boys . Was fun watch but frustrating when they could just jump over to our side. I didn't want to leave . Lolol
  15. No birds for me 1 hour left sitting by the swamp . Hoping
  16. She came right to me could of hit her with a rock
  17. Might as well say I am on my own . You will be so far away . But I am hoping with all the practicing I can get it done . If you hear snoring it is not me . Happy turkey eve all
  18. It's turkey eve . I won't be able to sleep ughhh. Bill will be hearing me snoring 4 ridges over . I am on my own this year. But Bill will be close by. I have been practicing my calls alot . So fingers crossed for me .
  19. I have had an egg inside and egg
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