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  1. We are getting hit hard at work we have 47 employees out with covid positive and another 25 out with the other bug going around
  2. 2 hour ride for me but it depends on the day
  3. Well the closed the gates for the last day so I decided to call it. Didn't want to walk in to my spot and with the rain coming . Nah it was a fun year . I am happy. Looking forward to fishing and spring turkey . My do some pheasant hunting in better weather .
  4. Happy new year. Wishing you all the best year ever .
  5. Thank you all for the birthday wishes . My hubby made me a steak dinner . I didn't over do it on drinking I want to go out hunting in the morning . On my way to bed now . Thanks again everyone
  6. Good luck Wolco . I left so hubby could take the truck . I'll be out there tomorrow early . Hopefully I see something tomorrow
  7. I sat in the Acorns. Nothing but a pheasant . Started to spit ice. So I went home .
  8. I want to wish you all a safe and happy holidays
  9. I am thinking should I go do I want to go ? I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet do I want to nah . Maybe slip out in woods for a little walk .
  10. Get better fast and enjoy the outdoors if you can during quarantine
  11. Hey thanks bello. I know you just read that it was my truck . Your such a nice man
  12. Atbuckhunter it was good to see you . Sorry we couldn't get you a deer. But atleast you saw them .
  13. Irene is a different person guys . That's my truck in the video :). She has been doing videos for awhile . I have not met up with her yet but have chatted with her . Why do you all have to be so mean . This is crazy . The roads are bad over there but it is not from only the hunters . You have motorcycles and atvs that sneak on the property from maybrook . Plus all the rain we have had . Plus the beaver damming up the ponds left and right . The trappers need to get in there and get some of them. They will never fix the roads because they don't want people flying around those roads doing 40 .
  14. That's how we do it . We both start walking and talking . Then one stops on a back side of a hill as the other goes around .
  15. Walk one behind the other . Leave one where you start to push . The first one makes the circle.
  16. I'll be out this weekend with the muzzle fingers crossed. Need one more deer to fill my freezer
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