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  1. I went for a 7 mile hike . Found a dead spike . No sheds . But I didn't expect to find one but it was just nice to get out
  2. I got it in 4. . Just want you to know I look forward to this everyday. Thank sir crappie
  3. Yes all the time near me has to be touching me .
  4. More like a pain in the butt . Doesn't know what personal space is.
  5. This is my veiw most of the day .
  6. I want. Property that is in northern and Southern Zone. Half and half . Lolol
  7. I can't believe it took Me 5 tries ugh
  8. Can't wait for may been watching videos and playing with my turkey calls
  9. Look what I bought for my turkey Hunting partner today. He doesn't know yet . Shhhh don't tell him . Lolol
  10. This is fun . 3 tries on this one
  11. I like both . I do alot by myself but I also have some hunting buddies that tag along sometimes . I also like to push for others . I think when they get a deer it is the best thing in the world . That's when we start joking around and stuff .
  12. I see Robin's all winter in the swamps
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