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  1. Looks like it is healing up good . Owner of dog just brought me a bottle of Jack Daniels
  2. Took a little hike to today to check out a couple of spots. And looky looky I thinks I may have a spot picked out.
  3. First day back to work . It hurts. Now. I am learning fast what I can do and not do
  4. https://fb.watch/bVu6LPTyeB/
  5. Was helping a friend who Clips dog nails . And first day on the job lol . The first dog we muzzled because they said he would nip . The second dog was a sweetheart came over sat in my lap just wanted Pets. So she started to clip he got scared and grabbed my hand. Went to urgent care they said they don't stitch dog bites . They cleaned it put cream on it bandaged it up and gave me a bunch of antibiotics . Not to much pain .
  6. They won't stitch it . They just cleaned it out and wrapped it
  7. Dog bites hurt . Alittle bit
  8. Wooly was the first one to talk to me . I like him alot I follow him on Facebook he is an awesome person . Just like some of the people I have meet on Here . We need another gtg
  9. My sister was addicted she would go miles away to do them .
  10. Most of the people I have meet are good peoples
  11. Not sure what I would want. Maybe alittle bit of all of the stuff mentioned lolol
  12. I am. Coming over for dinner!!!
  13. They going to freeze today and tomorrow
  14. Walked out this morning and the peepers were singing in the pond behind the house
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