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  1. Just got the news . My father in law is now angel . No more pain and with his wife .
  2. Not for nothing but isn't a site like this for the back and forth of things . I think it is . The name calling and stuff can get out of hand sometimes . That is what discussions are about . I have learnt alot on this page. I have meet some awesome people . I have people that I don't care to meet . We all have different opinions. That is life .
  3. Thank you all . Didn't mean to put the thread in a different direction. Good luck out there .
  4. News just went from bad to worst . My cousin Lisa just passed from covid . She has been on a vent for a month . She said it was time for her to go they took her off the vent everyone said goodbye and she passed in 3 hours
  5. I pointed one out to Bill one day . He stood in front waving lolol
  6. Sorry for those who picked me . My weekend has took a turn . I may not get out again . My husband's father is not doing to well . The doctor says he doesn't have long . His liver and kidneys are shutting down . He has pancreatic cancer. Today we said our good byes . Hubby says I can still go hunting but I don't know .
  7. I am heading out now . Afternoon sit . Maybe see it I can see my.boy tonight . If not I have Friday Sat and Sunday to fill your dream
  8. Where is our snow ? Was hoping for it to be on the ground so when I get out of work I can go play tag
  9. Had enough went home . Bumped 4 on way in . Was nice out till the sun came up then I got cold . I hate wind .
  10. I dont decorate anymore my grandkids moved my sara doesn't come out of her room . Plus I don't like clutter in my living room . And I really don't trust Cooper he destroys everything
  11. I am up getting ready and I am going for that buck . Fingers crossed .
  12. Love reading this stuff . I use to sit with my grandma and all her brothers and sister . I could listen all day about the stuff they saw and did . Miss those times .
  13. Went out today saw a nice buck . He was walking right to me . Then the doe went right and so did he . I will be out there everyday he has a nice walking trail . Saw him at 1 I get out at noon tomorrow. And off Tuesday. I will get him .
  14. Was going to go out this morning but hubby needed the truck and my 300 won't handle them pot holes to well . So I'll be out later and tomorrow looking for another doe and a buck . He is still there marking up everything now I just need eyes on him .
  15. Wish I knew you were out today I would of came out and push for You. I'll be out tomorrow
  16. I have seen more scraps and rubs opening up this week
  17. I was over there till 430 . I could barely see walking out . Fields are always bright then in the woods
  18. I was walking out to a point that goes out into a pond . Looked around didn't see anything . Thought this is the best time to pee . Put my gun down unbutton my pants pulled them down and a buck jumped up out from behind a brush pile . Scared the pee right out of me . Lolol
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