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    That pinch point where the hardwoods and softwoods meet
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    Remington model 7400 .30-06;
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    PSE Brute

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  1. What are the odds of this? Not only seeing a deer in this part of NYC, but a mature buck....and a piebald to boot...and then hitting it with your car. Probably have a better chance of being hit by a meteorite.
  2. Sad to see a buck like this get hit by a car...and in Queens of all places.
  3. Just added DuckDuckGo as an extension to Chrome browser. No ads and every page I visit loads WAY faster.
  4. Thank you Mr. johnplav. You are probably right about me getting bored with your lazy ways of hunting. You are definitely right about King Cuomo. We here in Nigeria also feel that he is a total asshat.
  5. Greetings Mr. johnplav. My secretary will gladly send you the gas cards as soon as you share the coordinates of your hunting property with me. Even better, I could hand deliver them when I come for a visit during the week of your country's celebration of Thanksgiving. I am not used to a cold climate, so please bring along samples of your best Survival Lint for my personal testing and approval.
  6. Thank you Mr. moog. As soon as I receive the $5,000 from Mr. johnplav, I will have my secretary proceed with your requested cashier's check for $3,000,000 post haste. I hope that you don't mind, but the $2,500 (1/2 of Mr. johnplav's payment) will then be sent in the form of BP gas cards as I see on this forum that you have a new truck that I am sure goes through a lot of gasoline. Good day!
  7. Please disregard any posts from me. It looks like my account has been hacked.
  8. Good day Mr. moog. I am a Prince in Nigeria. In reading about your business shutting down, I would like to help. I have $3,000,000 that I am willing to deposit into your business bank account. In order to release the funds, I will need you to wire me $5,000 at your earliest convenience. A target gift card for $50 could also work. Please respond soon so I can release the cash.
  9. I've caught some really nice smallmouths on topwater lures right before dark near Shingle Shanty Brook. Good Luck!
  10. I've killed deer with both choices that you mention and see no discernable difference, other than the initial sight in....some guns like certain brands better than others.
  11. This is really my first.....last weekend of Northern Zone in '88. 12 point with split brows. You'd think that I could have at least mustered up a smile for my first buck.
  12. Got this one with a perfect heart shot with my bb gun just before my third birthday. Dropped him in his tracks. My smallest buck to date
  13. Great points....also, if you don't have reception and are using offline mode, switch your phone to airplane mode to save your battery.
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