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  1. More than likely. I wouldn't do it if I were you.
  2. adkhunter71

    Ground blind recommendations

    I have a Barronette Big Cat and it withstood two heavy, wet snowfalls of at least 6". The blind collapsed under the weight both times, but once cleaned off, I was able to put it back up with absolutely no issues. I thought for sure that it was done after the second time since the snow was mixed with ice and it was HEAVY. Those things are tough!
  3. adkhunter71

    Redneck engineering

    My kids are pretty cool.
  4. adkhunter71

    Stalking while bow hunting

    Thanks for pointing that out. Was thinking the same thing and wondering when someone would make the distinction between the two. Also like to point out to the OP that hunters don't "catch" deer. It sounds like you might be a new hunter based on using this term and it will save you alot of ballbusting in the future if you don't refer to killing deer as "catching" deer.
  5. I still haven't gotten mine yet either. Called DEC on Monday and finally got a message from them today. They said that it must have been lost in the mail and to go to a Dick's or another license issuing location and have them reprinted for free. I call BS....I think that that is what they are telling everyone that hasn't received them yet instead of admitting their incompetence.
  6. adkhunter71

    Wool clothing

    There is a First Lite group on facebook where you might be able to find some deals
  7. Still don't have mine either, but my dmp's came yesterday. In the letter that came with the dmp's, it says that for lifetime licenses "you should receive your license and carcass tags no later than September 1."
  8. Still haven't received mine yet either.
  9. adkhunter71

    Finished my carved hiking stick.

    That thing is awesome...just like everything else you do! What kind of wood did you use?
  10. adkhunter71

    Booze Of Choice These Days............

    Buffalo Trace on the rocks. I, too, enjoy an occasional cold beer in the shower.
  11. adkhunter71

    Self guided elk hunt

    Lots of great info can be found here It is called "East to West Hunting Group" and it is taylored toward helping people get started in DIY western hunting. Great group of people with varying levels of experience.
  12. adkhunter71

    Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Pint Night in Brooklyn

    @left field thanks for coming. It was great meeting you!
  13. adkhunter71

    Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Pint Night in Brooklyn

    Great turnout last night! Also great to meet those who were able to make it. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk