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  1. Since it’s cold as all heck outside I’m bringing back an old post in the hope that some are staying inside and might find it interesting.
  2. Very well with a new high pressure regulator, I’m able to pump more propane than stock regulator.
  3. Smoked up some baby back and a pork butt for pulled pork, yum, yum!
  4. Shot my heaviest deer in November, 205lbs on the hoof 155 dressed and about 50lbs of meat. Rack has a nice chocolate color and did a euro mount.
  5. After converting my gas grill into a smoker for a few pheasants and finding it to be a pain I need some input on smokers that are easy and economical if possible. What do you use and like and what to stay away from, thanks for the help. Specific makers and models?
  6. Do you have any problems keeping it a steady temp. I have an old smoker very similar but the coals would smother themselves. I may try a small grill under the coals to keep them above the ash.
  7. Congratulations to both of you. I really like the B&W top photo, looks like magazine material.
  8. My first attempt at smoking were these Pheasant I shot on a hunt a few weeks ago. I smoked them on a gas grill after reading up and mostly my own ideas, I used hickory wood because it was either that or Mesquite which was what I had on hand, but overcooked them a tad. Learned a bunch on my first try and since I am going bird hunting again this weekend I get to try smoking again with the knowledge garnered from my first foray. The birds had a nice flavor to them but I might try Pecan or Apple wood with a shorter cooking time and using a meat thermometer. Yikes the pic is crooked. Makes them look worse than they tasted.
  9. A chopped onion and a side of broccoli.
  10. Venison Applesauce Meatloaf It was OK but I did not really taste the applesauce, perhaps it needs more.
  11. Venison Burger with a baked potato and a side of Creamed spinach.
  12. Made some more Venison Hunters (sheperds) Pie and got the slow cooker out for a batch of Venison Bourguignon.
  13. I understand the fact that some hunters can't get out and have the same ability/time to hunt what with work and family, so a longer season may work for them . When I was single, I scouted all summer until opening archery season and had great success. Once married with a wife, house and children that all went out the window. I had no property and no time to drive from NYC to my public grounds. It does help the deer management perspective , so when I did have the time I would agree, but with limited time I disagree. That said the antler restrictions are already managing the herd so I like a longer season for myself... but I NEVER gun hunt .. BOW only! My 2 cents.
  14. I see a ton of bucks on the farm I hunt... until season starts. Then I see a ton bucks while driving to my hunting spot... but nothing at my spot. I hopefully will get lucky with a big cruising buck at some point.
  15. Beauty of a deer, congrats on a successful season. Thats one great butcher.
  16. Come across this plant all the time and once it left a nasty, itchy welt on my leg. I has a red stalk with hairs and thorns and the deadly infamous "leaves of three". It's poisonous.
  17. And OH, I forgot to mention F.O.C., OH YEAH, I can spend HOURS talking about arrows and inserts and broad heads and vanes and nocks... well, you get the idea. I do all my own bow tuning and arrow building because I did not want to wait ( or spend the $$$ ) for the shop to do it, plus I like to tinker anyway. I bought archery tools one at a time at my leisure from ArcheryTalk or Craigslist when they where available and cheap ( like me ). I did a lot of reading and experiment all the time with different broad heads, weighted & regular inserts and the arrow brands that are better. I now buy 3 blade Muzzy's by the dozens when available ( for cheap ) on Archerytalk so I have more $$ to spend on quality arrows. IN MY OPINION it is better to have quality arrows and sharpen my own more " inexpensive but effective broadheads". It's spending what you have wisely!!!
  18. What is the change in overall physical weight of the arrow, sometimes when changing shafts you need to change head weight as well to keep the same arrow weight. If the arrow is much lighter it may fly as you described.
  19. Congratulations, you never forget your first.
  20. I think I may know him, please PM me exact coordinates and I will be sure to stop in.
  21. Turkeyfeathers, I went back to the place I found the Shepards Pie Mix. And got one with expiration date of Aug 2018. I will be happy to mail to you , PM please. You may still have to "spike it" , I myself am a simple man with simple tastes, but hope it may please you.
  22. Buy a new crossbow and be an expert in an hour. Buy a new compound and be an expert in a week. Buy a recurve or stick bow and be an expert ...? years? I shoot compound and have for 35 years but wish I had picked up a stick or recurve, I'm too old now. Will not shoot a crossbow unless I'm unable to shoot my compound... even then I may not want to.
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